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2014  Integrated System Platform for Energy Efficient Building Operations

2014  State of Integration: Investigation of Integration in the A/E/C Community

2013  Challenges with System Integration

2013  Database Framework for Cost, Schedule, and Performance Data Integration

2013  Integrated Watershed Management with Multiobjective Land-Use Optimizations under Uncertainty

2013  Practical Integration of Semidiscretized Nonlinear Equations of Motion: Proper Convergence for Systems with Piecewise Linear Behavior

2013  Promoting the Sustainability of Relational Contracting through Addressing Third Party Insurance Obstacles

2013  Structural-Architectural Integration of Double-Layer Space Structures in Tall Buildings

2012  Application of Story Isolation Technique in the Seismic Reduction of Integrated Building-Bridge Station

2012  Direct Integration of Manning-Based GVF Equation in Trapezoidal Channels

2012  Integrated Water Management in 2050: Institutional and Governance Challenges

2012  Role of Modeling Uncertainty in the Estimation of Climate and Socioeconomic Impact on River Water Quality

2011  Fuzzy Parametric Programming Model for Integrated Solid Waste Management under Uncertainty

2011  Merging Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Ontologies

2011  Methodology of Planning for Integrating Railway Transit and Urban Space

2011  Object-Oriented Bayesian Networks for Participatory Water Management: Two Case Studies in Spain

2011  Requirements for an Integrated Framework of Self-Managing HVAC Systems

2011  Transportation and Development Institute Congress 2011, Integrated Transportation and Development for a Better Tomorrow

2010  BIM for Integration of Automated Real-Time Project Control Systems

2010  Co-Integration Model of Logistics Infrastructure Investment and Regional Economic Growth in Central China

2010  Countermeasures of Integrated Transportation System in Asia

2010  Dynamic Performance Simulation of Long-Span Bridge under Combined Loads of Stochastic Traffic and Wind

2010  Electromechanical Behavior of Interface Deformable Piezoelectric Bilayer Beams

2010  The Habitat Demonstration Unit System Integration

2010  Integrated Damping Systems for Tall Buildings: Vertically Distributed TMDs

2010  Integrated Multi-Agent-Based Platform for Emergency Logistics Management

2010  Integrated Navigation Effects/Impacts Modeling System

2010  Integrated Schedule and Cost Model for Repetitive Construction Process

2010  Integrated Site Investigation for Craney Island Eastward Expansion, Portsmouth, Virginia

2010  An Integrated System to Select, Position, and Simulate Mobile Cranes for Complex Industrial Projects

2010  Integrated Watershed Management Modeling: Generic Optimization Model Applied to the Ipswich River Basin

2010  Mobile Field Analog for Lunar Habitat Integrated System Health Monitoring

2010  Mobile Sensors as Traffic Probes: Addressing Transportation Modeling and Privacy Protection in an Integrated Framework

2010  Multiobjective Transit Passenger Information System Design Using GIS

2010  Organizational Divisions in BIM-Enabled Commercial Construction

2010  Peer-to-Peer-Based Publish/Subscribe Architecture for Advanced Infrastructure Systems

2009  Advances in Passenger Convenience and Comfort

2009  Bi-Level Optimization Model and Algorithm of the Layout of Integrated Transport Hub in Urban Traffic Network

2009  Combined Mode Decomposition and Precise Integration Method for Vibration Response of Beam on Viscoelastic Foundation

