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Found 80 Records with the keyword term of "Inorganic compounds"

2013  Effects of pCO/d2 on the Removal of Fluoride from Wastewater by Calcite

2012  Effects of Turbulence and Temperature on Leachate Chemistry

2011  Application of the Nitritation and Anammox Process into Inorganic Nitrogenous Wastewater from Semiconductor Factory

2011  Comparison of Aniline Oxidation by Electro-Fenton and Fluidized-Bed Fenton Processes

2010  Competitive Sorption of Pesticides onto Treated Wood Charcoal and the Effect of Organic and Inorganic Parameters on Adsorption Capacity

2009  Accurate Sampling of Suspended Solids

2009  A New Methodology to Evaluate Pollutant Removal of Gross Solids Separation Devices

2008  Sepiolite as an Alternative Liner Material in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2008  Sorptive Media Biofiltration for Inorganic Nitrogen Removal from Storm Water

2008  Stabilization of Inorganic Contaminants in Lead Crystal Polishing Sludge

2007  Comparison between Organic and Inorganic Matrices for RC Beams Strengthened with Carbon Fiber Sheets

2007  Fatigue Behavior of High Temperature Inorganic Matrix Composites

2007  Removal of Perfluorooctanoic Acid and Perfluorooctane Sulfonate from Wastewater by Ion Exchange

2006  About the Editors

2006  Aqueous Nitrate Reduction by Zero-valent Iron Powder

2006  Bioremediation of Hazardous Wastes — A Review

2006  Comparison of Methods for Determining Specific Surface Area of Soils

2006  Competitive Effects on the Dechlorination of Chlorinated Aliphatic Hydrocarbons by Zero-valent Iron

2006  Configuration and Construction of Zero-valent Iron Reactive Barriers

2006  Design Methodology for the Application of a Permeable Reactive Barrier for Groundwater Remediation

2006  Front Matter

2006  Hydraulic Issues Related to Granular Iron Permeable Reactive Barriers

2006  Hydraulic Studies of Zero-Valent Iron in Permeable Reactive Barriers Using Tracer Experiment

2006  Index

2006  Introduction

2006  Nanoscale Bimetallic Pd/Fe Particles for Remediation of Halogenated Methanes

2006  The Performance of Palladized Granular Iron: Enhancement and Deactivation

2006  Precipitative Removal of As, Ba, B, Cr, Sr, and V using Sodium Carbonate

2006  Reduction by Bimetallic Reactive Materials Containing Zero-valent Iron

2006  Removal of Arsenic from Groundwater - Mechanisms, Kinetics, Field/Pilot and Modeling Studies

2006  Removal of Hexavalent Chromium from Groundwater using Zero-valent Iron Media

2006  Removal of Nitrate from Water by a Combination of Metallic Iron Reduction and Clinoptilolite Ion Exchange Process

2006  Removals of Chlorinated Aliphatic Hydrocarbons by Fe

2006  Rheological Characterization of Asphalt Emulsions Residues

2006  Tracer Experiments in Zero-Valent Iron Permeable Reactive Barriers

2006  Transformation of DDT and its Metabolites by Various Abiotic Methods

2006  Use of Inorganic Polymer to Improve the Fire Response of Balsa Sandwich Structures

2006  Utilization of Zero-Valent Iron for Arsenic Removal from Groundwater and Wastewater

2006  Zero-valent Iron and Organo-clay for Chromate Removal in the Presence of Trichloroethylene

2006  Zero-Valent Iron Reactive Materials for Hazardous Waste and Inorganics Removal

2005  Advection, Diffusion, and Sorption Characteristics of Inorganic Chemicals in GCL Bentonite

2005  Correlating Index Properties and Hydraulic Conductivity of Geosynthetic Clay Liners

2005  Long-Term Hydraulic Conductivity of a Geosynthetic Clay Liner Permeated with Inorganic Salt Solutions

2004  Dense Medium Plasma-Plasma-Enhanced Decontamination of Water of Aromatic Compounds

2004  Hydraulic Conductivity and Swell of Nonprehydrated Geosynthetic Clay Liners Permeated with Multispecies Inorganic Solutions

2004  TDR Detection of Pollutants in Sandy Soils

2002  Accretion and Partitioning of Heavy Metals Associated with Snow Exposed to Urban Traffic and Winter Storm Maintenance Activities. II

2002  Model Predicted Water Quality Response to Reductions in Inorganic and Organic Nitrogen Loading

2002  Remediation: Cornstarch Derivative Speeds Hazardous Waste Cleanups

2002  Wastewater: Biosolids Rule Adequate but Needs Update, Study Says

2001  Evaluation of Laser In Situ Scattering Instrument for Measuring Concentration of Phytoplankton, Purple Sulfur Bacteria, and Suspended Inorganic Sediments in Lakes

2001  Simulation of Water and Nitrogen Balances of Irrigated and Fertilized Corn-Crop Soil

2000  Automated Separation and Conductimetric Determination of Inorganic Nitrogen

2000  Removal of Lithium Antimonide from Radioactive Glove Box

1999  Development of Background Values for Inorganics in Ground Water

1999  Dissolved Component Recovery Following Resin Exchange Based DOM Fractionation

1998  Discrete-Level Ground Water Monitoring System for Containment and Remedial Performance Assessment Objectives

1997  Beneficiation of Coal from Impounded Coal Waste

1996  Recover Inorganic Solids from Obsolete Propellants

1995  Electro-Mechanical Constitutive Behavior of Various Compositions of PZT: I. Experiment

1995  In-Situ Characterization Technique for Screening Contaminated Soils

1993  Hydrogeologic Factors Affecting Mobility of Trace Inorganic Constituents

1992  Interaction of Inorganic Leachate with Compacted Pozzolanic Fly Ash

1991  Water Quality of Shallow Groundwater Reused for Irrigation

1990  Coprecipitation of Methylarsenate by Hydrolyzing Metals

1989  Modeling of Nonpoint Pollutants in a Reservoir/River System

1989  Permeability of Clays Under Organic Permeants

1989  Use of POE/POU Technology at US Army Installations

1989  Water Quality Criteria for Irrigation

1987  Adsorption of Inorganic Pollutants in Aquatic Systems

1987  Effects of Selected Inorganic Leachates on Clay Permeability

1986  A New Technique for Measuring Fine Sediment Accumulation in Gravel Bed Streams

1984  National Occurrence Data for Inorganic Contaminants in Ground Water

1982  Models of Landfill Leaching: Moisture Flow and Inorganic Strength

1972  Effect of Calcium Bicarbonate on Disinfection by Halogens

1972  Research Needs for Advanced Waste Treatment

1971  Amoebic Cysticidal Properties of Halogens in Water

1970  Effect of Inorganics on Disinfection by Halogens

1964  Predictive Techniques for Water Quality-Inorganics

1960  Aerobic Metabolism of Potassium Cyanide