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2015  Bridge Failure Rate

2015  Collaborative Mobile-Cloud Computing for Civil Infrastructure Condition Inspection

2015  Combined Imaging Technologies for Concrete Bridge Deck Condition Assessment

2015  Context-Aware Framework for Highway Bridge Inspections

2015  Dynamic System for Prioritizing and Accelerating Inspections to Support Capital Renewal of Buildings

2015  Implementing Gigapixel Technology in Highway Bridge Inspections

2015  Inspection, Diagnosis, and Rehabilitation System of Painted Rendered Façades

2015  Inspection Survey of Support Bearings in Road Bridges

2015  Integrated Vision-Based System for Automated Defect Detection in Sewer Closed Circuit Television Inspection Videos

2015  NDT Documentation and Evaluation of the Roman Bridge of Lugo Using GPR and Mobile and Static LiDAR

2015  Productivity Improvement of Sewer CCTV Inspection through Time Study and Route Optimization

2015  Validation of Strengths and Limitations of Seismic Methods in Quality Management and Assessment of Shotcrete Liners

2014  Common Defects of Lavatory Space in Institutions of Higher Learning: Analysis of Building Condition Survey

2014  Condition Assessment of Existing RC Highway Bridges in China Based on SIE2011

2014  Continuous Quality Improvement Techniques for Data Collection in Asset Management Systems

2014  Efficient Algorithm for Crack Detection in Sewer Images from Closed-Circuit Television Inspections

2014  Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of the Postfracture Redundancy of a Simple Span Truss Bridge

2014  Inspection and Nondestructive Evaluation of Concrete Bridge with Environmental Deterioration

2014  Inspection of I-Joists in Residential Construction

2014  Inspection of Metal Plate-Connected Wood Trusses in Residential Construction

2014  Inspection Planning Based on Risk Analysis

2014  Life-Cycle Management of Fatigue-Sensitive Structures Integrating Inspection Information

2014  Management of Civil Infrastructure Systems: QFD-Based Approach

2014  Optimization of Life-Cycle Maintenance of Deteriorating Bridges with Respect to Expected Annual System Failure Rate and Expected Cumulative Cost

2014  Optimization of Ultrasonic Rail-Defect Inspection for Improving Railway Transportation Safety and Efficiency

2014  Reliability-Based Fatigue Assessment and Inspection Protocols for Sign Support Structures

2014  Role of Design Audits in Reducing Errors and Rework: Lessons from Hong Kong

2014  State of the Practice: Evaluation of Sediment Basin Design, Construction, Maintenance, and Inspection Procedures

2014  System Reliability Updating of Fatigue-Induced Sequential Failures

2014  Tecnicas de Mejora Continua de la Calidad de la Recoleccion de Datos en Sistemas de Gerencia de Capital de Infraestructura

2014  Using Orthophotography Based on BuildingsLife Software to Inspect Building Facades

2013  Above and Beyond: Access Techniques for the Assessment of Buildings and Structures

2013  Assessment System of Pipe Inspection and Rehabilitation

2013  Bridge Erection off the Ice

2013  Building Code Requirements for Inspection of Adhesive Anchors in Concrete

2013  Condition Assessment of Civil Infrastructure in Europe: Recent Developments and What Might Be Ahead

2013  Development of an Efficient Maintenance Strategy for Corroded Steel Bridge Infrastructures

2013  Dual-Light Inspection Method for Automatic Pavement Surveys

2013  Experiments and Analytical Modeling of Frequency-Targeted Laser Elastic Wave Generation and Detection in Aluminum Structures

