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2015  Active Hydromodification Control

2015  Adapting Infrastructure and Civil Engineering Practice to a Changing Climate

2015  Adapting Urban Infrastructure to Climate Change: A Drainage Case Study

2015  Adaptive Greedy-Heuristic Algorithm for Redundancy Augmentation by Loop Addition in Branched Water Distribution Systems

2015  Amending Soils for Enhanced Infiltration of Stormwater

2015  Application of SWMM in Evaluating the Reduction Performance of Urban Runoff Treatment Systems with Varying Land Use

2015  Application of the SUSTAIN Model to a Watershed-Scale Case for Water Quality Management

2015  Applying New Features of Low-Impact Development Techniques in the Master Planning of Guangzhou Educational Town

2015  Assessing the Impact of Metropolitan-Level, County-Level, and Local-Level Built Environment on Travel Behavior: Evidence from 19 U.S. Urban Areas

2015  Bayesian Multiscale Modeling of Spatial Infrastructure Performance Predictions with an Application to Electric Power Outage Forecasting

2015  Beyond Green LID Zero Runoff Strategies for Our Cities

2015  Bioretention and Permeable Pavement Performance in Clay Soil

2015  Characterization of Undrained Porous Pavement Systems Using a Broken-Line Model

2015  A Collaborative Approach to Voluntary Watershed Restoration in Coastal North Carolina

2015  Collaborative Mobile-Cloud Computing for Civil Infrastructure Condition Inspection

2015  Comparative Evaluation of Different Types of Permeable Pavement for Stormwater Reduction—St. Louis Green Alley Pilot Study

2015  Comparative Evaluation of Floating Treatment Wetlands for Nutrient Removal and Algal Toxin Control in Wet Detention Ponds

2015  Comparison of Runoff Quality and Quantity from a Commercial Low-Impact and Conventional Development in Raleigh, North Carolina

2015  Conceptual Framework for the Performance Measurement of Public-Private Partnerships

2015  Continuous Distributed Modeling of LID/GI: Scaling from Site to Watershed

2015  Critical Factors Affecting the Efficient Use of Public Investments in Infrastructure in Vietnam

2015  Damage Identification Scheme Based on Compressive Sensing

2015  Dealing with Traffic Risk in Latin American Toll Roads

2015  Development of LID Design Systems for Waterfront Cities

2015  Do Megaregions Produce Greater Regional Convergence or Divergence? Implications for Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Investment

2015  Edwards Aquifer Region of South-Central Texas: Unique Challenges and Solutions for LID Implementation

2015  Encouraging Human Health and Wellness: LID Planning and Design for Cobenefits

2015  Evaluation of Customer-Driven Level of Service for Water Infrastructure Asset Management

2015  Evaluation of Rainwater Harvesting with Cloud-Based Infrastructure as a Stormwater Control Measure

2015  Evaluation of Surface and Subsurface Processes in Permeable Pavement Infiltration Trenches

2015  Ex-Ante Evaluation of Public-Private Partnerships: Macroeconomic Analysis

2015  Extended Performance of Media Filter Drains: Existing Media

2015  An Extremely Undersized Infiltration Trench 10 Years Later

2015  Field-Scale Evaluation of a Floating Media Bed Reactor for Nutrient Treatment in a Wet Detention Pond

2015  Framework for Modeling Urban Restoration Resilience Time in the Aftermath of an Extreme Event

2015  Front Matter

2015  Generating Absolute-Scale Point Cloud Data of Built Infrastructure Scenes Using a Monocular Camera Setting

2015  Geosynthetic Materials Help Build Optimized Infrastructure

2015  Green Residential Demolitions: Case Study of Vacant Land Reuse in Storm Water Management in Cleveland

2015  Identification of Urban LID Implementation Opportunities for Groundwater Recharge

2015  Implementation and Operation of Coconut Fiber/Husks Stormwater Filters as Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) for Rural Communities across the Caribbean

2015  In Situ Change Analysis and Monitoring through Terrestrial Laser Scanning

2015  Industry: Health Screening for Geotechnical Assets

2015  Innovative Design of the Gravel System for an Underground Parking Garage

2015  Innovative Design of the LID Facilities of Congdu Ecological Grange

2015  International Low Impact Development Conference 2015, LID: It Works in All Climates and Soils

2015  Low-Impact Development Practices to Mitigate Climate Change Effects on Urban Stormwater Runoff: Case Study of New York City

