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2015  Low-Impact Development Practices to Mitigate Climate Change Effects on Urban Stormwater Runoff: Case Study of New York City

2015  Unsaturated Flow Functions for Filter Media Used in Low-Impact Development—Stormwater Management Systems

2014  Adapting Urban Infrastructure to Climate Change: A Drainage Case Study

2014  Adaptive Greedy-Heuristic Algorithm for Redundancy Augmentation by Loop Addition in Branched Water Distribution Systems

2014  Assessing the Impact of Metropolitan-Level, County-Level, and Local-Level Built Environment on Travel Behavior: Evidence from 19 U.S. Urban Areas

2014  Assessing the Long-Term Performance of Cross-Sectoral Strategies for National Infrastructure

2014  Bayesian Multiscale Modeling of Spatial Infrastructure Performance Predictions with an Application to Electric Power Outage Forecasting

2014  Challenges and Advances in Sustainable Transportation Systems

2014  Characterization of Undrained Porous Pavement Systems Using a Broken-Line Model

2014  Climatic Effects on Pavement and Geotechnical Infrastructure

2014  Collaborative Mobile-Cloud Computing for Civil Infrastructure Condition Inspection

2014  Comparison of Neural Network Models in the Estimation of the Performance of Solar Collectors

2014  Comparison of Runoff Quality and Quantity from a Commercial Low-Impact and Conventional Development in Raleigh, North Carolina

2014  Computing in Civil and Building Engineering (2014)

2014  Conceptual Framework for the Performance Measurement of Public-Private Partnerships

2014  Conceptual Models for Infrastructure Leadership

2014  Critical Factors Affecting the Efficient Use of Public Investments in Infrastructure in Vietnam

2014  Damage Detection from Continuous Long-Term Static Response Using Cointegration and Mewma Control Chart

2014  Damage Identification Scheme Based on Compressive Sensing

2014  Data Collection and Organization by Smartphone for Infrastructure Assessment

2014  Dealing with Traffic Risk in Latin American Toll Roads

2014  Decision Analysis of Preferred Methods for Locating Underground Conduits

2014  Development and Implementation of a Cyberinfrastructure Framework for Research in Nondestructive Evaluation Using Acoustic Emission Data

2014  Development of a Fuzzy Inference Performance Index for Ferrous Drinking Water Pipelines

2014  Disaster Resilience of Drinking Water Infrastructure Systems to Multiple Hazards

2014  Do Megaregions Produce Greater Regional Convergence or Divergence? Implications for Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Investment

2014  DOT Report Highlights Need for Infrastructure Investment

2014  Environmental and Economic Life-Cycle Assessment of Municipal Water-Storage Options: Infrastructure Refurbishment versus Replacement

2014  Evaluating Fitness-for-Service of Corroded Metal Pipelines: Structural Reliability Bases

2014  Evaluation of Customer-Driven Level of Service for Water Infrastructure Asset Management

2014  Evaluation of Surface and Subsurface Processes in Permeable Pavement Infiltration Trenches

2014  Evaluation of Surface Infiltration Testing Procedures in Permeable Pavement Systems

2014  Ex-Ante Evaluation of Public-Private Partnerships: Macroeconomic Analysis

2014  Ex-Ante Policy Analysis in Civil Infrastructure Systems

2014  Explaining Heterogeneity in Pavement Deterioration: Clusterwise Linear Regression Model

2014  Federal Toll Road Concession Program in Brazil: Is It Moving in the Right Direction?

2014  Flow Potential in Structures and Application in Analysis of Structural Vulnerability

2014  A General Framework for Probabilistic Risk-Based Optimization of Life-Cycle Management of Infrastructure Systems under Gradual and Sudden Deterioration

2014  Generating Absolute-Scale Point Cloud Data of Built Infrastructure Scenes Using a Monocular Camera Setting

2014  ’Green’ Infrastructure Will Greatly Benefit Pennsylvania City, U.S. EPA Says

2014  Green Residential Demolitions: Case Study of Vacant Land Reuse in Storm Water Management in Cleveland

2014  Hazard Topography: Visual Approach for Identifying Critical Failure Combinations for Infrastructure

2014  Identifying FDOT’s Physical Transportation Infrastructure Vulnerable to Sea Level Rise

2014  Impact of Climate Change on Pavement Performance: Preliminary Lessons Learned through the Infrastructure and Climate Network (ICNet)

2014  Impacts of Energy Regulations and Vehicular Technologies on Fuel Tax Revenues

2014  Importance of Sustainability-Related Cost Components in Highway Infrastructure: Perspective of Stakeholders in Australia

