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2015  Debonding Mitigation of CFRP-Strengthened Steel Beams with Silyl-Modified Polymer and CFRP Wrap Anchorage

2015  Numerical Simulation of Active Heat Injection and Anomalous Seepage near an Earth Dam-Concrete Interface

2014  Constitutive Modeling and Testing of Interface between Backfill Soil and Fiber-Reinforced Polymer

2014  Debonding Inhibiting Mechanism of Strain Localization Plating System

2014  Experimental Investigation on FRP-to-Timber Bonded Interfaces

2014  Mechanical Performance of the Wet-Bond Interface between FRP Plates and Cast-in-Place Concrete

2013  Bond-Slip Model for FRP Laminates Externally Bonded to Concrete at Elevated Temperature

2013  Characterization of Mechanically Enhanced FRP Bonding System

2013  Experimental Study on the Mechanical Performance of the Interface between Concrete Pavement and Lean Concrete Base Treated with Different Bond-breaking Layers

2013  Fracture Mechanisms of Polymer Cement Mortar: Concrete Interfaces

2013  Interface Behavior of Woven Geotextile with Rounded and Angular Particle Sand

2013  Interface Bond Mechanism of EVA-Modified Mortar and Porcelain Tile

2013  Quantification of Bond-Slip Relationship for Externally Bonded FRP-to-Concrete Joints

2013  Shear Behavior of Sensitive Marine Clay-Concrete Interfaces

2013  Statistical Characterization of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with FRP Sheets

2012  Are Physical Mock-Ups Still Necessary to Complement Visual Models for the Realization of Design Intents?

2012  Effect of Temperature Variation on the Full-Range Behavior of FRP-to-Concrete Bonded Joints

2012  Environment-Assisted Subcritical Debonding of Epoxy-Concrete Interface

2012  Indirect Identification Method of Bilinear Interface Laws for FRP Bonded on a Concrete Substrate

2011  Effects of Slenderness Ratio on Seismic Behavior of Vertical Micropiles

2011  Elastoplastic Damaging Model for Adhesive Anchor Systems. I: Theoretical Formulation and Numerical Implementation

2011  Finite-Element Modeling of Intermediate Crack Debonding in FRP-Plated RC Beams

2011  Geotextile Tube: The Other Soil Reinforcement

2011  Interlayer Influence on Timber-LWAC Composite Structures with Screw Connections

2011  Mixed-Mode Fracture of Hybrid Material Bonded Interfaces under Four-Point Bending

2010  Characteristics of Monami Wave in Submerged Vegetated Flow

2010  Electromechanical Behavior of Interface Deformable Piezoelectric Bilayer Beams

2010  Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Moisture on the Bond Behavior of FRP to Concrete Interfaces

2010  Modification to Translational Failure Analysis of Landfills Incorporating Seismicity

2010  Object Model Framework for Interface Modeling and IT-Oriented Interface Management

2010  Simple Model for the Cyclic Behavior of Smooth Sand-Steel Interfaces

2010  Use of Mixed-Mode Fracture Interfaces for the Modeling of Large-Scale FRP-Strengthened Beams

2009  Behavior of Geogrid-Sand Interface in Direct Shear Mode

2009  Design Guidelines for Polyethylene Pipe Interface Shear Resistance

2009  Developing Construction Network-Based Interface Management System

2009  Effects of Layer Interface Conditions on Fatigue Behavior of Asphalt Pavements with Semi-Rigid Bases

2009  Experimental Evaluation of Interface Friction and Study of Its Influence on Concrete Pavement Response

2009  Interface of the Direct Analysis Method and Seismic Design

2009  Interface Shear Transfer of Diagonally Arranged Reinforcing Bars under Repeated Loading

2009  Nanomechanics of Surface Modified Nanohydroxyapatite Particulates Used in Biomaterials

2009  Pullout Resistance Characteristics of Cast Iron Pipe

2009  Visualization of Work Flow to Support Lean Construction

2008  Characterization of Early Age Interface Properties of High-Performance Concrete Overlay and Normal Concrete Substrate