2013  Field Service Conditions of the Oldest Corrugated HDPE Pipe Culvert under Ohio’s Roadway

2013  First Person: High Over Hoover Dam

2013  First Person: High Over Hoover Dam — Frank Block’s Account

2013  First Person: High Over Hoover Dam — Niholas Cioffredi’s Account

2013  First Person: High Over Hoover Dam — Ryan Nataluk’s Account

2013  Generalized Probabilistic Framework for Optimum Inspection and Maintenance Planning

2013  Ground-Penetrating Radar for Inspection of In-Road Structures and Data Interpretation by Numerical Modeling

2013  Hazard-Based Optimum Lifetime Inspection and Repair Planning for Deteriorating Structures

2013  Impact of Joint Filling Materials on Cracking in Concrete Gutters at Large Airfields

2013  Improved Assessment Methods for Static and Fatigue Resistance of Old Metallic Railway Bridges

2013  Independent Data for Quality-Management Design

2013  Inspection and Diagnosis System for Wood Flooring

2013  Life-Cycle Design Considerations for Hydraulic Tunnels: Lessons Learned from Inspection and Maintenance Cases

2013  Machine Vision-Enhanced Postearthquake Inspection

2013  Neural Network Approach to Condition Assessment of Highway Culverts: Case Study in Ohio

2013  New ASCE Waterfront Facilities Inspection & Assessment Manual

2013  Noncontact Inspection Method to Determine the Transfer Length in Pretensioned Concrete Railroad Ties

2013  Passive Thermographic Inspection of Adhered Ceramic Claddings: Limitation and Conditioning Factors

2013  A Prototype Imaging and Visualization System for Robotic Infrastructure Inspection

2013  Relative Displacement Sensing Techniques for Postevent Structural Damage Assessment: Review

2013  Risk-Based Protocol for Inspection of Transportation Construction Projects Undertaken by State Departments of Transportation

2013  San Antonio Consent Decree Focuses on Sewer Inspections, Improvements

2013  Service Condition of Railroad Corridors around the Insulated Rail Joints

2013  Special Inspections and Rehabilitation of Concrete Bridges in Finland

2013  Visualizing Bridge Inspection with 2D+1 Software

2012  Application of Fuzzy Concepts to the Visual Assessment of Deteriorating Reinforced Concrete Structures

2012  Artificial Intelligence Helps Bring Objectivity to Bridge Health Evaluations

2012  Automating and Optimizing Spatial Data Processing Workflows for Civil Infrastructure Inspection

2012  Condition Assessment of Live PCCP Lines with Free-Swimming Electromagnetic Inspection System

2012  Context-Aware Computing Framework for Improved Bridge Inspection

2012  Detection for Flexible Water Pipeline Inspection and Disease Analysis

2012  Detection of the Presence of Broken Wires in Cables by Acoustic Emission Inspection

2012  Development of a Fuzzy Risk Ranking Model for Prioritizing Manhole Inspection

2012  Development of an Impoundment Inspection and Verification Tool

2012  Development of Pipe Digital Management System for Cigarette Manufactory

2012  Evaluation of Commercially Available Remote Sensors for Highway Bridge Condition Assessment

2012  FPGA Embedded System Design of Multi-Channel Guided Waves Ultrasonic Testing Instrument for Pipeline Inspection

2012  ICPTT 2012, Better Pipeline Infrastructure for a Better Life

2012  Identifying Bridge Rehabilitation Needs Using an Analytical Method Developed for Interpretation of Visual Inspection Data

2012  Inspection and Rating of the Platte River Bridge in Denver

2012  Pipeline Defect Detection Based on Ultrasonic Guided Wave Technique Using Fiber Bragg Gratings

2012  Pipeline Inspection System Uses Radar to Detect Soil Voids, Damage

2012  Risk and Performance Oriented Sewer Inspection Prioritization

2012  Ultrasonic Inspection of Concrete Due to Hydrostatic Compression

2011  Characterization of Laser Scanners and Algorithms for Detecting Flatness Defects on Concrete Surfaces

2011  Cost-Based Optimum Scheduling of Inspection and Monitoring for Fatigue-Sensitive Structures under Uncertainty

2011  Data Transmission Network for Greenhouse Gas Emission Inspection

2011  Development of an Adaptive Vehicle for In-Pipe Inspection Task

2011  Distant Damage-Assessment Method for Multilayer Composite Systems Using Electromagnetic Waves

2011  Emerging Technologies for Material, Design, Rehabilitation, and Inspection of Roadway Pavements

2011  Information for Inspection and Maintenance of Stormwater Manufactured Treatment Devices

2011  Inspection and Analysis of Wheelset Lateral Displacement in High-Speed Turnout on Passenger-Dedicated Railway Line

2011  Inspection and Defect Diagnosis System for Natural Stone Cladding

2011  Inspection and Diagnosis of Gypsum Plasterboard Walls

2011  Machine Vision Enhanced Post-Earthquake Inspection

2011  A Management System of Roadside Trees Using RFID and Ontology

2011  A Method of Determining the Preventive Maintenance Location

2011  Novel Approach in Pipe Condition Scoring

2011  Performance Estimation of a Remote Field Eddy Current Method for the Inspection of Water Distribution Pipes

2011  Performance Evaluation of Deteriorating Highway Bridges Located in High Seismic Areas

2011  Prediction of Sewer Condition Grade Using Support Vector Machines