2014  Improving Performance of Genetic Algorithms for Transportation Systems: Case of Parallel Genetic Algorithms

2014  Improving Systemwide Sustainability in Pavement Preservation Programming

2014  In Situ Change Analysis and Monitoring through Terrestrial Laser Scanning

2014  Increased Spending on U.S. Infrastructure Would Boost Economy, Report Says

2014  Infrastructure Advocacy: We Need You!

2014  Infrastructure Challenges Will Confront New Republican-Led Congress

2014  Life Cycle Asset Management Methodologies for Buildings

2014  Life-Cycle Assessment for Construction of Sustainable Infrastructure

2014  Long View in Long Beach

2014  Management of Civil Infrastructure Systems: QFD-Based Approach

2014  Managing Ancillary Transportation Assets: The State of the Practice

2014  Measuring the Performance of Transportation Infrastructure Systems in Disasters: A Comprehensive Review

2014  Modeling Social Opposition to Infrastructure Development

2014  Modeling the Impact of Design Rework on Transportation Infrastructure Construction Project Performance

2014  Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment of Civil Infrastructure Systems with a Focus on Long Linear Structures Such As Levees

2014  Multiobjective Stochastic Inoperability Decision Tree for Infrastructure Preparedness

2014  Next Generation Infrastructure: Principles for Post-Industrial Public Works By Hillary Brown. Washington, D.C.: Island Press, 2014

2014  Numerical Simulations of Dynamic Responses of High-Speed Trains to Random Track Irregularities

2014  Offshore Technology in Civil Engineering, Hall of Fame Papers from the Early Years

2014  Optimal Structure and Two Case Study Implementations of a Railway Maintenance Management System

2014  Optimization of Resilient Biofuel Infrastructure Systems under Natural Hazards

2014  Pavement Deterioration Model Incorporating Unobserved Heterogeneity for Optimal Life-Cycle Rehabilitation Policy

2014  Perception of Residual Value Risk in Public Private Partnership Projects: Critical Review

2014  Physical Infrastructure Assessment for Emergency Medical Response

2014  Practical Applications of Life-Cycle Considerations in Sustainable Development of Infrastructure

2014  Predicting the Timing of Water Main Failure Using Artificial Neural Networks

2014  Probabilistic Methodology for Quantifying Regional Risk Profiles from Sea Level Rise

2014  Productivity Impact of Infrastructure in Turkey, 1987-2006

2014  Prototype Decision-Support System for Designing and Costing Municipal Green Infrastructure

2014  Quantification of Scenarios and Stakeholders Influencing Priorities for Risk Mitigation in Infrastructure Systems

2014  Rail Transit Route Optimization Model for Rail Infrastructure Planning and Design: Case Study of Saint Andrews, Scotland

2014  The Rationality of the Geometric Topology of Cable Dorms

2014  Real Options in Infrastructure: Revisiting the Literature

2014  Real-Option Valuation of Build-Operate-Transfer Infrastructure Projects under Performance Bonding

2014  Relationships between Interdependency, Reliability, and Vulnerability of Infrastructure Systems: Case Study of Biofuel Infrastructure Development

2014  Reliability-Based Design Criteria for Infrastructure Systems--A New Look

2014  Resilience and Sustainability of Civil Infrastructure: Toward a Unified Approach

2014  Resilient Geotechnical Infrastructure Asset Management

2014  Restoration and Impacts from the September 8, 2011, San Diego Power Outage

2014  Risk Management Strategies for Privatized Infrastructure Projects: Study of the Build-Operate-Transfer Approach in East Asia and the Pacific

2014  Robust Automated Concrete Damage Detection Algorithms for Field Applications

2014  Semantic System for Stakeholder-Conscious Infrastructure Project Planning and Design

2014  Shape Memory Alloys Could Bring Stabilizing Force to Concrete Infrastructure

2014  Soil Water Characteristic Curves from Measures of Electrical Permittivity

2014  Stakeholder-Sensitive Social Welfare-Oriented Benefit Analysis for Sustainable Infrastructure Project Development

2014  Statistical Characteristics of Cost Contingency in Water Infrastructure Projects

2014  Study on Seismic Performance of Concrete Frame-Bent Structure of Power Plant Main Building

2014  Sustainability of Civil Infrastructure Systems: The Past, the Present, and the Way Forward

2014  Sustainable Development of Critical Infrastructure

2014  Theoretical Considerations on Quantitative PPP Viability Analysis

2014  Topology-Based Quantitative Analysis of Structural Robustness

2014  Topology-Based Robust Design of Structures

2014  Updated Inventory and Assessment of Curbs and Gutters in Denver, Colorado

2014  Using a Negative Binomial Regression Model with a Bayesian Tuner to Estimate Failure Probability for Sewerage Infrastructure