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2015  Conversion Method for Obtaining CO2 Emission Data from the Life Cycle Inventory Database of Foreign Countries

2013  Constant Demand of Inventory Control Based on Inventory Loans

2013  Coordination Mechanism of Transportation-inventory Model in Fuzzy Environment

2013  Integrated Producer-Distributor-Retailer Inventory Model for Cold Chain Items

2012  An Algorithm for SDIRP with Hard Time Windows

2012  Evaluation of Construction Equipment Fleets through Fuel Use and Emissions Inventories

2012  Evaluation of Hazardous-Material Logistic Center Site Election Based on the Ameliorative DEA Method

2012  General Activity-Based Cost Model for Tobacco Logistics Center

2012  An Integrated Bulk Goods Transportation and Inventory Model under the Condition of Rail Trough Transportation

2012  Inventory Strategies Based on Seasonal Demand for Coal

2012  Methodology for Estimating Emissions Inventories for Commercial Building Projects

2012  Study on Transportation and Inventory Integration Optimization Model on SCM

2011  Generalized Image Recognition Algorithm for Sign Inventory

2011  Inventory Strategy of Retailer in a Three-Echelon Supply Chain under a Competitive Situation

2011  Long-Term Price Risk Forecasting of Pledged Inventory

2011  Modeling and Algorithm for Inventory-transport Integrated Optimization Problem in Many-one Distribution Network

2011  Multi-Item Inventory Control with Reverse Logistics Based on (s, S) Inventory System

2011  Optimizing Material Procurement and Storage on Construction Sites

2011  Quantitative Comparison between Two Different Distribution Centers’ Dynamic Location Decision Methods

2011  Tunnel Management, Emerging Technologies, and Innovation

2010  AC Pipe in North America: Inventory, Breakage, and Working Environments

2010  Application of Fuzzy Forecast of Inventory Management in Auto Company

2010  Application Research of Compound (Q, R) Model Embedded with RFID Sensitive Data Acquisition in Cigarette Retail Inventory Management

2010  Coordinated Optimal of Transportation-Inventory with Considering the Capacity of a Single Vehicle

2010  Decision Support System of Project Logistics Based on Gray Theory

2010  Design of Flexible Inventory Verification Information System Based on Workflow Engine Management

2010  An Empirical Study on the Relationship between the Inventory Management in the Supply Chain and Enterprise Performance in the Textile and Garment Industry

2010  Estimating VaR Based on Copulas of Price Risk in Inventory Financing

2010  Integrated Location-Inventory Model and Algorithm for Emergency Biopreparate Supplies Reserve Network under Stochastic Demand

2010  Inventory Control Model in Three-Echelon Logistics Network with Stochastic Demand

2010  Inventory Control Strategy of Clothing Business

2010  Inventory Management Strategy of Retail Trade on Revenue Management

2010  Inventory Model Study in Manufacturing/Remanufacturing Hybrid System Based on Lean Production

2010  Inventory Optimization for Fresh Food of Regional Chain Supermarket Based on the Adaptive Genetic Algorithm

2010  Loan-to-Value Ratio Setting of Inventory Impawn Financing Based on VaR Method

2010  Motivations, Issues and Solutions: Analysis on Consumer Logistics in EGS Environment

2010  Multi-Product Optimal Ordering Strategies under Budget Constraint

2010  NPS Retaining Wall Inventory and Assessment Program (WIP): 3,500 Walls Later

2010  Research on Coordinated Inventory Policy in Supply Chain

2010  Research on Distribution Center Location Model of Maximum Coverage Based on Collaborative Inventory of Supply Chain

2010  Research on Dynamic Order Problem Based on the Shortest Path Model

2010  Research on Inventory Control for Joint Distribution

2010  Research on the Game Behavior of Logistics Enterprise in Inventory Financing

2010  Research on the Optimization for a Random Inventory Strategy Based on Markov Chain

2010  Simulation and Optimization of Garment Distribution System Based on Flexsim

2010  Stochastic Dynamic Location-Routing-Inventory Problem in Two-Echelon Multi-Product Distribution Systems

2010  Study of Inventory Control Based on the Supply Chain Management in Construction Enterprises

2010  Study of Price Risk Value of Inventory Financing

2010  Study on the Inventory Management in the Virtual Environment

2010  Study on Virtual Inventory Based on 3PL Enterprise as Coordination Center

2010  A Three-Phase Policy for Single-Vendor Single-Buyer Production-Inventory Systems

2010  VaR Models for Impawn Rate of Steel of Inventory Financing: An Empirical Analysis Based on Price of Hot Rolled Plate in Shanghai

