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2015  Conversion Method for Obtaining CO2 Emission Data from the Life Cycle Inventory Database of Foreign Countries

2015  Evaluating the Suitability of Using International Market Analyses to Characterize the Global Construction Industry

2015  Niche Width, Competitive Positioning, and Performance of International Construction Contractors (1992-2009)

2015  Shifting Sands and Shifting Grounds: Analysis and Implications of Shifting Dynamics in the Global Construction Industry

2015  Two-Dimensional Globalizing Index for Engineering and Construction Companies

2014  Arbitration in Kuwait: Study of Current Practices and Suggestions for Improvements

2014  Best Practice in the Training, Appointment, and Remuneration of Members of Dispute Boards for Large Infrastructure Projects

2014  Competitive Strategies Associated with Particular Localization Patterns Adopted by Implanted Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Firms in China

2014  Concurrent Delays in Construction: International Legal Perspective

2014  Developing Competitive Advantages in Political Risk Management for International Construction Enterprises

2014  Exploring Critical Variables That Affect Political Risk Level in International Construction Projects: Case Study from Chinese Contractors

2014  Expo 2010: Strategic Transformation of Former Industrial Areas by Means of International Events

2014  Falling Behind? Boom, Bust & the Global Race for Scientific Talent By Michael S. Teitelbaum. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2014

2014  Global Differences in Building Enclosures

2014  Global Interests among First-Year Civil and Environmental Engineering Students

2014  Investigating Gains from EWB-USA Involvement

2014  Nexus between Contracting and Construction Professional Service Businesses: Empirical Evidence from International Market

2014  Risk Management in China: Applying International Best Practice to Foreign-Invested Projects

2014  Why Going Global Makes Sense

2013  Analysis of Construction Contractor Selection and Evaluation Based on AHP and GRA

2013  An Analysis of International Construction Risk Factors on Partner Selection by Applying ANP Approach

2013  Application of Spatio-Temporal Metaphor in Transportation Engineering International Teaching Processes

2013  Comparison of the Integrated Transport System Concepts between China and Foreign Countries

2013  Contract Administration Guidelines for Effectively and Efficiently Applying Different Delay Analysis Techniques under World Bank-Funded Projects

2013  Cross-Cultural Interviewing and Counseling: Client-Oriented Perspective between Japanese and American Partners

2013  Developing Construction Professional Services in the International Market: SWOT Analysis of China

2013  Development of a Constructability Assessment Model for International Projects Using a Structural Equation Model

2013  Development of the Chinese Construction Industry after the Cultural Revolution: Administration Framework, Economic Growth, and Market Structure

2013  Factors Contributing to Global Differences in Building Enclosures

2013  Financial Valuation of Investments in International Construction Markets: Real-Options Approach for Market-Entry Decisions

2013  Foreign Exchange Risk Management of Air Transportation Listed Companies

2013  The Importance of Native In-Country Coordinators for Predictive Awareness of Cultural and Design Details for International Sustainable Engineering Projects

2013  Internationalization of Construction-Related Consultants: Impact of Age and Size

2013  Internationalization Process of Pakistani Contractors: An Exploratory Study

2013  Localization Typologies Evident among Foreign Enterprises Active in the Chinese Construction Market

2013  The Long History of Our Global Reach

2013  Practical Framework for Measuring Performance of International Construction Firms

2013  Quantifying the Impact of Facilitation on Transactive Memory System Formation in Global Virtual Project Networks

2013  Risk Assessment for the Housing Market in Mexico

2013  Seismic Risk and Society Development Indicators: Examination of Three Countries

2013  Sharpening Competitive Edge through Procurement Innovation: Perspectives from Chinese International Construction Companies

2013  Unit Costs of Public and PPP Road Projects: Evidence from India

2012  Bringing Environmental Benefits into Caspian Sea Negotiations for Resources Allocation: Cooperative Game Theory Insights

2012  Climate Change and Its Influence on International Water Sharing

2012  Comparison and Analysis of International Construction Waste Management Policies

2012  Contract Administration Guidelines for U.S. Contractors Working under World Bank–Funded Projects

2012  Country Portfolio Solutions for Global Market Uncertainties

2012  A Delphi Study on the Effects of Culture on the Choice of Dispute Resolution Methods in International Construction Contracts

