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2012  Guideline for Development of Effective Water Sharing Agreements

2011  Groundwater Banking in the Rio Grande Basin

2011  Risk Analysis of the 1944 Treaty between the United States and Mexico for the Rio Grande/Bravo Basin

2009  Social, Political, and Institutional Setting: Water Management Problems of the Rio Grande

2007  Water-Sharing between India and Pakistan: A Critical Evaluation of the Indus Water Treaty

2005  Agreements and Questions on Water Apportionment in the St. Mary and Milk Rivers

2004  NAFTA Ten Years Later - The Environmental Side Agreements

2002  Private Property in Space Resources

2001  Comprehensive Transboundary International Water Quality Management Agreement

2001  International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Mexico, United States Section

2001  Monterey Accord Forms North American Civil Engineering Alliance

2001  Regulatory Compliance and Guidance Tools Applicable to Transboundary Water Quality Issues

2000  International Space Law

2000  The Regency Proposal for Space Governance

1999  Accessing Information on U.S.–Mexico Water Resources Management Opportunities

1999  ASCE Signs Pact with Mongolian Engineers

1999  Draft Comprehensive Transboundary International Water Quality Management Agreement

1999  Transboundary Water Sharing: An International Issue of Significance

1999  Wave Modelling in the WISE Group

1998  An Archenemy Revisited: The 1979 Moon Treaty

1998  Codes and Standards in Japan, Present State and Necessity

1998  Developing Standards and International Standards Organizations

1998  A Novel Compact to Allow Human Moon-Mars Settlement

1998  Pier Repairs in Mexico

1998  Rationale for Mars Exploration

1998  Thailand-U.S. Center for Technology Partnership

1997  Construction Opportunities and Practices in Canada

1997  The Impacts of Trade Agreements on State and Provincial Laws

1997  Integration of Biotechnology in Remediation and Pollution Prevention Activities

1997  International Duties and Obligations for Transboundary Water Sharing

1997  ISO 14000: Legal Advantages of Replacing Command and Control Regulation

1997  Licensure and Professional and Business Issues in Canada and the United States

1997  Management Standards Role in Civil Engineering

1997  NAFTA’s Environmental Institutions and Texas Border Infrastructure

1997  Structuring a Collaboration Between Mexico and the U.S. for Managing Water Resources of Mutual Interest in the NAFTA Context

1997  Sustainable Development and Environmental Conservation in the Americas

1996  “California Border Environment Activities Since Passage of NAFTA”

1996  CERF, U.K. Agree to Broaden Ties

1996  Connecting Random Acts of Quality: Global System Standard

1996  Flight Crew Equipment Development and Integration with the International Partners

1996  An Integrated Approach to Maintaining a Program Baseline on the International Space Station

1996  International Space Station Payload Accommodations

1996  International Space Station Traffic Model Development

1996  Mexican Border Ground Water Agreement

1996  NAFTA Pact May Change as U.S. Engineers Mull Licensing Details

1996  The NEA International FEP Database: Outcome of the Working Group

1996  Overview of International Space Station Extra Vehicular Robotics

1996  Overview of International Space Station Extravehicular Activity System

1996  Overview of the International Space Station Extra Vehicular Robotics Verification

1996  Quantitative Monitoring of Plata River Basin Waters

1996  World-Wide Command and Control: Operating the International Space Station

1995  Agreements for Sharing Transboundary Water Resources: Hydrologic Information Requirements

1995  Anatomy of the Extraordinary Drought at the United States-Mexico Border

1995  Application of the International Law in the Management of Transboundary Waters

1995  The Construction Industry Under NAFTA -- A Panel Session

1995  Educational and Research Issues on the Road to Integrated Water Resources Management

1995  Environmental Challenge for Engineers

1995  Impacts of NAFTA on Canadian Water Policy

1995  Impacts of NAFTA on the Practice and Licensing of Civil Engineers

1995  Introduction of High Speed Railway in Korea and Opportunities of International Cooperation

1995  Management of Water Resources in North America III Anticipating the 21st Century, September 4-8, 1993, Tucson, Arizona: “Canada-United States Boundary Waters Management Arrangements”

1995  NAFTA Handbook for Water Resources Managers and Engineers

1995  Principles for Shared Use of Transboundary Water Resources

1995  Rationale and Benefits Associated with International Alliances

1995  Whose Globe is Warming at the U.S.-Mexico Boder?

1994  Black & Veatch in Unique Overseas Partnership

1994  Space Policy: Key Points of International Law

1994  Understanding ISO

1993  Canada’s Role in International Development and Coastal Management: Recommendations for CIDA’s New Responsibilities in Coastal and Ocean Management

1993  ECOR, an International Organization Active in the Coastal Zone

1993  Freight Movement in a Changing World and Changing Market Place

1993  Infrastructure and Environmental Improvements: A United Kingdom Contractor’s View

1993  The Southern North Sea Functional Uses and Institutional Arrangements

1993  Start Ups

1993  Start-Ups

1993  Sustainable Development and National Laws

1993  World Engineering Partnership for Sustainable Development

1992  Equity and International Agreements for CO2 Containment

1992  In New York, Cooperation Agreements Signed with Four Engineers’ Groups

1992  Isssues in Developing Control Zones for International Space Operations

1992  Water Data of the International Boundary and Water Commission

1991  The Free Trade Agreement and Working on Each Other’s Turf

1991  A New Panama Canal?

1991  Report from the NATO ARW on Water Wave Kinematics, May 1989

1990  The Colorado River Salinity Program—An Overall Perspective

1990  Cooperation in Counter-Pollution Response: The European Approach

1990  The ERA of Disarmament & Engineering Professions

1990  International Engineering: The U.S. Educated Engineer’s Opportunity

1990  Overview of Factors Involved in the Mexico Earthquakes

1990  Saudi Standards

1990  Tearing Down the Trade Barriers?

1990  U.S. Civil Engineer, International Cooperation, and Soviet Union

1989  1990: Decade of Natural Disaster Reduction

1989  Diplomacy and International Environment Issues

1989  Fisheries Management in the Eastern Caribbean

1989  The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreements: How to Assess Progress Toward a Goal of Ecosystem Integrity

1989  IJC Challenges in an Era of Uncertainty

1989  International Fisheries Management—Changing Tides in the North Pacific

1989  International Water Problem on the Rio Grande

1989  The Nineties: A Decade for Disaster Reduction