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2012  Representing Energy Price Variability in Long- and Medium-Term Hydropower Optimization

2011  Leadership for Sustainable Water Management: Challenges and Opportunities

2009  Evaluating the Potential Impact of Reservoir Operation on Fish Communities

2009  Expanded Method for Filtering Submerged Objects in Echosounder Data

2008  Evaluation of the Minimum Discharge from the Dam on Menta Stream (Reggio Calabria, Italy)

2007  Evaluating Water Transfers from Agriculture for Reducing Critical Habitat Water Shortages in the Platte Basin

2006  Value of Instream Recreation in the Sonoran Desert

2006  Valuing Fisheries and Wetlands using Integrated Economic-Hydrologic Modeling — Mekong River Basin

2005  Towards Establishing Targets for the Water Needs of Streams and Wetlands in Ontario, Canada

2004  Feasible Diversion and Instream Flow Release Using Range of Variability Approach

2003  The Conflict between Instream Flow and Water Supply in Connecticut

2003  Estimation of Sustainable Yield of Some Rivers in Trinidad

2003  Innovative Control Systems for Stable Water Withdrawals and Streamflow Maintenance

2003  Seasonal Prediction with Error Estimation of Columbia River Streamflow in British Columbia

2002  Ice-Affected Streamflow Records Using Tracer-Dilution Discharge Methods

2001  Pool Quality Index: New Method to Define Minimum Flow Requirements of High-Gradient, Low-Order Streams

2001  Water Resource Management in New Hampshire: An Overview and Analysis of Proposed Instream Flow Rules

2000  Multiobjective Management of Potomac River Consumptive Use

1999  Overmining Causes Undermining (It’s a Mad Mad River)

1998  Allocation of Water Withdrawals in a River Basin

1998  Development of Instream Flow Requirements for Summer River Temperature Control at the Platte River, Nebraska

1998  The Future of Illinois Water Law

1998  Improved Coordination and Cooperation of ESA Activities: How Can We Help Each Other?

1998  In-Stream Obstructions and the Formation of Pools and Scour Holes

1998  Optimization Modeling for River Restoration

1998  Performance of In-Stream Habitat Structures Under Flood Conditions

1998  Restoring River Substrate Using Instream Flows: The Gunnison and Trinity Rivers

1998  Sediment Transport Capacity as an Objective of Reservoir Operations

1998  Water Managment in New Hampshire: An Overview and Preliminary Event Duration Analysis of Proposed Instream Flow Rules

1997  Adaptive Management of the Impacts of In-Stream Flow on Water Temperature in the Central Platte River: Results of a Peer Panel Review

1997  Advanced Methods for Assessing Temperature Effects on Fish

1997  Case Study of an In-Stream Water Quality Pond

1997  Collaborative Instream Flow Resolution Utilizing an Enhanced Delphi Technique

1997  Colorado’s Instream Flow/Natural Lake Level Program

1997  Effects of Hydromodernization on Tailwater Fish Habitats

1997  Environmental Water Storage Account vs. Flow Requirements: A Model from the Platte River

1997  Estimate of Fish Habitat for Determination of Ecological Instream Flow

1997  Impacts of In-Stream Flow Requirements Upon Water Temperature in the Central Platte River

1997  The Influence of Fluvial Morphology on Minimum Instream Flow

1997  Instream Flow Condition and Summer Water Temperature in the Central Platte River

1997  A Low Shear Stress Gravel-Bed River

1997  Methodology of Ecological Fishway Design

1997  Methodology of Ecological Fishway Design

1997  Performance of In-Stream Boulder Clusters in a Cobble-Bed River

1997  Two-Dimensional Habitat Models in IFIM, a Status Report

1996  Designing Instream Flows to Satisfy Fish and Human Water Needs

1996  Third Party Impacts of Proposed Water Banking in the Colorado River Basin

1995  Combining Water Budgets and IFIM Results for Analyzing Operation Alternatives at Peaking Projects

1995  Criteria for Evaluating State Instream-Flow Programs: Deciding What Works

1995  Development of GIS as an Analytical Tool for Instream Flow Determinations: Two Case Studies

1995  Effectiveness of Water Release as Mitigation for Hydroelectric Impacts to Fish

1995  Habitat Modeling in a Southeastern Alluvial Floodplain River

1995  Hydroelectric Project Relicensing: Federal Regulation of Water Use

1995  “Lessons Learned from the Pit 3 Dam Interim Instream Flow Release System”

