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2015  Automatic Classification of Project Documents on the Basis of Text Content

2015  BIM as Infrastructure in a Finnish HVAC Actor Network: Enabling Adoption, Reuse, and Recombination over a Building Life Cycle and between Projects

2015  BIM2MAR: An Efficient BIM Translation to Mobile Augmented Reality Applications

2015  From Construction Megaproject Management to Complex Project Management: Bibliographic Analysis

2015  Image-Based Localization and Content Authoring in Structure-from-Motion Point Cloud Models for Real-Time Field Reporting Applications

2015  Information Retrieval Framework for Hazard Identification in Construction

2015  Information-Integration Maturity Model for the Capital Projects Industry

2015  Integration of Information Technologies into Field Managers’ Activities: A Cognitive Perspective

2015  Semantic NLP-Based Information Extraction from Construction Regulatory Documents for Automated Compliance Checking

2015  Semantic System for Stakeholder-Conscious Infrastructure Project Planning and Design

2015  Too Much Information, Living the Civil Engineering Life

2014  Application of KDD Techniques to Extract Useful Knowledge from Labor Resources Data in Industrial Construction Projects

2014  Assessing the Ethical Development of Civil Engineering Undergraduates in Support of the ASCE Body of Knowledge

2014  Benefit Analysis of Knowledge Management System for Engineering Consulting Firms

2014  Civil Engineering Grand Challenges: Opportunities for Data Sensing, Information Analysis, and Knowledge Discovery

2014  Cognitive Workload Demands Using 2D and 3D Spatial Engineering Information Formats

2014  Data Collection and Organization by Smartphone for Infrastructure Assessment

2014  Data Management System and Construction Monitoring Results from Wolf Creek Dam Rehabilitation

2014  Design Process Communication Methodology: Improving the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Collaboration, Sharing, and Understanding

2014  Development of a Water Infrastructure Knowledge Database

2014  Domain-Specific Querying Formalisms for Retrieving Information about HVAC Systems

2014  Improving Data Quality in Construction Engineering Projects: An Action Design Research Approach

2014  Knowledge Management and Maturation Model in Construction Companies

2014  Modelo de Gestiön y Maduraciön de Conocimiento en Empresas Constructoras

2014  New Engineer’s Knowledge for Success with Subcontractors and Trade Partners

2014  Quantitative Solution of Overseas Project Risk Management by Knowledge Engineering

2014  Query Performance of the IFC Model Server Using an Object-Relational Database Approach and a Traditional Relational Database Approach

2014  Selecciön de los Métodos de Construcciön en Proyectos: Un Problema de Conocimiento

2014  Selection of Construction Methods for Construction Projects: A Knowledge Problem

2014  Semantic Text Classification for Supporting Automated Compliance Checking in Construction

2014  Sliding Mode Reconfigurable Control Using Information on the Control Effectiveness of Actuators

2014  Stakeholder-Sensitive Social Welfare-Oriented Benefit Analysis for Sustainable Infrastructure Project Development

2014  The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch By Lewis Dartnell. New York City: Penguin Press, 2014

2014  Workflow-Based Construction Research Data Management and Dissemination

2013  Advances in Voice over IP and Passenger Information for APM Systems: Utilizing Wireless Networks

2013  AIS and VTS Information Fusion in the Internet of Inland Ships

2013  Application of Multi-Source Information Fusion Technology in the Construction of a Secure and Emergent Transportation Platform

2013  Assessment and Control of the Quality of Data Used during Dam Reviews by Using Expert Knowledge and the ELECTRE TRI Method

2013  Automated Compliance Checking of Construction Operation Plans Using a Deontology for the Construction Domain

2013  Automated Information Retrieval for Hazard Identification in Construction Sites

2013  Beyond Context-Sensitive Solutions: Using Value-Sensitive Design to Identify Needed Transit Information Tools

2013  Case Analysis to Identify Information Links between Facility Management and Healthcare Delivery Information in a Hospital Setting

2013  Cognitive Design of Safety Supervision Instruction

2013  Cost-Benefit Analysis of Construction Information Management System Implementation: Case Study

2013  Creating Information Value Chains to Support Asset Management

2013  Data Model-Centered Four-Dimensional Information Management System for Road Maintenance

2013  Design and Development of Handling Management System for Electro-Machinery Logistics Park

2013  A Design and Realization of Traffic Information Security Scheme Based on GPS

2013  Development of a Map-Matching Algorithm for Rural Passenger Information Systems through Mobile Phones and Crowd Sourcing

