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2015  Collaborative Mobile-Cloud Computing for Civil Infrastructure Condition Inspection

2015  Information and Communication Technology Applications in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Organizations: A 15-Year Review

2015  Integration of Information Technologies into Field Managers’ Activities: A Cognitive Perspective

2015  Surveying the Evolution of Computing in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Education

2014  Analysis of the Development of Cooperative ITS and Related Standards in Europe

2014  Construction Research Congress 2014, Construction in a Global Network

2014  Geotechnical IT Revolution: Intelligent Compaction and Beyond

2014  Process-Oriented Approach of Teaching Building Information Modeling in Construction Management

2014  Query Performance of the IFC Model Server Using an Object-Relational Database Approach and a Traditional Relational Database Approach

2014  Real-Time Hybrid Virtuality for Prevention of Excavation Related Utility Strikes

2014  Using Information Technology to Incorporate Natural Hazards and Mitigation Strategies in the Civil Engineering Curriculum

2013  Building Information Modeling Education for Construction Engineering and Management. I: Industry Requirements, State of the Art, and Gap Analysis

2013  Building Information Modeling Education for Construction Engineering and Management. II: Procedures and Implementation Case Study

2013  Case Analysis to Identify Information Links between Facility Management and Healthcare Delivery Information in a Hospital Setting

2013  Computing in Civil Engineering

2013  Contribution to a Terminology Related to Dependability for the Qualification of an On-Board Satellite-Based System

2013  Database Framework for Cost, Schedule, and Performance Data Integration

2013  Gap Analysis on the Ability of Guidelines and Standards to Support the Performance of Healthcare Facilities

2013  Innovative Technologies Used to Investigate Segments of the Inca Road

2013  Interaction Effects of Information Technologies and Best Practices on Construction Project Performance

2013  Mobile IT Used in Construction : A Case for Scaffolding Safety Management

2013  The Multidimensional Displaying and Analyzing of Taxi Meter Data Based on BI

2013  Projectwide Access: Key to Effective Implementation of Construction Project Management Software Systems

2013  The Research and Design of Network IT Service Management System Based on the ITIL

2013  Research on the In-Vehicle ITS Technology on Improving Road Safety in China

2013  Structuring the Content of the First Course in Transportation Engineering: Perspectives of Engineers and Educators

2012  Case Study of Knowledge Management Implementation in a Medium-Sized Construction Sector Firm

2012  Comparing Information Technology Adoption between Developing and Developed Countries

2012  Information Technology in 2050

2012  Study on Construction Program of Information Platform of Modern Trade and Exhibition Logistics Park

2012  Three-Dimensional Tracking of Construction Resources Using an On-Site Camera System

2011  Back Matter

2011  Computing in Civil Engineering

2011  Difficulties and Hindrances Facing End Users of Electronic Information Exchange Systems in Design and Construction

2011  Emerging Tools to Enable Construction Engineering

2011  Front Matter

2011  Goal and Process Alignment during the Implementation of Decision Support Systems by Project Teams

2011  Heterogeneous Database Access Technology and Application

2011  ICTIS 2011, Multimodal Approach to Sustained Transportation System Development: Information, Technology, Implementation

2011  Innovation in Construction Engineering Education Using Two Applications of Internet-Based Information Technology to Provide Real-Time Project Observations

2011  Integrated Sequential As-Built and As-Planned Representation with D4 AR Tools in Support of Decision-Making Tasks in the AEC/FM Industry

