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2015  Numerical Simulation of Nearshore Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport Downdrift of a Tidal Inlet

2014  Calculating Discharge from Culverts under Inlet Control Using Stage at the Inlet

2013  Integrated Modeling and Sedimentation Management: the Case of Salt Ponds Inlet and Harbor in Virginia

2013  Methodology to Estimate the Hydraulic Efficiency of Nontested Continuous Transverse Grates

2012  The First to Last

2012  Hydraulic Efficiency of Grate and Curb Inlets for Urban Storm Drainage

2011  Changes to Geomorphic and Bathymetric Features Due to Extreme Storm Events Near East Pass Inlet, Florida

2011  Experiments on Turbidity Current Regimes in a Straight Open Channel

2011  Indian River Inlet Bridge Coastal Hydraulic and Scour Study

2011  Maximum Approach Flow Considerations for Formed Suction Inlets

2011  Near Real-Time Scour Monitoring System: Application to Indian River Inlet, Delaware

2011  Reliability and Efficiency of a Coupled Wind-Wave-Current Forecasting System for Cook Inlet, Alaska

2010  Formed Suction Inlet Design for Mixed Flow Pump Applications

2010  Model-Derived Hydrodynamics of Inlets in South Puget Sound

2010  Numerical Simulations of Efficiency of Curb-Opening Inlets

2009  Flow Field in a Rectangular Basin with a Line Inlet and a Circular Outlet

2009  Hydraulic Efficiency of Continuous Transverse Grates for Paved Areas

2008  Determining Operating Inlet Pressure Head Incorporating Uniformity Parameters for Multioutlet Plastic Pipelines

2008  Development of a Numerical Model for Simulating Morphodynamic Processes Driven by Tides and Waves at Coastal Inlets

2008  Effects of Inlet Position and Baffle Configuration on Hydr. Performance of Primary Settling Tanks

2008  Flow Simulations for Curb Opening Inlets with Different Longitudinal and Cross Slopes

2008  Flowable Fill and the Ridges Basin Inlet Conduit

2008  Hydraulics of Multibarrel Culverts under Inlet Control

2008  Measurement and Analysis of Ice Forces on Cook Inlet Structures

2008  Using CFD Modeling to Improve the Inlet Hydraulics and Performance of a Storm-Water Clarifier

2007  1880 to 2005 Morphologic Evolution of a Transgressive Tidal Inlet, Little Pass Timbalier, Louisiana