1995  Modeling the Impact of Macrophytes on Instream Dissolved Oxygen Dynamics in the Pennsauken Watershed

1995  Nonlinear Optimization of Instream Flow Requirements for Hydropower Projects

1995  Quantification of Non-point source pollution in the Carson River, Nevada

1995  Recovery of Revenues Lost to Fish Passage

1995  Selecting Trout Habitat Suitability Criteria for Instream Flow Studies

1995  Striking a Blance Between Hydropower Generation and Fish Habitat in the Owens Gorge, California

1995  Techniques for Quantifying Instream Flows for Recreation

1995  Testing the Instream Flow Method in Trout Streams

1995  WUATSA—Weighted Usable Area Time Series Analysis

1994  Flushing Flows for the Water Manager

1994  Instream and Streambank Environmental Feature Guidelines

1994  Instream Flow Policy: An Alternative to Minimum Flowby

1994  Instream Flow Strategies for Operation of the Federal Central Valley Project

1994  Instream Flow Studies: Susquehanna Basin and Pennsylvania

1994  Water Policy and Management, Solving the Problems

1994  Where is the Pendulum Now? Do We Really Know?

1993  Determining the Number of Transects in IFIM Studies

1993  FISHN Minimum Flow Selection Made Easy

1993  Instream Flows According to the ASCE Model State Water Code

1993  Interactive Decision Support for Hydrologic, Hydraulic, & Instream Flow Criteria

1993  Managing Instream Flows for Salmonid Spawning Habitat

1993  Managing Reservoir Storage for Instream Flow

1993  Meeting Instream Flow Needs of Lower Colorado River in Texas

1993  A New In-Stream Aerator

1993  A Raft System for Large River Hydraulic Measurements

1993  Standardizing Instream Flow Requirements at Hydropower Projects in the Cascade Mountains, Washington

1992  Are High and Low Flow Habitat Values Really the Same?

1992  Habitat Simulation in United States, Britain, and France

1992  Is An Instream Flow Need a Beneficial Use?

1991  Improving the Assessment of Instream Flow Needs for Fish Populations

1991  Instream Flow Needs Below Peaking Hydroelectric Projects

1991  Review of Mitigation Methods for Fish Passage, Instream Flows, and Water Quality

1991  Techniques for Balancing Instream Flow Needs with Project Operation

1991  Twin Falls Mitigation Plan: Long Term Monitoring of Fish Populations

1991  The Use of IFIM for Evaluating Effects of a Flow Alternative on Fish Habitat in a River System with Competing Water Demands

1991  A Water Budget Approach to Instream Flow Maintenance

1991  Yampa River Basin Alternatives Feasibility Study an Example of Conflict Resolution in Water Supply Development

1990  Application of a Water Budget for Instream Flows

1990  The Calculation of Flushing Flows for Gravel and Cobble Bed Rivers

1990  Fish Habitat Considerations

1990  Instream Habitat Considering Hydro-Peaking

1990  Using an Index Stream to Make Instream Flow Decisions

1989  Estimating Impacts of Irrigation on Streamflow

1989  Estimating Maximum Sustainable Instream Flow During Drought in the Lower Kansas River Basin

1989  Evaluation of Operational Modifications by Use of a Reservoir System Model of the Columbia River Basin

1989  Generating Instream Recreational Alternatives