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2015  Inertial Sensor Sample Rate Selection for Ride Quality Measures

2015  Precision Bounds of Pavement Deterioration Forecasts from Connected Vehicles

2015  Precision Bounds of Pavement Distress Localization with Connected Vehicle Sensors

2015  Real-Time Traffic Density Estimation without Reliable Side Road Data

2014  Challenges and Advances in Sustainable Transportation Systems

2014  Comparative Assessment of Traffic Control Parameters within an UTC-Distributed System

2014  Decision Analysis of Preferred Methods for Locating Underground Conduits

2014  The Driverless City

2014  Evaluation of IEEE 802. 11p in Vehicular Communication via Simulation

2014  Impact of Dynamic Message Signs on Speeds Observed on a Rural Interstate

2014  Microscopic Estimation of Arterial Vehicle Positions in a Low-Penetration-Rate Connected Vehicle Environment

2014  Using a Living Laboratory to Support Transportation Research for a Freeway Work Zone

2013  APM and Other Driverless Systems for Integrated Urban Planning and Sustainability

2013  Application of Fuzzy Entropy-DEA Model on the Impact Assessment for Combined On-Ramp and Variable Speed Limit Systems

2013  Assessment System Construction for Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

2013  Chaos Control of Freeway Mainline Using Variable Speed Limits with Fuzzy-Neural Networks Based on Subtractive Clustering

2013  Computing in Civil Engineering

2013  Cooperative Models of Traffic Control with Dynamic Traffic Assignment Based on Simulation

2013  Demand Analysis of Comprehensive Dispatching System Based on RITS

2013  Design of Traffic Scenes in Intersections for Verification of Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System

2013  DGPS-Based Vehicle State Estimation in V2I Cooperative System

2013  Distributed Hierarchical Control for High-Speed Railway Intelligent Transportation System Based on Multi-Agent

2013  Formalized Representation of Heterogeneous Multi-Sensor Traffic Data

2013  A Formulation Method of Control Protocol for Intersection Signal Based on Wireless Communication Technologies

2013  Framework of Security for the Railway Intelligent Transportation System

2013  A High-Level Architecture SimIVC for Simulating the Traffic Network

2013  ICTIS 2013, Improving Multimodal Transportation Systems-Information, Safety, and Integration

2013  An Improved k-NN Nonparametric Regression-Based Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting Model for Urban Expressways

2013  An Integrated Testing Scheme and Its Optimization for Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System

2013  Intelligent Traffic Safety Control Technology of Highway Adjoining Tunnel and Tunnel Group

2013  Intelligent Train Dispatching for High-Speed Railway Based on Fuzzy Neural Network

2013  Intelligent Train Dispatching for High-Speed Railway Based on Rough Set Theory

2013  Intelligent Vehicle Platform and Signal Processing Method Applied to Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure

2013  A Method of Abnormal Pedestrian Behavior Detection Based on the Trajectory Model

2013  Model Predictive Control for Intelligent Vehicle Lane Change

2013  Modeling and Analysis for IOT-Based Intelligent Transportation System Based on IDEF Methods

2013  MTISS: A Novel Mobile Transportation Information Service System Based on SOA

2013  Multi-Resolution Traffic Simulation Modeling Based on Object-Oriented Design Pattern by UML

2013  New Automatic Incident Detection Algorithm Based on Traffic Data Collected for Journey Time Estimation

2013  Paramics-Based Microscopic Simulation Evaluation for Urban Traffic Signal Two-Stage Controller

2013  Privacy Issues and Relevant Solutions that Exist in Electronic Toll Collection

2013  Research on the Traffic Information System Based on the Internet of Things

2013  Research on Traffic Flow Simulation Model with Multi-Agent Based in Vehicular Sensor Network

2013  Research on Vehicle Dedicated Short Range Communication Protocol

2013  Road-Side Units Based Data Forwarding Framework in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

2013  Shanghai Traffic Information Management and Evaluation System

2013  The Social Acceptability of Intelligent Transportation Systems

2013  Some Thoughts on the Development of Passenger Services of China’s RITS

2013  Study on Collision Warning of Non-Motorized Traffic Unit Crossing Based on Cooperative Vehicles Infrastructure

2013  Summary of Magnetic Induction Technology

2013  System Architecture and Developing Pattern of an RITS-Based System for Freight Transportation Organization

2013  Topology Control Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks for Information Collection in Intelligent Transportation Systems

