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2015  The Truth about PLI

2014  Congress Delays Certain Changes to National Flood Insurance Program

2014  Determining the Optimal Premium for ADR Implementation Insurance in Construction Dispute Resolution

2014  Insights into Building Damage and Vulnerability from the Recent Severe Thunderstorm Outbreaks: Analyses of Post-Damage Surveys and Insurance Claims Data

2013  Alternative to Government Revenue Guarantees: Dynamic Revenue Insurance Contracts

2013  Episodic Change Analysis of the Annual Flood Peak Time Series for a Flood Insurance Study

2013  Evaluating the Effectiveness of Local Mitigation Activities in Reducing Flood Losses

2013  Regional Hazard Damage Estimation Using System Reliability

2013  Storm Surge to Demand Surge: Exploratory Study of Hurricanes, Labor Wages, and Material Prices

2012  Analysis of Hurricane Andrew Insurance Claim Data for Residential Buildings

2012  Common Legal Doctrines and Insurance Issues Affecting the Forensic Structural Engineer

2012  Evolution of Insurance Incentives for Wind-Resistant Construction since Hurricane Andrew

2012  Florida’s 2011 Sinkhole Law Revisions Provide Needed Clarity

2012  IBHS FORTIFIED Homes Hurricane: Bronze, Silver, and Gold; An Incremental Holistic Approach to Reducing Residential Property Losses in Hurricane Prone Areas

2012  The Impact of Climate Change on the National Flood Insurance Program

2012  Insurance as a Risk Management Tool for ADR Implementation in Construction Disputes

2012  Insurance Pricing for Windstorm-Susceptible Developments: Bootstrapping Approach

2012  Interpreting Continuous v. Repeated Water Damage

2012  Katrina on Trial—Forensic Hindcasting the Most Costly Storm

2012  Performance Risk Associated with Renewable Energy CDM Projects

2012  The Relationship between the Wind Damage Sustained by a Residential Building and Its Floor Area

2012  The Role of Tropical Cyclone Induced Flooding in Economic and Insurance Losses

2012  Strengthen America

2011  Analysis of Critical Parameters in the ADR Implementation Insurance Model

2011  Catastrophe Model-Based Assessment of Hurricane Risk and Estimates of Potential Insured Losses for the State of Florida

2011  Construction Project Management and Insurance Program for Taiwan High Speed Rail Project

2011  FEMA’s Update Process for Coastal Surge and Wave Analysis for Flood Insurance Rate Maps

2011  A Geologic Framework for Evaluating West-Central Florida Sinkholes

2011  Implementation of Engineer Circular (EC) 1110-2-6067—USACE Process for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Levee System Evaluation

2011  Special Issue on Hurricanes and Insurance

2011  Understanding the Demand for Flood Insurance

2011  What We Know about Demand Surge: Brief Summary

2010  The Application of Utility Theory in the Decision-Making Process for Investing in ADR Insurance

2010  Construction Risks: Single versus Portfolio Insurance

2010  Development of an Index to Rate the Completeness and Quality of Mitigation Project Definition

2010  Effects of Climate Change on the National Flood Insurance Program in the United States—Riverine Flooding

2010  Game Balance in the Cut-Throat Competition of Road Logistics—The Insurance Loss Settlement Based on Traffic Security

2010  Improving Flood Insurance and Flood-Risk Management: Insights from St. Louis, Missouri

2010  Levee Evaluation and Certification under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

2010  Thoughts on China’s Logistics Insurance during the Post-Financial Crisis Era

2009  Applying Insurance Pricing Theory for Pricing ADR as an Insurance Product

2009  Evaluation of Damage to Concrete Buildings for Insurance Claims: New Generation Approaches

2009  Financial Model for Insuring against Catastrophic Storm Risks

2009  North Central Texas Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance Pilot Program

2009  The Potential Use of Insurance As a Risk Management Tool for ADR Implementation in Construction Disputes

2009  Tornado Losses in the United States

2008  Evaluation of Sea Level Rise for FEMA Flood Insurance Studies: Magnitude and Time-Frames of Relevance

2008  Hurricane Flood Insurance Study for the Hawaiian Islands

2008  Premium-Rating Model for Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Construction

2007  Mold — A Structural Engineer’s Perspective

2006  Catastrophe Risk Models for Wildfires in the Wildland — Urban Interface: What Insurers Need

2006  Court Decisions: Insurance Does Not Cover Negligence

2006  Real Estate Market Response to Coastal Flood Hazards

2005  Assessing and Managing the Potential Environmental Risks of Construction Projects

2005  Court Decisions: Additional Insurance Requirement Violates Oregon Law

2005  Determinants of Small Business Hazard Mitigation

2005  Efficient Generation of Annual Exceedance Probability Maps

2005  Have State Comprehensive Planning Mandates Reduced Insured Losses from Natural Disasters?

2005  Issues in Subcontracting Practice

2004  Court Decisions: Subcontractor’s Debris Dumping Considerad Accidental

2004  Dispute Review Boards: Elements of a Convincing Recommendations

2004  General Liability Insurance Coverage for Mold Claims

2004  Transfer of Financial Implications of Seismic Risk to Insurance

2004  Transportation Agency Use of Owner-Controlled Insurance Programs

2003  Development of a Floodproofing/Retrofitting Program from a Non-NFIP Community

2003  Guilty until Proven Innocent—Sinkhole Definition & Identifying Features

2002  Adoption of Insurance Coverage and Modes of Information Transfer: Case Study of Eastern North Carolina Floodplain Residents

2002  ASCE Foundation Receives MARSH Gift

2002  Court Decisions: Insurer Must Cover Subcontractors’ Mistakes

2002  Court Decisions: No-Action Clause Protects Isurer

2002  Court Decisions: Subcontractor’s Losses Not Covered by ‘All Risk’ Policy

2002  Life Insurance

2002  Mitigation of Hurricane Losses in Residential Construction through the Residential Construction Mitigation Program

2002  Seismic Damage in NSW, Australia: Construction Insurance, Social, and Economic Consequences

2001  Construction Forum: Construction Safety

2001  Engagement in Engineering Services Excludes Coverage

2001  Evaluating Structural Failure in Recent Coastal Engineering Constructions: Latent Defects Insurance as Part of a Risk Control Strategy

2001  Fragility Curves and Seismic Loss Estimation Methodologies Based on Insurance Data

2001  No Adverse Impact: New Direction in Floodplain Management Policy

2001  Policy Does Not Cover Negligent Professional Services

2001  Walkthrough Method for Catastrophe Decision Making

2000  Aggregate Industry Performance

2000  Alternatives to Surety Bonding

2000  Back Matter

2000  Bid Bond

2000  Bond Cost

2000  Capital and Financial Review

2000  Clause Precludes Coverage for Defective Work

2000  Common Disputes Arising From Surety Contract Bonds

2000  Considerations in Handling Surety Bond Claims

2000  Construction Risk Analysis Tool for Determining Liquidated Damages Insurance Premiums: Case Study

2000  Contract Surety: Effective Claim Management

2000  Definition of Suretyship

2000  Effective Claim Management

2000  Flood Study of the Columbia River Basin

2000  Front Matter

2000  History of Suretyship

2000  Index

2000  Insurance and Suretyship

2000  Insurance as Cornerstone for Public-Private Sector Partnerships