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2014  Behaviour of Open-Ended Pipe Piles in Sand During Installation and Loading

2014  Design and Installation of Auger Steel Catenary Risers

2014  Determination of Pipe Pullback Loads in Horizontal Directional Drilling Using an Advanced Computational Dynamic Model

2014  Development of Pervious Concrete Pile Ground-Improvement Alternative and Behavior under Vertical Loading

2014  Experimental Investigation of Installation and Pullout of Dynamically Penetrating Anchors in Clay and Silt

2014  Improved Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Form-Finding Method for Suspension Bridge Installation Analysis

2014  Interactional Properties between Drag Anchor and Installation Line

2014  Offshore Technology in Civil Engineering, Hall of Fame Papers from the Early Years

2014  Pile Damage Prevention and Assessment Using Dynamic Monitoring and the Beta Method

2014  Pipelines 2014, From Underground to the Forefront of Innovation and Sustainability

2013  The Adfreeze Strength Characteristics of Vibratory Driven Piles

2013  Analysis and Calculation of Jacking Force in the Mudstone Formation

2013  Analysis of Window Installation Shim Space Tolerances

2013  Automated Monitoring of Pilot Tube Microtunneling Installations through Pattern Recognition in Time-Series Data of Hydraulic Pressure

2013  Installation and Removal Records of Field Trials for Two Mooring Dolphin Platforms with Three Suction Caissons

2013  Installation Aspects of Smart Grid

2013  Laboratory Testing, Field Installation, and Monitoring of a Silicone Foam Sealant for Bridge Expansion Joints

2013  Major Accident Factors for Effective Safety Management of Highway Construction Projects

2013  New Pipeline Construction Product Allows for Simple Installation of Standard PVC Pipe in Houston HDD Project

2013  Numerical Study on the Initial Pumping Process of the Cable-in-CT Installation

2013  Pipelines 2013, Pipelines and Trenchless Construction and Renewals—A Global Perspective

2013  Productivity Study of Box Jacking for Culvert Installations

2013  Quantification of Sustainability Index for Underground Utility Infrastructure Projects

2013  Research and Development Priorities for Energy Islanding of Military and Industrial Installations

2013  Retrofit of CFRP Installation to Meet Current Design Standards

2013  Set Up and Resulting Punch-Through Risk of Jack-Up Spudcans during Installation

2013  Standard Guidelines for the Design, Installation, and Operation and Maintenance of Urban Subsurface Drainage, Three Complete Standards: Standard Guidelines for the Design of Urban Subsurface Drainage (ANSI/ASCE/EWRI 12-13); Standard Guidelines for the Installation of Urban Subsurface Drainage (ANSI/ASCE/EWRI 13-13); Standard Guidelines for the Operation and Maintenance of Urban Subsurface Drainage (ANSI/ASCE/EWRI 14-13)

2013  Updated VR-Based HDD Rig Operating Training System

2013  Wood Truss Installation Loads Due to OSHA Fall Protection

2012  60" Demonstration Installation of PressureCast Steel Pipe for the Tarrant Regional Water District

2012  Analysis and Measurement of Buildability Factors Influencing Rebar Installation Labor Productivity of In Situ Reinforced Concrete Walls

2012  A Case Study - Installation of Cut-Off Wall In Seyrantepe Dam Project

2012  A Case Study of a Ground Slip during the Installation of an HDPE Pipe

2012  Case Study of Productivity Analysis for Horizontal Directional Drilling

2012  Comparison of Jacking Load Models for Trenchless Pipe Jacking

2012  Gas Transmissions Seismic Transient Response Simulation and Installation Design in Shield Tunneling

2012  HDD Matches Installation Method to Long and Difficult Pipe Crossing in Macon, GA

2012  ICPTT 2012, Better Pipeline Infrastructure for a Better Life

2012  Influence of Buildability Factors on Rebar Installation Labor Productivity of Columns

2012  Installation Effects of DSM in Soft Clay and its Influence on Adjacent Tunnel

2012  A New Generation of Back-Reamers for HDD Installations in Cohesive and Fine to Medium Coarse Soils

2012  Planning, Design, and Constructability Aspects of Longer Trenchless Drives for Gravity Sewer Installations

2012  Preliminary Design and Engineering of Pipe Ramming Installations

2012  Prestressed Concrete Transmission Pole Structures, Recommended Practice for Design and Installation

2012  Proactive Upgrade of Steel Pipelines during Scheduled Plant Outages

2012  Production and Quality Control of High Density Polyethylene Pipe Used in Trench-Less Installation

2012  Short- and Long-Term Evaluation of Asphalt Concrete Strain Gauge Installation Methods Applied to the KHCTR

2012  Solar Panel Installations on Existing Structures

2012  Steel Penstocks

2012  Structural Design of Buried Pipes

2012  Study on Pipeline Installation Method in a Mountain Tunnel in a Seismic Area

2012  A Study on the Working Performance of Dowel Bars with Horizontal Installation Errors

2012  Theoretical Model to Predict Pulling Forces for Horizontal Directional Drilling Installations

2012  Theoretical Study on All Factors Determining or Influencing the Accuracy on the Position of a Product Installed by Means of HDD: What Accuracy to Expect?

