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2015  Improving the Performance of Intelligent Back Analysis for Tunneling Using Optimized Fuzzy Systems: Case Study of the Karaj Subway Line 2 in Iran

2015  Monitoring Agricultural Drought Using the Standardized Effective Precipitation Index

2015  Numerical Analysis of Plate-Load Test Results on Fractured Rocks Using an Equivalent-Continuum Model: Case Study of the Bakhtiary Dam Site

2015  Quantitative Analysis of Structural Changes during Rapid Urban Growth: Case Study of Kerman, Iran

2015  Structural Analysis of Persian Historical Brick Masonry Minarets

2014  Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Reference Evapotranspiration and Simulation of Daily Weather Data Using SIMETAW

2014  Developing Strategies for Urban Flood Management of Tehran City Using SMCDM and ANN

2014  Development of Residential Building Stock and Population Databases and Modeling the Residential Occupancy Rate for Iran

2014  Effect of Extreme Floods on the Archaeological Sites of Persepolis and Naghsh-e-Rostam, Iran

2014  Effect of Short-Term and Long-Term Persistence on Identification of Temporal Trends

2014  Long-Lead Streamflow Forecasting in the Southwest of Iran by Sea Surface Temperature of the Mediterranean Sea

2014  Performance of Flat Roofs Made of Wooden Beams and Straw-Mud Mixture in the 2012 Twin Earthquakes of Ahar and Varzaghan, East Azarbaijan, Iran

2014  Power Generation Simulation of a Hydropower Reservoir System Using System Dynamics: Case Study of Karoon Reservoir System

2014  Seismic Hazard Assessment of the Tehran Region

2013  Confidence Interval Assessment to Estimate Dry and Wet Spells under Climate Change in Shahrekord Station, Iran

2013  A Creative Method for Execution of Five Connected Pipelines in Crossing of River

2013  Development of Integrated Drought Evaluation and Monitoring System: Case Study of Aharchay River Basin

2013  Prediction of Rare Earth Elements in Neutral Alkaline Mine Drainage from Razi Coal Mine, Golestan Province, Northeast Iran, Using General Regression Neural Network

2013  Quality Costs in Construction: Case of Qom Monorail Project in Iran

2013  Response of Gas Distribution Pipeline Network to Seismic Wave Propagation in Greater Tehran Area, Iran

2013  Students’ Tendency to Walk to School: Case Study of Tehran

2013  System Dynamics Approach for Hydropower Generation Assessment in Developing Watersheds: Case Study of Karkheh River Basin, Iran

2013  Tabu Search Algorithm for the Railroad Blocking Problem

2013  Time-Dependency of Nitrate and Phosphate Concentrations with Aquifer Vulnerability Indexes: A Case Study in Shahrekord Aquifer, Iran

2013  Water Allocation in Inter-Basin Water Transfer with the Virtual Water Approach

2013  Water Transfer: A Fix that May Fail

2012  Ancient Refrigerator (Earth Architecture): A Sustainable Solution to Desert Architecture in Iran—Case Study in Kerman

2012  Application of Artificial Neural Network to Predict TDS in Talkheh Rud River

2012  Assessment of Long-Term Performance of a 50-Year-Old Jetty in the South of Iran

2012  Climate Change and Hydropower in Iran’s Karkheh River Basin

2012  Climate Change Impacts on Runoff Evaluation: A Case Study

2012  Effects of Magnetized Water on Soil Chemical Components underneath Trickle Irrigation

2012  Measurements and Analysis of Day Lighting Conditions in the Iranian Traditional House: Case Study in Kerman

2012  Optimizing Irrigation Water Allocation and Multicrop Planning Using Discrete PSO Algorithm

2012  Performance Evaluation of Water Resources Systems Using System Dynamics Approach: Application to the Aras River Basin, Iran

2012  Rainwater Harvesting in Residential Buildings for Meeting Non-Potable Water Demand in Developing Countries: A Case Study in Qazvin, Iran

2012  Resolving Transboundary Water Conflicts: Lessons Learned from the Qezelozan-Sefidrood River Bankruptcy Problem

2011  Application of Artificial Intelligence to Estimate Daily Pan Evaporation Using Available and Estimated Climatic Data in the Khozestan Province (South Western Iran)

2011  Assessment and Comparison of SPI and RDI Meteorological Drought Indices in Selected Synoptic Stations of Iran

2011  Assessment of Agricultural Water Foot Print in Iran Based on Virtual Water Trade

2011  Comparison and Two Operation Rules for Gated Spillways: Application to Karkheh Dam

2011  Development of a Multi-Reservoir Flood Control Optimization Model: Application to the Karkheh River Basin, Iran

2011  Estimating the Overbank Flow Discharge using Slope-Area Method

2011  Game Theory Insights for the Caspian Sea Conflict

2011  The Impact of Artificial Recharge Plans on Aquifer and Demand Management Techniques in Shahrekord, Iran

2011  The Investigation of Drought Values Fluctuation under the Effect of Climate Change—Case Study: Gharesou Basin

2011  Local Calibration of the Hargreaves and Priestley-Taylor Equations for Estimating Reference Evapotranspiration in Arid and Cold Climates of Iran Based on the Penman-Monteith Model

