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2015  Physical Infrastructure Assessment for Emergency Medical Response

2014  Defining a Stream Restoration Body of Knowledge as a Basis for National Certification

2013  Advancing Earthquake Engineering Research through Cyberinfrastructure

2013  Application of EDI Information System Based on XML in the Container Multi-Model Transportation

2013  Data Model-Centered Four-Dimensional Information Management System for Road Maintenance

2013  Determination of Behaviors in Building Product Information Acquisition for Developing a Building Product Information System in Turkey

2013  The Development and Application of Information System for Water Management and Allocation (SIGA) to a Negotiable Water Allocation Process in Brazil

2013  Development of a Road Visibility Forecast Model on the Basis of a CCTV-Camera-Based Road Visibility Information System

2013  GPS-Based Real-Time Guidance Information System for Marine Pier Construction

2013  An Integrated Mobile Material Management System for Construction Sites

2013  Methodology to Estimate the Distance Traveled by Trucks on Rural Highway Systems

2013  Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles Advanced Transportation Management and Information System (ATMIS)

2013  Research on the Comprehensive Benefits Evaluation of Urban Rail Transit Based on the Double-Hierarchy Model with Discrete Catastrophe - Extenics Method

2013  Research on the Traffic Information System Based on the Internet of Things

2013  Research on Value of Cloud Strategy Implementation for China Traffic Management Information System

2012  Applications of RFID in Logistics and Supply Chains: An Overview

2012  Case Study of Knowledge Management Implementation in a Medium-Sized Construction Sector Firm

2012  Construction Project Risk Management Based on the View of Asymmetric Information

2012  Design of Emergency Preplan Exercise Management Information System for URT

2012  Design of Information Management System for Underground Pipelines

2012  Evaluating Award-Winning BIM Projects Using the National Building Information Model Standard Capability Maturity Model

2012  Ground Improvement in the 21st Century: A Comprehensive Web-Based Information System

2012  Information Retrieval from Civil Engineering Repositories: Importance of Context and Granularity

2012  An Integrated Digital Image Processing Pavement Management Information System

2012  IOP Tool: Assessing the Benefits and Hindrances of Information Integration Implementation Opportunities

2012  Model of Reverse Logistics Network about Rental Pallet Recycling Considering Site Transport Capacity

2012  Request for Information: Benchmarks and Metrics for Major Highway Projects

2012  Research on Logistics Information System Based on Multi-Source Information Fusion

2012  Risk Information Management System of City Gas Line Based on GIS

2012  Social Semantic Approach to Support Communication in AEC

2012  Study on Closed Pallet Pooling System in Sichuan Province

2012  Study on the Tourism Information System Based on GIS in Jiaozuo City

2012  Using Delphi and AHP in Information Systems Development Methodologies

2011  Application of ATS in Integrated Supervision and Control System

2011  The Application of Database Techniques in the Integrated Vessel Information Service System

2011  Computerizing ICBF Method for Schedule Delay Analysis

2011  Design and Implementation of Hazard Management Information System for ATM Based on B/S Mode

2011  Development of a Standard Framework for Road Weather Information System in China

2011  A Dynamic Traffic Information System Based on VANETs

2011  Empirical Analysis of Construction Enterprise Information Systems: Assessing System Integration, Critical Factors, and Benefits

2011  Evaluating Potential for Integrating Traffic Density with Guidance Information

2011  Evolutionary Software Development to Support Ethnographic Action Research

2011  Gateway Traveler Information System: Regional Traveler Information Services

2011  Introduction to the Development of an Information Management System for Soil Mix Technology Using Artificial Neural Networks

2011  A Knowledge-Directed Information Retrieval and Management Framework for Energy Performance Building Regulations

2011  A Management System of Roadside Trees Using RFID and Ontology

2011  Mechanistic-Based Characterization of Non-Linear Pavement Mechanical Properties with Evolving Intelligent Information Processing Systems