2012  Two Successful Installations of Large Diameter Rigid-Design Concrete Pressure Pipelines in Very Soft Soils

2012  WSSC’s Systematic Approach to the CFRP Liner Installation Process

2011  Alternative Anchorage Methodology for Exposed Geomembrane Installations with Flexible Solar Photovoltaic Panels

2011  Analysis on Failure Factors and a Case Study for a Microtunneling Pipe Installation

2011  Application and Advantages of Using Internally Restrained PVC Pipes for Installation by Horizontal Directional Drilling

2011  Assessing the Accuracy of Bioretention Installation in North Carolina

2011  Case Studies on Water Pipeline Failures in the Active Zone

2011  Composite Slab with Integrated Installation Floor Using Cellular Beams

2011  Construction Method of Crossing River Pipe without Cofferdam

2011  Development of an Automated Air Pressure Inversion System Using Vertical Roller Brackets (ABL System) for Steam Cured CIPP Installation

2011  The Few, the Proud: The Challenge to Upgrade Infrastructure on Active Military Installations and How One Utility Overcame

2011  The Five Types of Pipeline Trenches

2011  Hardware Realization of Virtual Reality Based Training System for HDD

2011  Innovative Shear Connectors for a New Prestressed Composite Slab System for Buildings with Multiple HVACR Installations

2011  Insight into Some Aspects of Pipe Jacking Techniques during Long Distance Installations in Municipal Engineering

2011  Installation Technology and Deformation Control of a High-Level, Large-Span Steel Hoisting Structure

2011  Installing Pipelines with Microtunneling while Successfully Avoiding Claims—A Case History Illustrating the Value of Using Alternative Contracting Methods

2011  Large Diameter Steel Pipe Stress Analysis When Installed by Means of Horizontal Directional Drilling

2011  Maxi-HDD Pull Loads for Nonlevel Grade for Polyethylene Pipe

2011  Maxi-HDD Pull Loads in Non-Level Grade for Polyethylene Pipe Including Ballast

2011  Modeling Weather-Sensitive Construction Activity Using Simulation

2011  Over or Under: Geotechnical Considerations for Pipeline Levee Crossings

2011  Study on Influence Factors to Application of Large-Scale HDD to Oil and Gas Pipe Installation

2011  Target Values of Compacted Gravel for Pipelines

2011  Weighing the Risks of Installing a Lake Tap with Microtunneling

2010  Analysis of Interaction Mechanism between Slips and Drill Rod

2010  Analysis of Soil Disturbance Associated with Mandrel-Driven Prefabricated Vertical Drains Using an Elliptical Cavity Expansion Theory

2010  Artificial Neural Network Model for Cost Estimation: City of Edmonton’s Water and Sewer Installation Services

2010  Certifying the Landscape Community in Rain Garden Installation: The North Carolina Experience

2010  Demanding HDD Installation of Fusible 24-Inch PVC Pipe Sets New Record

2010  HDD Crossing of Lake Austin Generates Data and New Model for Calculating Pull Force for Ductile Iron Pipe

2010  An Innovative Prefabricated Pile Installation Method Utilizing Jetting and Pressure Grouting

2010  Installation of Downdrag Instrumentation on a Bridge Abutment Foundation: Lessons Learned

2010  Installation of RMG Cranes at Intermodal Rail Yard

2010  LID Education and Installation in Mixed Income and Ethnically Diverse Areas of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2010  New Installation Method Offers Alternative to Driven Piles, Drilled Shafts

2010  Nonlinear Finite-Element-Based Investigation of the Effect of Bedding Thickness on Buried Concrete Pipe

2010  Performance of 120-Inch PressureCast Steel Pipe under 120° Sand-Bearing and Installed Condition

2010  Performance of Plastic Pipes Installed in Dune Sand

2010  Pile Installation below a Settlement-Sensitive Bridge

2010  Surface Erosion: Erodibility Characterisation and Physical Parameters Effects

2009  CPT-Based Method for the Installation of Suction Caissons in Sand

2009  Directional Drilling at the World’s Third Largest Airport

2009  Driven Ductile Iron Pipe Piles: Design, Installation, and Performance

2009  The Effect of Installation Technique on Capacity of Cylinder Piles in the Yorktown Formation

2009  Experimental Investigation of the Reinstallation of Spudcan Footings Close to Existing Footprints