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2015  New Adaptive Hybrid-Automatic Irrigation Control System for Soilless Culture

2014  Irrigation Systems Evaluation for Living Walls

2014  SCADA Platform for Regulated Deficit Irrigation Management of Almond Trees

2014  Solid-Set Sprinkler Irrigation Controllers Driven by Simulation Models: Opportunities and Bottlenecks

2013  Application of Robust Optimization Approach for Agricultural Water Resource Management under Uncertainty

2013  Design of Level Basin Irrigation Systems for Robust Performance

2013  Integrated Surface-Groundwater Model for Storm-Water Harvesting Using Basic Mass Balance Principles

2013  Survey of Irrigation Methods in California in 2010

2012  Characterization of Pumps for Irrigation in Central California: Potential Energy Savings

2012  Random Scenarios Generation with Minimum Energy Consumption Model for Sectoring Optimization in Pressurized Irrigation Networks Using a Simulated Annealing Approach

2012  Usefulness of Empirical Equations in Assessing Canal Losses through Seepage in Concrete-Lined Canal

2011  Recursive Design of Pressurized Branched Irrigation Networks

2010  External Iterative Coupling Strategy for Surface-Subsurface Flow Calculations in Surface Irrigation

2010  Farmers’ Adaptation and Regional Land-Use Changes in Irrigation Systems under Fluctuating Water Supply, South India

2010  Impact of Irrigation Management Transfer on Land and Water Productivity and Water Supply in the Gediz Basin, Turkey

2010  Performance of a Combined Natural Wastewater Treatment System in West Texas

2010  River Hydrograph Retransmission Functions of Irrigated Valley Surface Water–Groundwater Interactions

2010  Supervision and Water Depth Automatic Control of an Irrigation Canal

2009  Benchmark of Discharge Calibration Methods for Submerged Sluice Gates

2009  Development and Validation of GANN Model for Evapotranspiration Estimation

2009  Evaluation of the Water Delivery Performance of the Menemen Left Bank Irrigation System Using Variables Measured On-Site

2009  Graywater Irrigation as a Means to Meet Water Demands in Arid Regions

2009  Improved Pressurized Pipe Network Hydraulic Solver for Applications in Irrigation Systems

2009  Irrigation System Modernization: Case Study of the Middle Rio Grande Valley

2009  Quality of Service in Irrigation Distribution Networks: Case of Palos de la Frontera Irrigation District (Spain)

2009  Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of Horizontal Action Impact Drive Sprinkler

2008  Evaluation of Irrigation Canal Maintenance According to Roughness and Active Canal Capacity Values

2008  Optimal Design of Pressurized Irrigation Submit

2008  Survey of Irrigation Methods in California in 2001

2007  Analytical Relationships for Designing Multiple Outlets Pipelines

2007  Flexible Irrigation Systems: Concept, Design, and Application

2007  Minimum Cost Irrigation Network Design Using Interactive Fuzzy Integer Programming

2007  Operational Cost Benefits Study of Flexible On-Farm Irrigation Supply Systems

2007  Optimum Design and Management of Pressurized Branched Irrigation Networks

2006  An Artificial Dry Reference Surface for Predicting Canopy Temperature Dynamics from a Moving Irrigation System

2006  Economic Analysis of an Irrigation System for Liquid Manure Application

2006  Performance-Based Optimization of Land and Water Resources within Irrigation Schemes. I: Method

2005  Measuring On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency with Chloride Tracing under Deficit Irrigation

2005  Predicting Soil Salinnity under Varoius Strategies in Irrigation Systems

2004  Application of Sap Flow Measurement in Real Time Soil Moisture Management

2004  Comparative Analysis of Hydraulic Calculation Methods in Design of Microirrigation Laterals

2004  Constraint-Handling Techniques for Evolutionary Algorithm-Based Management of Water Supply and Irrigation Canal Networks