2011  Method for Predicting Passenger Volume of the New PDL

2011  Model of the Large Parking Lots Guidance Information System

2011  Railway Transportation Safety Supervision and Management Information System

2011  Regional Inter-City Rail Network Accessibility Based on Geographic Information System

2011  A Tracking Management Information System for Railway Construction Materials

2011  What Information Can or Cannot Be Exchanged?

2010  Analysis on Building Reverse Logistics Information System of Household Electrical Appliances Based on Environmental Symbiosis Synergy

2010  Analysis on Effective Information and Travel Activity Returning Home by Car under Downpour

2010  Asset Management for Urban Wastewater Pipeline Networks

2010  BIM-BAM-BOOM! More Bang for Your BIM Buck.

2010  Concept Relation Extraction from Construction Documents Using Natural Language Processing

2010  Criteria for Evaluating Distribution Network Early Warning Systems

2010  Defining High-Level Project Control Data for Visual Information Systems

2010  Design of a Railway Pallet Pool Information System on Grid

2010  Design of Flexible Inventory Verification Information System Based on Workflow Engine Management

2010  Designing and Implementing a Service Oriented Traveler Information System

2010  Developing an ARIS-House-Based Method from Existing Information Systems to Project-Based Enterprise Resource Planning for General Contractor

2010  Development of a Road Weather Information System for Mountain Expressways

2010  Dynamic Multidimensional Game Analysis with Incomplete Information of Recycling Logistics Implemented by Household Appliances Manufactures

2010  The Emergency Decision Support Platform of Urban Rail Transit Based on Information Sharing and Digitalized Plan

2010  Exploring the Impact of Real-Time Travel Information on Drivers’ Route Choice Using Stated Preference Data

2010  The Growth Pole Theory Research of the Logistics Information Platform

2010  IIPM as a Solution to the Security Problems of RFID-Based Logistics Information System

2010  The Impact of the Traveler Information Systems on the Accident Bottleneck during Peak Period

2010  Integrated Real Time Geospatial Sensor Web and Visual Analytics for Environmental Decision Support

2010  Logistics Information System Based on Supply Chain for Machine Tool

2010  Management Information Systems in Structural Engineering

2010  Matter-Elements Evaluation Approach of Logistics Green Degree Based on Information Entropy Theory

2010  Mobile Ad Hoc Network-Enabled Collaboration Framework Supporting Civil Engineering Emergency Response Operations

2010  Multiobjective Transit Passenger Information System Design Using GIS

2010  Operation Model and Information System of China Pallet Pool System

2010  Organizational Divisions in BIM-Enabled Commercial Construction

2010  Preliminary Study on Environmental Risk Information Management System for Hazardous Materials Rail Transportation in China

2010  Project Management Information Systems for Pipeline Design and Construction — PrairieNet

2010  Research on Information Feedback Mechanism of Emergency Supplies Based on System Dynamics

2010  Research on Logistics Information Service Based on SOA

2010  Research on the Application of Component Technology in Logistics Management Information System

2010  Research on the Reference Model of Railway Logistics Industry Information Platform

2010  Research on the RFID-Based Pallet Pool Information System

2010  Self-Motion Speed Perception of Visual Information in Driving: Modeling and Validation

2010  Simulation of Drug Information Tracking System with Anylogic

2010  Stated Preference Approach for Valuation of Travel Time Displayed as Traffic Information on a VMS Board

2010  A Study of Design on Precision Parking Guidance and Information System

2010  Study on Urban Public Transport Information Platform Planning

2010  Traffic Prediction in Metropolitan Freeways

2010  A Two-Phase Mapping Approach of Dynamic Traffic Information Integration

2010  Urban Traffic Information System Based on the Integration of GIS and Mobile Phone Message

2009  An Active Parking Guidance Information System Based on Dynamic Agent Negotiation

2009  BIM’s Impact on the Success Measures of Construction Projects

2009  Building a Conceptual Model of Common Logistic Information Systems in Beibu Gulf Economic Zone of Guangxi

2009  Contextual Information Requirements of Cost Estimators from Past Construction Projects

2009  Cost and Schedule Monitoring of Industrial Building Projects: Case Study

2009  Day-to-Day Departure Time Adjustment Behaviors in a Single Bottleneck Model