2008  Evaluation of Construction Practices That Influence the Bond Strength at the Interface between Pavement Layers

2008  Experimental Characterization of Concrete-Epoxy Interfaces

2008  Multiperspective Approach to Exploring Comprehensive Cause Factors for Interface Issues

2008  Three-Dimensional Joint/Interface Element for Rough Undulating Major Discontinuities in Rock Masses

2008  Urban Services Localization and Optimal Traffic Distribution: Users Oriented System

2007  Anisotropy-Based Failure Criterion for Interphase Systems

2007  Application of Frictional Contact in Geotechnical Engineering

2007  Constitutive Model for Time-Dependent Behavior of FRP – Concrete Interface

2007  Damage Approach for the Prediction of Debonding Failure on Concrete Elements Strengthened with FRP

2007  Free-Edge and Ply Cracking Effect in Angle-Ply Laminated Composites Subjected to In-Plane Loads

2007  Generic Debonding Resistance of EB and NSM Plate-to-Concrete Joints

2007  Interface Electric Resistance of Electroosmotic Consolidation

2007  Interfacial Behavior and Debonding Failures in FRP-Strengthened Concrete Slabs

2007  Interlock Mechanism of Concrete Block Pavements

2007  Lessons Learned from User Interface Development and Evaluation on an Engineering Software

2007  Numerical Modeling of FRP Shear-Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Beams

2007  User Interfaces for Complex Engineering Software: Application of Virtual Reality

2006  Analytical Investigation of Friction Sleeve Length Effects on Stratigraphic Interpretation

2006  Computational Issues in the Development of a 3D Contact Interface Element

2006  Continuous Interface Elements Subject to Large Shear Deformations

2006  Determination of Nonlinear Softening Behavior at FRP Composite/Concrete Interface

2006  DSC Model for Soil and Interface Including Liquefaction and Prediction of Centrifuge Test

2006  Effect of Slab-Base Interaction on Measured Concrete Pavement Responses

2006  Energy-Based Modeling Approach for Debonding of FRP Plate from Concrete Substrate

2006  Fracture Analysis of Shear Deformable Bi-Material Interface

2006  Fracture Mechanics Based Model for Joints under Cyclic Loading

2006  Fracture Mechanics Method for Mode-I Interface Evaluation of FRP Bonded to Concrete Substrates

2006  Full Two-Dimensional Model for Rolling Resistance: Hard Cylinder on Viscoelastic Foundation of Finite Thickness

2006  “Giant Superelasticity Effect” in NiTi Superelastic Materials and Its Applications

2006  Identifying a Design Management Package to Support Concurrent Design in Building Wafer Fabrication Facilities

2006  Interface Granular Force Measurement Using Tactile Sensors

2006  A Multi Piezo Friction Attachment for Penetration Testing

2006  Peel and Shear Fracture Characterization of Debonding in FRP Plated Concrete Affected by Moisture

2006  Postpeak Strength of Interfaces in a Stress-Dilatancy Framework

2006  Properties of Asphalt Concrete Layer Interfaces

2006  Soil — Nail Pullout Interaction in Loose Fill Materials

2006  Soil-Structure Interface Shear Transfer Behavior

2006  Three-Dimensional Free Vibration Analysis of Multiphase Piezocomposite Structures

2005  Characterizing Geologic Interfaces in Sand, Gravel, and Cobble Deposits

2005  Corrosion of Reinforcement in Relation to Presence of Defects at the Interface between Steel and Concrete

2005  CPT Readings, VisCPT Observations, and Advanced FEM modeling of Penetration through Soil Interfaces

2005  Drainage Layer Fouling as a Consideration in Capillary Barrier Design

2005  Dynamic Spar Elements and Discrete Element Methods in Two Dimensions for the Modeling of Soil-Inclusion Problems

2005  Effect of Bond Condition on Flexible Pavement Performance

2005  In Situ Assessment of Role of Surface Roughness on Interface Response

2005  Interface Characteristics and Laboratory Constructability Tests of Novel Fiber-Reinforced Polymer/Concrete Piles

2005  Interface Management for China’s Build – Operate – Transfer Projects

2005  Modeling Objects and Interfaces in Building Information Modeling

2005  Prediction of Field Behavior of Reinforced Soil Wall using Advanced Constitutive Model

2005  Seismic Reflection Attribute Analysis and Inversion Techniques to Map Stratigraphic Interfaces and Thin Beds

2005  Shear and Bending Performance of a Novel Wood – Concrete Composite System

2004  Feasibility of Assessing Bond Condition of Asphalt Concrete Layers with Dynamic Nondestructive Testing

2004  Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite-Wood Pile Interface Characterization by Push-Out Tests

2004  Fracture Analysis of Shear Deformable Bi-Layer Structures

2004  Hyporheic Exchange with Gravel Beds: Basic Hydrodynamic Interactions and Bedform-Induced Advective Flows

2004  Interface Behavior of Granular Soils

2004  Seismic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings Using Interface Modeling