2011  Methodology for Identifying the Best Equations for Estimating the Time of Concentration of Watersheds in a Particular Region

2011  Monitoring the Temperature in a Sanitary Landfill in Tehran

2011  Neighborhood Walkability in a City within a Developing Country

2011  Proposed Seismic Risk Reduction Program for the Megacity of Tehran, Iran

2011  Seasonal Prediction of Karoon Streamflow Using Large-Scale Climate Indices

2011  Seismic Hazard Analysis for Retrofitting of Mashhad Power Plant against the Earthquake

2011  Surveying the Possibility of Constructing Water Quality Trading Market among Point-Sources in Zarjoob Watershed (Gilan, Iran)

2011  Uncertainty Analysis of Downscaled Precipitation Using LARS-WG Statistical Model in Shahrekord Station, Iran

2010  Application of Interpolation Methods for Peak Ground Acceleration Estimation in Emergency Management of Metropolises

2010  The Application of the H/V Spectral Ratio Technique for Estimating the Site Characterization in the South of Iran

2010  Comparison of Different Irrigation Methods Based on the Parametric Evaluation Approach in Abbas Plain: Iran

2010  Effect of Adaptive Cluster Sampling Design on Accuracy of Sediment Rating Curve Estimation

2010  Evaluation of Hargreaves Equation for ET0 Calculations at Selected Synoptic Stations in Iran

2010  Frequency Distribution of Extreme Hydrologic Drought of Southeastern Semiarid Region, Iran

2010  Long-Term Operation of Irrigation Dams Considering Variable Demands: Case Study of Zayandeh-rud Reservoir, Iran

2010  Low Flow Scaling with Respect to Drainage Area and Precipitation in Northern Iran

2010  Modeling of Flood Wave Propagation through Levee Breach Using MIKE21, A Case Study in Helleh River, Iran

2010  Optimization of Watershed Control Strategies for Reservoir Eutrophication Management

2010  Regional Bivariate Frequency Analysis of Meteorological Droughts

2010  Regional Estimation of Reference Evapotranspiration in Arid and Semiarid Regions

2010  Seismic Hazard Assessment of Bandar Abbas for Seismic Retrofitting

2010  Stability Analysis of Fault Rock Heterogeneity on the Left Pressure Shaft Collapse of Siah Bisheh Dam, North Iran

2009  Cold Regions Engineering 2009, Cold Regions Impacts on Research, Design, and Construction

2009  A Comparative Study of Water Quality Indices for Karun River

2009  Controlled Drainage Effects on Crop Yield and Water Use Efficiency under Semi-Arid Condition of Iran

2009  Deriving Rule Curve for Hydropower Reservoirs: Seymareh Experience

2009  Detection of Streamflow Trends and Variability in Karun River, Iran as Parts of Climate Change and Climate Variability

2009  Development of Sustainable Water Supply Scheme in Reservoir Operation: Case Study

2009  Economic Sustainability Evaluation of an Inter-Basin Water Transfer Project Using GWP Statement

2009  Economical Comparison of Inverse Siphon in the Karun River Based on Artificial Intelligence Design

2009  Effects of Different Levels of Irrigation Water Salinity and Leaching on Yield and Yield Components of Wheat in an Arid Region

2009  Estimation of Regional Reference Evapotranspiration from Land Surface Temperature and Co-Kriging Method at Tehran Province, Iran

2009  Prediction of Thermal Stratification in Proposed Bakhtyari Reservoir with CE-QUAL-W2

2009  Probable Maximum Precipitation for 24 Hour Duration over Four Central Provinces in Iran

2009  Seismic Assessment of Electric Power Transmission Concrete Beams

2009  Seismic Performance of Electrical Substations’ Equipments in Bam Earthquake (Iran 2003)

2009  Simulation of Tehran Air Pollution Using Artificial Neural Networks

2009  Water Table Management to Improve Drainage Water Quality in Semiarid Climatic Conditions of Iran

2008  Drought Mitigation through Long-Term Operation of Reservoirs: Case Study

2008  Extended OWA Operator for Group Decision Making on Water Resources Projects

2008  Intersection Air Pollution Emission Prediction Using Software Hyroad: A Case Study Fatemi-Valiasr Intersection from Iran

2008  A New Site Classification System Based on Strong Motion Analysis in Iran

2008  Numerical Modeling and Warning Procedure for Gonu Super Cyclone along Iranian Coastlines

2008  Reasons behind Failure of Qanats in the 20th Century

2008  Regeneration of Missed Record Data, Vertical Axes of Karkheh Earth Dam Using Cell Pressure, Mathematical Aspects, and SSM

2008  Reliability of Tehran Transportation Network during Earthquake

2008  Reliability-Based Simulation-Optimization Model for Multireservoir Hydropower Systems Operations: Khersan Experience

2008  Seismic Microzonation of Shiraz City, Southwest of Iran

2008  Wavelet Signal Processing Technique in Analyzing Earthquake Records of Masjed Soleyman Embankment Dam

2007  Climate Signal Clustering Using Genetic Algorithm for Precipitation Forecasting: A Case Study of Southeast of Iran

2007  High Rise Intelligence Building through Natural Date Palm Tree Simulation

2007  Strategic Insights into the Jordan River Conflict

2007  Water Transfer and Watershed Development: A System Dynamics Approach