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Found 82 Records with the keyword term of "Internal pressure"

2015  Opening and Compartmentalization Effects of Internal Pressure in Low-Rise Buildings with Gable and Hip Roofs

2014  Nonaffine-Nonlinear Adaptive Control of an Aircraft Cabin Pressure System Using Neural Networks

2013  Burst Pressure of Pipelines with Plastic Anisotropy under Combined Internal and External Pressures

2013  Dynamic Wind Load on an Internal Partition Wall inside a Compartmentalized Building with an External Dominant Opening

2013  Internal Pressure in Real Flexible Porous Buildings with a Dominant Opening: Design Perspective

2013  Wind-Induced Internal Pressures of Buildings with Multiple Openings

2013  Wind-Loading Effects on Roof-to-Wall Connections of Timber Residential Buildings

2012  Probabilistic Approach to Determining Internal Pressures Based on Wind Tunnel Measurements

2011  Reliability Evaluation of Corroding Pipelines Considering Multiple Failure Modes and Time-Dependent Internal Pressure

2010  Performance of a Nongasketed Flange Joint under Combined Internal Pressure and Bending Loading

2010  Variation of Internal Pressure with Varying Sizes of Dominant Openings and Volumes

2009  Case Studies of Roofing and Cladding Failures Involving Internal Pressurization

2009  Testing and Analysis of Steel Pipes under Bending, Tension, and Internal Pressure

2009  Testing of Hygrothermally Aged E-Glass/Epoxy Cylindrical Laminates Using a Novel Fixture for Simulating Internal Pressure

2009  Testing of Rigid Polyurethane Spray-On Lining under Internal Pressure

2008  Axisymmetric Stress Analysis of a Thick Conical Shell with Varying Thickness under Nonuniform Internal Pressure

2008  Wind-Induced Internal Pressures in Houses

2007  Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Finite-Element Analysis of Gasketed Flange Joint under Combined Internal Pressure and Variable Temperatures

2006  Thrust Restraint Behavior of Pipelines with Mechanically Harnessed Joints

2004  Propagation Regimes of Fluid-Driven Fractures in Impermeable Rocks

2002  Seismic Evaluation of Buried Pipelines

2001  Buckling Experiments on Cone-Cylinder Intersections under Internal Pressure

2000  Cladding Loads: The Influence of Balconies and Slab-Edge Storm Shutters

2000  Internal Pressures and Cladding Net Wind Loads on Full-Scale Low-Rise Building

2000  Stresses in Inclined Planar Silos

1999  Numerical Modeling of Silo Filling. I: Continuum Analyses

1999  Numerical Modeling of Silo Filling. II: Discrete Element Analyses

1999  Under Pressure

1999  Wind-Induced Internal Pressures on Sports Arenas

1998  Plastic Buckling of Unanchored Roofed Tanks Under Dynamic Loads

1998  Sleeved Cone-Cylinder Intersection Under Internal PRessure

1997  Glazed Opening Designs for Windborne Debris Impact

1997  Internal Wind-Pressure Comparisons for a Full-Scale and Model Building

1997  Structural Evaluation of Hultman Aqueduct

1996  Ground Response of Circular Tunnel in Poorly Consolidated Rock

1996  Semianalytical Solutions to Griffith Fracture Under Variable Pressure

1995  Cone-Cylinder Intersection under Internal Pressure: Non-symmetric Buckling

1995  Nonlinear Response and Failure of Pressurized Composite Curved Panels

1994  Atmospheric Pressure within Lunar Structure

1994  Cone-Cylinder Intersection under Pressure: Axisymmetric Failure

1994  Critique on Building Envelope Sessions

1994  Plastic Collapse at Lap Joints in Pressurized Cylinders under Axial Load

1994  Shakedown Analysis of Hollow Spheres

1994  Wind Tunnel Testing of High-Rise Residential Buildings in Hurricane Areas

1993  Determination of Load Sharing in Insulating Glass Units

1992  Buckling of Pressurized Axisymmetrically Imperfect Cylinders Under Axial Loads

1992  Internal Pressure in a Lunar Inflatable Structure

1991  Behavior of Welded Steel Water-Storage Tank

1990  Development of Design Criteria for Lunar Structures

1990  Elastic Buckling of Imperfect Cylinders Containing Granular Solids

1990  Field Experiment on Behavior of Continuous Water Main with a Miter Bend

1990  Flexible Pipe Design Revisited

1990  Local Collapse of Axially Compressed Pressurized Thin Steel Cylinders

1990  Optimum Location of Drains in Concrete Dams

1989  Design of Steel Tunnel Liners

1989  Mathematical Modeling of Landfill Gas Extraction

1989  Pressure Buildup in Permafrost Pile Supports Induced by Freezeback

1989  Transient Wind-Induced Internal Pressures

1988  Design of Ductile Iron Pipe Systems

1987  Transient Response of Wind-Induced Internal Pressures in Buildings

1986  Ultimate Behavior of an R.C. Nuclear Containment Subjected to Internal Pressure and Earthquake

1986  Wind-Induced Internal Pressures in Buildings

1985  Design Pressures in Circular Bins

1985  Linear Stress Analysis of Torospherical Head

1984  Air Leakage Characteristics of Reinforced Concrete

1984  In-Service Buckling of Heated Pipelines

1984  Reliability of Steel Containments with Internal Pressure

1984  The Response of Steel Containment Models to Internal Pressurization

1984  Static Ultimate Capacity of R/C Containment

1984  Stress Analysis of Nozzles in Ellipsodial Pressure Vessel Heads

1983  Internal Pressure of Multi-Room Buildings

1983  R/C Containment Safety under Hydrogen Detonation

1982  Internal Pressure and Building Safety

1982  Wind Tunnel Modeling of Building Internal Pressure

1981  Building Internal Pressure: Sudden Change

1981  Nonhomogeneous Thick-Walled Cylinder Under Internal Pressure

1981  Standing Waves in a Viscoelastic Cylinder Case-Bonded to a Thin Shell

1981  Test of Cylindrical Shells in the Plastic Range

1981  Time-Dependant Behavior of Solution Caverns in Salt

1979  Wind-Induced Pressure Fluctuations Inside Building

1976  Consolidation with Internal Pressure Generation

1968  Uncased Pipeline Crossings of Railroads and Highways