2004  Irrigation Scheduling. I: Integer Programming Approach

2004  Uniformity Distribution and its Economic Effect on Irrigation Management in Semiarid Zones

2003  Performance Evaluation of Existing Irrigation Systems under Different Hydrometeorological Conditions

2003  Water Delivery System Planning Considering Irrigation Simultaneity

2003  Water System that Nurtured Sugar Industry Designated a National Historic Landmark

2002  Maintaining Equity in Surface Irrigation Network Affected by Silt Deposition

2002  Monitoring and Evaluation Scheme using the Multiple-Criteria-Decision-Making Technique: Application to Irrigation Projects

2001  Analysis and Design of Furrow Irrigation Systems

2001  Analytical Solution for Normal Irrigation Distribution Parameters

2001  Assessing Sensitivity Factors of Irrigation Delivery Structures

2001  Determining Irrigation Canal Seepage with Electrical Resistivity

2001  Hydraulic Modeling of Kangsabati Main Canal for Performance Assessment

2001  New Algorithm for Hydraulic Calculation in Irrigation Laterals

2001  Nonlinear Diffusive Wave Modeling and Identification of Open Channels

2001  Sediment Diversion through Irrigation Outlets

2000  Comprehensive Design of Minimum Cost Irrigation Canal Sections

2000  Computer Model Illustrates Water Movement Through Soil

2000  Field Evaluation of Irrigation Systems Applying Lagoon Effluent

2000  Front Matter

2000  Hydraulic Performance of Fish Bypass-Pools for Irrigation Diversion Channels

2000  Index

2000  Mechanical Maintenance In-the-Wet on the Salt River Project Irrigation System

2000  Operational Aspects of Biological Weed Control in Salt River Project Canals

2000  Operational Sensitivity of Irrigation Structures

2000  Rapid Reactivation of a Large Composite Earth Slide—Earth Flow

2000  Selection of Irrigation Methods for Agriculture

1999  Offtake Sensitivity, Operation Effectiveness, and Performance of Irrigation System

1999  Optimal Allocation of Irrigation Water Supplies in Real Time

1999  Response of ASCE Task Committee Test Cases to Open-Loop Control Measures

1999  Stochastic Optimal and Suboptimal Control of Irrigation Canals

1999  Stochastic Study of Windpumps with Reservoir in Southern High Plains

1998  Cost Allocation for Multiuse Water Systems in Egypt

1998  The Effect of Gate-Operation Rules on Water-Delivery Performance: Phitsanulok Irrigation System, Thailand

1998  Installation of a Flexible Pipeline Irrigation System in Egypt

1998  Irrigation Planning: Integrated Approach

1998  Nonlinear Programming Model for Extensive Irrigation

1998  Optimal Operation of South Indian Irrigation Systems

1998  Pipe Network Optimization

1998  Plug and Play Canal Automation: Is It Possible?

1998  Recent Work in the Design and O&M of I&D Systems

1998  Review of Manual 57: Management, Operation and Maintenance of Irrigation and Drainage Systems

1997  Drainage Design for Water Quality Management: Overview

1997  Enhancement of Irrigation Systems in Developing Countries. A “Holistic” Approach

1997  Estimation of Global Irrigation Distribution Uniformity

1997  Field Strategy for Agricultural Drainage and Water-Quality Management

1997  Integrated Decision Support System for Tank Irrigation System Operation

1997  Numerical Simulation of Transcritical Flow in Open Channels

1997  Optimal Nonlinear Predictive Control for Canal Operations

1997  Performance-Based Maintenance for Irrigation Systems

1997  Reliability of Steady Surface Profile in Irrigation Canal

1997  Water Quality as Design Criterion in Drainage Water Management Systems

1996  Control of an Irrigation Canal

1996  Design of Global Control Algorithm for Irrigation Canals

1996  Design of Runoff Recycling Irrigation System for Rice Cultivation

1996  Engineering Vietnam’s Waterways

1996  Genetic Algorithm Design of Piped Irrigation Systems

1996  Getting Wet with Metric

1996  Interseasonal Irrigation System Planning for Waterlogged Sodic Soils