2013  Discussion of a Method of Collaborative Construction Project Information Management Based on BIM

2013  Document Discourse for Managing Construction Project Documents

2013  Document Management in Construction: Practices and Opinions

2013  Domain Ontology for Construction Knowledge

2013  Effective Maintenance Using a Database Management Tool

2013  Effectiveness Analysis for Automatic Collection and Dynamic Transmission of Traffic Congestion Information Based on Vanet

2013  Explaining Knowledge-Sharing Intention in Construction Teams in Hong Kong

2013  Exploration on Complicacy of the Maritime Informatization

2013  Expressway Electro-Mechanical Equipment Maintenance Management System Functional Research Based on B/S

2013  Fault Diagnosis of CAN System of Nissan

2013  Freight Station Information Integration Based on Different Positions’ Information Flow

2013  Grand Challenges in Information Modeling for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Facility Management Industries

2013  High-Precision and Infrastructure-Independent Mobile Augmented Reality System for Context-Aware Construction and Facility Management Applications

2013  ICTIS 2013, Improving Multimodal Transportation Systems-Information, Safety, and Integration

2013  Impact of Variable Message Sign Text Layout on Recognition Time

2013  Improved Structural Condition Index for Pavement Evaluation at Network Level

2013  Information Transformation and Automated Reasoning for Automated Compliance Checking in Construction

2013  Integrating Multi-Source POIs and Road Networks Based on Geometric Data

2013  Integration of Change and Knowledge Management Processes in Energy-Efficient Retrofit Projects

2013  Is the Knowledge Management System Truly Cost Effective? Case Study of KM-Enabled Engineering Problem Solving

2013  Knowledge-Based Simulation Modeling of Construction Fleet Operations Using Multimodal-Process Data Mining

2013  Modeling and Analysis for IOT-Based Intelligent Transportation System Based on IDEF Methods

2013  Modeling Knowledge for Architectural Programming

2013  MTISS: A Novel Mobile Transportation Information Service System Based on SOA

2013  Multi-Source Road Traffic Flow Information Fusion and Analysis Technology

2013  Ontology-Based Building Information Modeling

2013  Ontology-Based Feature Modeling for Construction Information Extraction from a Building Information Model

2013  Optimal Sensor Density for Freeway Travel Time Estimation with Multi-Class Traffic Flow

2013  Overview of Oil and Gas Pipeline Failure Database

2013  The Partnering Model and Construction Management

2013  Point Cloud Data Conversion into Solid Models via Point-Based Voxelization

2013  A Practice-Oriented BIM Framework and Workflows

2013  Preliminary Study on the System of Information Services Capability Index for Public Information Needs of the Inland Shipping

2013  Process-Based Information Exchanges Mapping for Energy-Efficient Retrofit Projects

2013  Projectwide Access: Key to Effective Implementation of Construction Project Management Software Systems

2013  Relationships between Project Complexity and Communication

2013  Research on the Construction of a Complex Creativity Support System

2013  Research on the Evaluation of AEC Projects Information Management Model Based on Smart Construction Theory in China

2013  Resilient Modulus Modeling with Information Theory Approach

2013  Reviewing Geo-Information Science for Port Information Management in China

2013  The Role of Leadership Traits, Style, and Support Behavior in Knowledge Sharing in University Research Teams: The Moderating Influence of Organizational Support

2013  Science and Technology Collaboration Platform for Private SMEs and Universities: A Study in China

2013  A Semiotic Framework for Information Representation of Energy Consumption in Office Buildings

2013  Shanghai Traffic Information Management and Evaluation System

2013  Software Safety Based on Information Entropy and Mamdani Fuzzy System

2013  A Study on Driving Behavior Risk Assessment Method with Multi-Sensor Information

2013  Study on Land Use Structure Based on Information Entropy and GM Prediction in Xuzhou City

2013  Study on the Framework of Collaborative Construction Based on Ubiquitous Computing

2013  A Traffic State Estimation Method Based on the Road Traffic Information Templates

2013  Trust Factors Affecting Cooperation in Construction

2013  Turnout Components Distribution Model and its Application in Urban Rail Transit