2009  The Analysis of the Role and Value of Logistics Enterprises’ Participation in the Inventory Financing

2009  The Dynamic Relocation of Logistics Distribution Centers with Inventory

2009  Generalized Traffic Sign Detection Model for Developing a Sign Inventory

2009  How to Lower the River to Reveal the Rocks without Putting a Hole in Your Boat

2009  A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for the Stochastic Dynamic Location-Routing-Inventory Problem in Closed-Loop Logistics System for Reusing End-of-Use Products

2009  A Model and Heuristic Algorithm for Inventory Routing Problem in Emergency Logistics

2009  Multi-Objective Models and Algorithms for System Spare Part Inventory Optimization

2009  A New Approach on the Stochastic Inventory Routing Problem

2009  Optimal Dynamic Substitution Policy for Components in an Assemble-to-Order System

2009  Optimal Model of Multi-Channel Logistics Network Based on (Q, R) Inventory Tactics

2008  AHP-TOPSIS-Based Stock of the Electric Power Materials and Research of Optimized Storage Management

2008  Algorithm of Deterministic Joint Replenishment Problem

2008  An Analysis of Different Handling Strategies for the Return Inventory Control Model

2008  A Fuzzy Location-Routing-Inventory Problem in Logistics Distribution Systems

2008  An Integrated Push and Pull Inventory Policies for Hybrid Manufacturing/Remanufacturing Systems

2008  Inventory and Prioritization of LID Projects at a Sub-Watershed Scale

2008  Inventory Control in Hybrid Manufacturing/ Remanufacturing Systems with Fuzzy Demand and Return

2008  Inventory Controlling of Emergency Logistics Based on Reverse Recovery Models

2008  An Inventory Model Based on Activity-Based Costing

2008  An Inventory Model of Style Items Based On Product Life Cycle

2008  An Inventory Model with Limited Storage Capacity and Shortages under Permissible Delay in Payments

2008  Investigation on the Nature and Determinants of Vendor Managed Inventory Based on the Transaction Cost Theory

2008  Materials Handling System Simulation in Precast Viaduct Construction: Modeling, Analysis, and Implementation

2008  Multi-Stage Inventory Control under Unknown Demand Distribution Function

2008  A New Predicting Model Using Combination of Group Method of Data Handling and Exponential Smoothing

2008  Optimal Inventory Control Policy in an Uncertain Supply Chain Environment

2008  Optimal Model and Algorithm for Supply Chain Design Considering Stochastic Demand

2008  Optimization on Inventory-Transportation Decisions of Multi-Period Random Demand with Time Windows

2008  Research on A Decision Support System for Inventory Management Based on Multi-Agent

2008  Research on Coordination Mechanism of Supply Chain System Based on Supply Chain Surplus

2008  Selective Inventory Decision by Hybrid Push Pull Supply Chain

2008  A Stochastic Location-Inventory Problem in Refined Oil Distribution Systems

2008  The Stochastic Location-Routing-Inventory Problem in Reverse Logistics Systems for Municipal Solid Waste

2008  Study of Vendor Managed Inventory of Railway Logistics Center Based On System Dynamics

2008  Study on the Models and Algorithms of Combined Location Routing and Inventory Problem

2007  Commodity Inventory Decision-Making Based on Fuzzy Cluster Classification

2007  Evaluation Methods and Optimization Policies for the Management of Telecom Material Inventory

2007  Improved EOQ Model for Items with Weibull Distribution Deterioration

2007  Method of Spare Parts Inventory Management Based on Reliability

2007  Mode Classification Based on Decision-Tree-Based Support Vector Machine in the Inventory Control

2007  The Optimized Inventory Control Based on Disposing Reverse Logistics in Set Volume with the Franchisers’ Assistance

2007  Short Takes: History Channel Celebrates Inventors From Modern Marvels Contest

2007  Short Takes: History Channel Contest Yields Rich Harvest of Inventions

2007  Study on Dynamic Pricing Model of Deteriorating Items Based on Revenue Management

2006  Short Takes: History Channel to Showcase Inventions from Modern Marvels Contest

2005  Material Control System for the Manufactured Housing Industry

2005  Material Requirements Planning for a Manufactured Housing Facility

2004  Hybrid Life-Cycle Inventory for Road Construction and Use