2009  The Core of Eden: A Case Study on Model-Based Collaboration for Integrated Project Delivery

2009  Decision Rules for Water Resources Management under Uncertainty

2009  Design and Implementation of Engineering Database in Integrated Development System for Carbody of Multiple Unit

2009  Development and Application of the Specialist Task Organization Procurement Approach

2009  Flood Forecasting Using ANN, Neuro-Fuzzy, and Neuro-GA Models

2009  Fuzzy Evaluation of Traffic Integration on Urban and Rural Harmoniously Developing Region

2009  An Integrated Approach for Distribution System Hydraulic Criticality and Emergency Response

2009  Integrated Design of Controlled Linear Structural Systems

2009  Integrated Management of a Finite Water Supply in the Desert

2009  Integrated Model fo IGF-1 Mediated Biosynthesis in a Deformed Articular Cartilage

2009  Integrated Model for the Stressors and Stresses of Construction Project Managers in Hong Kong

2009  Integrated Planning for Dual Distribution Systems

2009  Integrated Platform for Security Alarm System in Multiple Layer Transportation Hinge System

2009  An Integrated Process Model of Third Party Logistics Service Providers Selection under Supply Chain Management

2009  Integrated Simulation-Based Scheduling for Module Assembly Yard

2009  Integrated Two-Dimensional Surface and Three-Dimensional Subsurface Contaminant Transport Model Considering Soil Erosion and Sorption

2009  Integrating Agent-Based Simulation with Game Theory to Investigate the Hold-Up Problem in Project Networks

2009  Integration of Optimum, High Voltage Transmission Line Foundations

2009  Las Vegas People Mover Integration Potential

2009  New Frontiers in the Design of Integrated Exterior Wall Systems

2009  New Technology Integration for Older System Technologies

2009  On Complexity Structure of Supply Chain Network

2009  Optimization of Railway Freight Transportation Capacity with Consideration of Integrated Logistics

2009  Planning and Design of Urban Flood Control Measures: Assessing Effects Combination

2009  Planning and Integration — MHJIT at Atlanta Airport

2009  Primer on Fire Sprinkler Installation for Structural Engineers

2009  The Strategy and Approaches of Passenger Rail Transit Integration

2009  Sustainability, PRT, and Parking

2009  Ways and Methods to Make Urban Expressway Play Its Full Role

2008  Adaptive Time Integration for the Convection-Dispersion Equation

2008  AEI 2008, Building Integration Solutions

2008  Analyzed on the Forming and Its Evolving Of Complex Logistics Network Based On Netlogo

2008  The Competition Relationship Analysis on BRT and Rail Transit in Urban Integrated Transportation System

2008  Design of Integrated Bioretention-Infiltration Systems for Urban Retrofits

2008  Design of the Integrated Security Defending System for Logistics Information

2008  The Determination Method of Slippage Integrated Power in Logistics Chain

2008  Exploring Sustainable Urban Form of Beijing with an Integrated Model

2008  GIS and Model Applications from an Integrated System

2008  Integrated Forecasting Model for Land Type Change along Urban Rail Transit

2008  An Integrated Framework for Enhancing Campus Security

2008  Integrated Methodology of Design for Construction Site Sedimentation Basins

2008  An Integrated Model of Hydrodynamics and Water Quality Transport

2008  An Integrated Modeling Approach to Stormwater Management

2008  Integrated Modeling for Regional Transport Planning: Salt Lake Region, Utah

2008  Integrated Modeling in South Florida Coastal Area

2008  An Integrated, Modular Approach to Water Distribution System Monitoring

2008  An Integrated Monitoring Plan for BioInfiltration BMPs

2008  Integrated Network-Based Modeling — Applications to the Water Infrastructure Sector

2008  Integrated Network-Based Modeling for Water and Wastewater

2008  Integrated Transportation Information Platform Based on Multi-Agent System

2008  Integrating a Circulation Model and an Ecological Model to Simulate the Dynamics of Zooplankton

2008  Integrating GIS, CIS and Telemetry Systems to Develop an Integrated Modelling System

2008  Integrating Remotely Sensed Data Using a Simple Vegetation Parameter Aggregation Method Applicable to a Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Model

2008  Integration of Geographic Information System and Probabilistic Analysis for Optimized Pipe Infrastructure Decisions

2008  Integration of New Teaching Methodologies into a Laboratory Based Course

2008  Integration of Water Resource Planning into Stormwater Design

2008  Integrational Operation Method Using Stochastic/Neural Networks Models

2008  Investigation of Integrated Management of Large-Scale Irrigation and Aquaculture Systems

2008  Layout Optimization Model of Functional Areas in Integrated Transfer Hub

2008  Modeling Logistics and Supply Chain with an Integrated Land Use Transport Model: PECAS

2008  A Novel Model of the Integrated Design System of Packages for Transport