2011  Scheme Design of the Digital Management System of Oil and Gas Pipelines

2011  Special Issue on Lessons Learned from the 2009 ASCE International Workshop on Computing in Civil Engineering

2011  A Theoretical Approach for ITS Data Analyses Using Cyber Infrastructure

2011  Visual Pattern Recognition Models for Remote Sensing of Civil Infrastructure

2010  Application of RFID Technology in JIT Production Control

2010  Concrete Column Recognition in Images and Videos

2010  Emerging Hybrid Practices in Construction Design Work: Role of Mixed Media

2010  Exploring the Potential of SME Alliances in the Construction Sector

2010  Innovation Diffusion Modeling in the Construction Industry

2010  The Internet of Things and Personal Privacy Protection

2010  Machine Vision-Based Concrete Surface Quality Assessment

2010  Object Model Framework for Interface Modeling and IT-Oriented Interface Management

2010  Ontology-Based Air Traffic Management (ATM) Systems

2010  Organizational Divisions in BIM-Enabled Commercial Construction

2010  Price Policy of Supply Chain Based on Power Structure Analysis in Competitive Environment

2010  Research on Applied of RF Network in the Logistics Warehouse

2010  Web-Based Construction Project Specification System

2009  Architecture of Regional Intelligent Logistics System Based on Modern Information Technology

2009  Back Matter

2009  Case-Based Reasoning for Construction Hazard Identification: Case Representation and Retrieval

2009  Construction of Engineering Domain Ontology through Extraction of Knowledge from Domain Handbooks

2009  Determination of Key Performance Indicators with Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in Engineering Construction Firms

2009  Front Matter

2009  Incorporating Domain Knowledge and Information Retrieval Techniques to Develop an Architectural/Engineering/Construction Online Product Search Engine

2009  International Conference on Transportation Engineering 2009

2009  IT Issues for the Management of High-Quantity, Low-Cost Assets

2009  Long-Range Tracking of Intelligent Locomotive Dispatching System Based on 3S Technology

2009  A Pragmatic Approach to Develop Financial IT Systems for Small Construction Companies

2009  Relationship between Automation and Integration of Construction Information Systems and Labor Productivity

2009  The Relationship between Information Technology and Construction Productivity: A View from Country-Level Data

2009  Resistance to IT Change in the AEC Industry: Are the Stereotypes True?

2009  Stakeholder Views on IT in Construction: A North American Perspective

2009  Visualization of Construction Progress Monitoring with 4D Simulation Model Overlaid on Time-Lapsed Photographs

2008  Analyzing Enterprise Resource Planning System Implementation Success Factors in the Engineering — Construction Industry

2008  Application of 802.11p Technology in ITS

2008  Best Practices for Integrating the Concurrent Engineering Environment into Multipartner Project Management

2008  Collalboration Environments for Construction: Implementation Case Studies

2008  Computing as Reflected in the Technology Roadmap for Center for Technology Fusion

2008  e-Analysis of High-Rise Buildings Subjected to Wind Loads

2008  Effective Web Dissemination of Construction IT Research Publications

2008  Impact of Information Technologies on Performance: Cross Study Comparison

2008  Implementing Web-Based Project Management Systems in the United States and Japan

2008  The Importance of Process in IT Organizations

2008  Innovative Products for Curtain Walls: Investigation of Anti-Reflective Glass Coating

2008  IT-Enhanced Laboratory Experience within a Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Curriculum

2008  ITS Architecture for EXPO 2010

2008  Project Management Practices and Information Technology Research

2008  Relative Productivity in the AEC Industries in the United States for On-Site and Off-Site Activities

2008  Research of Traffic State Quantification and Recognition Algorithm Based of ITS Data

2008  Research on ITS Knowledge Integration Technology Based on Ontology

2008  Research on the Application of Mobile Communications Technique in ITS

2008  RFID + 4D CAD for Progress Management of Structural Steel Works in High-Rise Buildings

2008  Technical Council for Computing and Information Technology

2007  Adoption Patterns of Advanced Information Technologies in the Construction Industries of the United State and Korea

2007  Application of Visualisation Tools in Project Management in Construction Industry: Innovation and Challenges

2007  Back Matter

2007  Building on IT

2007  Computing and Information Technology (IT) Research in Civil Engineering — Self-Fulfilling or Industry Transforming?

2007  Computing in Civil Engineering