2012  Global Weights of Parameters for Sustainable Buildings from Consultants’ Perspectives in Indian Context

2012  Impact of Inter-Firm Collaboration Networks in International Construction Projects

2012  International Perspective of Water Resources Planning and Management in 2050

2012  Managing Gigaprojects, Advice from Those Who’ve Been There, Done That

2012  Public-Private Partnership Risk Factors in Emerging Countries: BOOT Illustrative Case Study

2012  A Question of Ethics: The Ethical Aspects of Promotional Expenses

2012  Relationship between International Roughness Index and Straightedge Index

2012  Research of International Logistics Information Platform Based on SOA

2012  Study of Influence of Foreign Characters in Guide Signs on Legibility

2012  A Study on Cluster Supply Chain Management Based on Multi-Agent Systems for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

2012  Two-Dimensional Globalizing Index and Globalizing Self-Assessment Tool for Engineering and Construction Companies

2012  Which Strategies Are More Effective for International Contractors during Boom and Recession Periods?

2011  Analytical Framework for the Choice of Dispute Resolution Methods in International Construction Projects Based on Risk Factors

2011  Back Matter

2011  Broaden Your International Knowledge

2011  Developing a Multicultural, Cross-Generational, and Multidisciplinary Team: An Introduction for Civil Engineers

2011  Dual Impact of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity on Project Network Performance

2011  Education and Training in Civil Engineering: Beyond the Classroom

2011  Front Matter

2011  Global Project Delivery Systems Using BIM

2011  IDA Comparison of IBC-Designed and DDD-Designed Six-Story Light-Frame Wood Buildings

2011  Identification of Risk Paths in International Construction Projects Using Structural Equation Modeling

2011  International Events Endorsed by the Geo-Institute, GeoHunan International Conference II, 5th International Conference on Debris Flow Hazards Mitigation, and IS-Seoul 2011.

2011  Lessons Learned from Principled Negotiation in International Construction Projects

2011  NewsBriefs: European Union Proposes Ban on Vehicles Using Conventional Fuels (Daily Mail and The Telegraph)

2011  Ontology for Relating Risk and Vulnerability to Cost Overrun in International Projects

2011  Permanent versus Mobile Entry Decisions in International Construction Markets: Influence of Home Country– and Firm-Related Factors

2011  Preparing Civil Engineers for International Collaboration in Construction Management

2011  Seeking International News?

2011  Situation and Competitiveness of Foreign Project Management Consultancy Enterprises in China

2011  Social Network Analysis of Collaborative Ventures for Overseas Construction Projects

2011  Strategies for Developing Countries to Expand Their Shares in the Global Construction Market: Phase-Based SWOT and AAA Analyses of Korea

2011  Toward a Multidimensional Performance Measure for International Joint Ventures in Construction

2011  Vulnerability, Uncertainty, and Risk, Analysis, Modeling, and Management

2011  World’s Largest Fusion Machine Planned for International Energy Project

2010  An Available International Freight Transport System with Rail Container and RORO/Ferry Ship

2010  Classification of Risks for International Construction Joint Ventures (ICJV) Projects

2010  Clean Water for All Should Be the Priority

2010  Coordination of Global Supply Chain with Disruption under the Reversion of Globalization

2010  Embeddedness and Collaborative Venture Networks for Overseas Construction Projects

2010  Emergence and Role of Cultural Boundary Spanners in Global Engineering Project Networks

2010  Empirical Assessment of Internationalization Strategies for Small and Medium Construction Companies

2010  Evolution and Development of Multiairport Systems: Worldwide Perspective

2010  Factors Affecting Construction Project Outcomes: Case Study of Vietnam

2010  Future Forecast of Chinese Trade Amount and International Cargo Flow

2010  Globalization: Conundrums and Paradoxes for Civil Engineering

2010  Great Achievements & Grand Challenges

2010  In the Field: ASCE and EWB-USA Improves Lives of African Children

2010  Inter- and Intraorganizational Trust in International Construction Joint Ventures

2010  Mobilizing Institutional Knowledge for International Projects

2010  New International Logistics Corridor through Building an Undersea Tunnel in Northeast Asia

2010  One Achievement Missing?