2007  Analysis of Sebastian Inlet, FL, Morphologic Changes Using Complex Empirical Orthogonal Functions (CEOF)

2007  Approaches to Understanding Multiple-Inlet Stability

2007  Back Matter

2007  Case Study: Promoting the Stability of the Óbidos Lagoon Inlet

2007  Cedar Bayou — Inlet Dynamics and Engineering

2007  Coastal Inlets of Texas, USA

2007  Coastal Sediments ’07

2007  Concrete Cylinder Piles at Oregon Inlet, North Carolina

2007  Evolution of a Relocated Tidal Inlet: Mason Inlet, NC

2007  Front Matter

2007  Gas Turbine Power Augmentation by Overspray Inlet Fogging

2007  Hydrodynamic and Morphologic Modeling at Sebastian Inlet, FL

2007  Implementing Regional Sediment Management to Sustain Navigation at an Energetic Tidal Inlet

2007  Long-Term Inlet Stability of a Multiple Inlet System, Pass Cavallo, Texas

2007  Morphodynamics of Texel Inlet, The Netherlands

2007  Morphologic Response to a New Inlet, Packery Channel, Corpus Christi, Texas

2007  Morphological Behavior of Seasonal Closure of Tidal Inlets

2007  Morphological Responses to Jetty Construction at Tidal Inlet: Lake Saroma, Japan

2007  Navigation Improvements, Mouth of the Colorado River, Texas

2007  Physical Processes Study of Goldsmith Inlet, New York

2007  Present Hydrodynamics of Ancão Inlet, 10 Years after its Relocation

2007  Reducing Pump Submergence with Formed Suction Inlets

2007  Sediment Management Plan Development for the St. Lucie Inlet, Martin County, Florida

2007  Sedimentation Patterns in a Stabilized Migratory Inlet, Blind Pass, Florida

2007  Tidal Siphon: Alternative to a Jetty-Hardened Inlet

2007  Using a Global Positioning System to Measure Tidal Currents in Absecon Inlet, Atlantic City, NJ

2006  Application of a Morphodynamic Modelling System to an Idealized Inlet

2006  Coastal Inlet Functional Design: Anticipating Morphologic Response

2006  Design of Street Curb Opening Inlets using a Decay-Based Clogging Factor

2006  The Effect of Stratification on the Residual Flow in a Mixed-Energy Tide-Dominated Inlet

2006  Experimentally Determined Inlet Loss Coefficients for Buried-Invert, Circular Culverts

2006  General Methodology for Inlet Reservoir Model Analysis of Sand Management Near Tidal Inlets

2006  Interactions of Large-Scale Groyne and Tidal Inlet Migration

2006  Morphodynamics of Bars on the Ebb Delta of a Megatidal Inlet (Normandy, France)

2005  Evaluatoin of Two Numerical Wave Models with Inlet Physical Model

2004  Coupled Circulation, Wave, and Morphology-Change Modeling, Shinnecock Inlet, New York

2004  Escoffier Curves and Inlet Stability

2004  Fixed Sand Bypassing System Cost Analysis

2004  Modeling of Tidal Flow and Sediment Transport at Mitchell’s Cut, Texas

2004  Modeling Study of Saltwater Intrusion in Loxahatchee River, Florida

2004  Regional Circulation Model for Coast of Long Island, New York

2003  Alternatives for Reducing Shoaling at the Mouth of the Colorado River Navigation Channel, Texas

2003  Coastal Engineering: Oregon Inlet Jetty Plan Dismissed

2003  Computing Inlet Pressure Head of Multioutlet Pipeline

2003  Inlet Pressure, Energy Cost, and Economic Design of Tapered Irrigation Submains

2003  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Coastal Inlets Research Program

2003  Wave Simulations in Ponce de Leon Inlet using Boussinesq Model

2002  A Coupled Hydrodynamic-Wave Model for Simulating Wave and Tidally-Driven 2D Circulation in Inlets

2002  A Curvilinear Boussinesq Model and Its Application

2002  Predicting Hydrodynamics of a Proposed Multiple-Inlet System, Colorado River, Texas

2002  Storm-Water Management: Data Management Key to Inlet Inventory Project

2002  Urban Drainage with Curb-Opening Inlets

2001  Aspects of Inlet Boundary Prescription for a Turbulent Flow Field

2001  An Assessment of Inlet Flood Deltas in Florida

2001  Engineering Study of Inlet Entrance Hydrodynamics: Grays Harbor, Washington, USA

2001  Equilibrium Flow Area of Tidal Inlets Affected by Littoral Drift

2001  Hydraulic Design Example—Canal and Pipeline Inlet

2001  Hydraulic Performance of a Grated Gutter Inlet

2001  Hydrodynamic Modelling of a Dynamic Inlet

2001  Influence of Relative Sea Level Rise on Coastal Inlets and Tidal Basins

2001  Interactive Numerical Modelling of the Hydrodynamics of Combined Waves and Tides in the Coastal Zone

2001  Mesoscale Model for Morphologic Change at Tidal Inlets

2001  Modelling Entrance Resistance in Estuaries

2001  Morphodynamic Evaluation of a Highly Dynamic Inlet to Improve Channel Navigation: Chatham Harbor Massachusetts, USA

2001  Numerical Modeling of Waves at Ponce de Leon Inlet, Florida

2001  Performance Evaluation of Structural BMPs: Drain Inlet Inserts (Fossil Filter and Stream Guard) and Oil/water Separator

2001  Re-Alignment of an Inlet Entrance Channel by Ebb-Tidal Eddies

2001  Sediment Transport Patterns at the Barra Nova Inlet, South Portugal: A Conceptual Model

2001  Tidal Variations in Sand Concentrations in the Frisian Inlet

2001  Verification and Comparison of Two Hydrodynamic Area Models for an Inlet System

2000  Measuring Key Physical Processes in a California Lagoon

2000  Tidal Inlet Circulation: Observations, Model Skill and Momentum Balances

2000  Waves inn Rectangular Inlet with Reflecting or Absorbing Walls

1999  Analytical Model of Spit Evolution at Inlets