2015  Measurement and Optimization of Permeability in Bioretention Soil Media

2015  Measuring the Performance of Transportation Infrastructure Systems in Disasters: A Comprehensive Review

2015  Modeling Sedimentation in Underground Stormwater Detention Chamber Systems

2015  New York City’s ’Green’ Infrastructure Exceeds Expectations for Controlling Runoff

2015  Not in My Front Yard: Overcoming Public Resistance to Urban GSI Retrofit Projects

2015  Optimal Structure and Two Case Study Implementations of a Railway Maintenance Management System

2015  Optimization of Low-Impact Development Facilities in the Beijing CITIC Complex

2015  Optimizing Green Roof Design for Evapotranspiration

2015  Our Plan to Repurpose the Denver High Line Canal for Stormwater Quality and Runoff Reduction

2015  Pavement Deterioration Model Incorporating Unobserved Heterogeneity for Optimal Life-Cycle Rehabilitation Policy

2015  Perception of Residual Value Risk in Public Private Partnership Projects: Critical Review

2015  Performance of Hydromedia-Pervious Concrete Pavement in Ontario Subjected to Urban Traffic Loads

2015  Performance of LID Treatment Trains in Shenzhen University during Extreme Storm Events

2015  Pervious Concrete Performance in Eastern Washington: Surface Infiltration

2015  Physical Infrastructure Assessment for Emergency Medical Response

2015  Planning for Low-Impact Development at a Military Facility

2015  Real Options in Infrastructure: Revisiting the Literature

2015  Reimagining Spring Lake Park through LID

2015  Reimagining Urban Drainage in the World’s Biggest Construction Sites: Three LID Stories in Eastern China

2015  Retrofitting Rooftops to Support Multiple Green Infrastructure Systems

2015  Retrofitting Stormwater Systems with Low-Impact Development Techniques

2015  Santa Cruz County LID Groundwater Recharge Project, Santa Cruz, California, U.S.A.

2015  Semantic System for Stakeholder-Conscious Infrastructure Project Planning and Design

2015  Stormwater Exfiltration System for Road Retrofit

2015  Stormwater Treatment Performance of a Permeable Pavement-Biofiltration System and a Stand-Alone Biofiltration Unit in North Carolina

2015  Successful Green Infrastructure Implementation in Cold Weather Climates

2015  Successful Public Outreach Programs for Green Infrastructure Projects

2015  Unsaturated Flow Functions for Filter Media Used in Low-Impact Development—Stormwater Management Systems

2015  Updated Inventory and Assessment of Curbs and Gutters in Denver, Colorado

2015  Use of Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm Optimization for Low-Impact Development Placement

2015  Using a Service-Oriented Approach to Simulate Integrated Urban Infrastructure Systems

2015  Using Count Data to Model Infrastructure Distress Initiation and Progression

2015  Using LID Projects to Engage K-12 Audiences: A Rainwater-Harvesting Story

2015  Whole Life Costs and Benefits of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems in Dunfermline, Scotland

2014  Assessing the Long-Term Performance of Cross-Sectoral Strategies for National Infrastructure

2014  Challenges and Advances in Sustainable Transportation Systems

2014  Climate Change and Storm Water Infrastructure in the Mid-Atlantic Region: Design Mismatch Coming?

2014  Climatic Effects on Pavement and Geotechnical Infrastructure

2014  Comparison of Neural Network Models in the Estimation of the Performance of Solar Collectors

2014  Computing in Civil and Building Engineering

2014  Conceptual Models for Infrastructure Leadership

2014  Damage Detection from Continuous Long-Term Static Response Using Cointegration and Mewma Control Chart

2014  Data Collection and Organization by Smartphone for Infrastructure Assessment

2014  Decision Analysis of Preferred Methods for Locating Underground Conduits

2014  Development and Implementation of a Cyberinfrastructure Framework for Research in Nondestructive Evaluation Using Acoustic Emission Data

2014  Development of a Fuzzy Inference Performance Index for Ferrous Drinking Water Pipelines

2014  Disaster Resilience of Drinking Water Infrastructure Systems to Multiple Hazards

2014  DOT Report Highlights Need for Infrastructure Investment

2014  Environmental and Economic Life-Cycle Assessment of Municipal Water-Storage Options: Infrastructure Refurbishment versus Replacement

2014  Evaluating Fitness-for-Service of Corroded Metal Pipelines: Structural Reliability Bases

2014  Evaluation of Surface Infiltration Testing Procedures in Permeable Pavement Systems

2014  Ex-Ante Policy Analysis in Civil Infrastructure Systems

2014  Explaining Heterogeneity in Pavement Deterioration: Clusterwise Linear Regression Model