2013  The Track to Suncheon: Making APMs Intelligent

2013  Traffic Congestion Detection and Notification in the Urban Expressway System Using VANETs

2013  Traffic Incident Duration Analysis Based on Cyclic Subspace Regression

2013  Traffic Signal Control Method for Single Intersection Based on Cooperated Vehicle Infrastructure System

2013  Traffic Signs Detection Based on Haar-Like Features and Adaboost Classifier

2013  A Traffic State Estimation Method Based on the Road Traffic Information Templates

2013  Vehicle Cooperative Control Framework in Transportation Cyber-Physical Systems

2012  Bus and Metro Integration Improvements in Beijing

2012  Challenges in Vehicle Classification

2012  Chongqing Intelligent Transport System Plan

2012  Civil Aviation Risk Model Based on RON Neural Network

2012  Driverless Medium-Capacity Transit As an Airport Connector: Taipei’s Experience

2012  Experience of Radio Taxis in Algeria

2012  Highway Network Intelligent Coordinated Information Dissemination Model Based on VMS

2012  Internet-of-Vehicles Based on Technologies of Internet-of-Things

2012  Investigating Benefits of IntelliDrive in Freeway Operations: Lane Changing Advisory Case Study

2012  An Iterative Procedure for the Estimation of Dynamic Toll Demand, Toll, and Level-of-Service on Toll Facilities

2012  Online Traffic Surveillance: Impact of Wireless Communication on Video Quality

2012  A Practical Intelligent Method to Quickly Screen Pedestrian Related Potential Conflicts with Motor Vehicles

2012  Research on Architecture of Intelligent Transportation Application System

2012  Spatial Approaches for Conflating GIS Roadway Datasets

2012  Study on the Intelligent Transport System and Social Economic Development

2012  Sustainable Transportation Systems, Plan, Design, Build, Manage, and Maintain

2012  Traffic Event Automatic Detection Based on OGS-DTW Algorithm

2012  Vehicle Collision Warning System and Algorithm at Intersection under Internet-Connected Vehicles Environment

2012  Vehicle State Detection in Highway Intelligent Space Based on Information Fusion

2011  An Adaptive Load Balance Scheme for Handling Mass of Front-End Devices in Vehicular Wireless Network

2011  Analysis of Integration and Complexity of Yard Intelligent Dispatching System

2011  Application and Prospect of Internet of Things in Intelligent Traffic Management

2011  Data Analysis of Diversion and Dynamic Message Signs

2011  Data Repair Method for Real Time Urban Link Speed Estimation

2011  Development and Strategies for the Intelligent Transport System in China

2011  Evaluating Potential for Integrating Traffic Density with Guidance Information

2011  Evaluating the Control Strategies of Variable Speed Limits in PARAMICS: Determining the Optimal Intervention Startup Threshold

2011  Horizontal Development Strategy for ITS in Urban Transit System

2011  The Influence of Road Users’ Personal Attributes on the Cognition of VMS

2011  Intelligent Transport System Standardization Research

2011  A Reasonable Route Choice Set Generation Algorithm Based on Link Penalty Method

2011  The Renovation Requirements for the VAL Manless System in Lille

2011  Research on the Status Quo of Graphical Information Released by VMS on Expressway in China

2011  Research on Urban Traffic Security Based on Intelligent Transportation System

2011  Rough Location of License Plate Based on Dot-Matrix Detector

2011  Study on Guidance Information Expression Based on Drivers’ Compliance Rate

2011  Techniques of CORS for the Development of Intelligent Transportation

2011  A Theoretical Approach for ITS Data Analyses Using Cyber Infrastructure

2011  TJ-CTS: A Testbed of TongJi Cooperative Traffic System

2011  Traffic Information Collection Based on RFID and WSN

2010  Analysis Public Transport Performance Based on IC Data