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Found 76 Records with the keyword term of "Intake structures"

2013  Separation-Induced Water Level Oscillations in Cooling Tower Pump Intake Structures

2012  Critical Submergence for Dual Rectangular Intakes

2011  Prediction of Intake Vortex Risk by Nearest Neighbors Modeling

2010  Case Study: Movable Bed Model Scaling for Bed Load Sediment Exclusion at Intake Structure on Rio Grande

2010  Design and Construction of Temporary Excavation Support at a Water Intake Structure

2010  Design of a Scroll Vortex Inlet for Supercritical Approach Flow

2010  A Solid Foundation

2009  Critical Submergence for Multiple Pipe Intakes

2008  A Necessary Diversion

2005  Design and Construction of the Foundations for the Watauga Raw Water Intake Facility in Karstic Limestone near the City of Johnson City, TN

2003  Grouted Cofferdam for an Intake Structure in Mixed Rock and Gravel Environment

2001  Returning to the Source

2000  Hydraulic Impacts on the Impeller of Vertical Axial Pumps Installed in Selected Intake Structures

2000  Intake Tower Seismic Upgrade with Post-Tensioned Anchors: Design and Construction Aspects

1999  Complete Oil Spill Protection for New Intake Gate Hydraulic Operators at Blewett Hydroelectric Plant

1999  Constructability Aspects of the South Fork Tolt River Project: Seismic Retrofit of the Intake Tower

1999  Evaluation of Selective Withdrawal Concepts for Glen Canyon Dam

1999  An Overview of the Design Concept and Hydraulic Modeling of the Glen Canyon Dam Multi-Level Intake Structure

1998  Blasting a Breach in an Old Concrete Dam to Channel Water into a New Powerplant

1998  Intake Canal Modifications Improve Power Plant Efficiency

1998  An Investigation into the Flow Field at a Generalised Intake Structure Using SSIIM, a 3D Numerical Model

1997  British Columbia Hydro’s Commitment to the Environmental Movement: Puntledge River Hydro Intake Facility

1997  Physical Model Study of Jet-Breaker Baffle Concepts in Pump Intake Structures with Pipe Inflows

1997  Taking in the River

1996  Canal Road Water Treatment Plant Intake Tunnels

1996  Los Angeles River as a Water Source for a Freshwater Reservoir

1996  Preliminary Validation of the MAC3D Numerical Flow Model

1995  Flow Characteristics Through Slot Intakes

1995  Hydraulic Model Investigation of Submerged Vanes for the Intake Structure at Fort Calhoun Station

1995  Hydraulic Testing of Static Self-Cleaning Inclined Screes

1995  Surface Attraction Fish Bypass at Rocky Reach Dam

1993  An Assessment of Fish Entrainment and Impingement Potential for an Offshore Cooling Water Intake in a Tropical Bay

1993  Selective Withdrawal Using Circular, Partly Submerged Intake Structures

1993  Settling Properties of Cohesive Sediments in a Cooling Water Intake Basin

1991  Interaction of Viscous Free-Surface Flow with Submerged Structure

1991  Model Study of an Intake Structure

1990  Intake Wheel Gates Sealing Arrangements

1990  Mechanical Aspects of Intake Gates at John Hart Dam

1989  China’s Ertan Hydroelectric Project

1989  Engineering Study for a New Seawater Intake System

1989  Handling of Intake Bulkhead at King Talal Dam

1989  Hydraulic Design of Mud Mountain Dam Outlet Works Modifications

1989  Hydraulic Model Studies - Sidney A. Murray Jr., Hydroelectric Plant

1989  Hydrodynamic and Foundation Interaction Effects in Dynamics of Intake Towers: Earthquake Responses

1989  Hydrodynamic and Foundation Interaction Effects in Dynamics of Intake Towers: Frequency Response Functions

1989  Intake Towers and Outlet Tunnels Adapted for Hydro

1989  Mitigation of Ice Effects at Hydroelectric Intake Structures

1989  The Modification of Leroy Anderson Dam

1989  Physical Modeling of Heated Discharges into a Stagnant River

1989  Seven Oaks Dam Outlet Works Design

1989  Upgrading Open-Wheel Pit Hydro Plants with Modern Submersible Hydroturbines

1989  Upgrading Trashraking Equipment During Scheduled Maintenance Outages

1988  Field Verification of Three-Leaf Intake Gate Model Test Results

1988  The Gem State Hydropower Project

1988  Laboratory Construction and Measuring Equipment for a Vibrating High Pressure Fixed Wheel Gate

1988  Marginal Small Hydro Can be Made Viable

1988  Summer Falls High Head Kaplan Turbine Project

1988  TBM Tunnel Friction Values for the Kerckhoff 2 Project

1987  Hydraulic Model to Improve Debris-Handling Capability of Waterford Unit 3 Intake Canal

1986  Circulating Water Tunnel under Lake Ontario

1986  Forces on Lifting Beams Used with Three-Leaf Intake Gates

1985  Biofouling Control of Water Intake Structures

1985  Laboratory Studies for the J. H. Campbell, Unit No. 3, Cooling Water Intake Design

1985  Water Supply Intake Structures on Western Rivers

1984  Design of Selective Withdrawal Intake Structures

1984  Procedure for Estimating Surface-Water Intake Costs

1984  RCC Dam Incorporates Innovative Hydraulic Features

1983  Approach-Flow Effects on Downpull of Gates

1983  Hydraulic Model Testing of an Arctic Seawater Intake Structure

1981  Water Intake Structure-Design for Fish Protection

1980  Application of a Consistent Vortex Scaling Law

1980  Fire Rehab in the Bend Municipal Watershed

1980  Thermal Discharge Investigation

1978  Reservoir Outlet Extended Above Silt to Prevent Clogging

1975  Performance of Pennsylvania Highway Drainage Inlets

1970  Mechanics of Stratified Flow through Orifices