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2015  Nonlinear Reservoir Optimization Model with Stochastic Inflows: Case Study of Lake Tenkiller

2014  Comparison of Wavelet-Based ANN and Regression Models for Reservoir Inflow Forecasting

2014  Determination of the Time Rate of Radial Consolidation Using Laboratory Inflow Consolidation Testing

2014  Mean and Turbulent Bubble Velocities in Free Hydraulic Jumps for Small to Intermediate Froude Numbers

2014  Multiobjective Optimization of Bigge Reservoir Operation in Dry Seasons

2014  Optimizing Multidam Releases in Large River Basins by Combining Distributed Hydrological Inflow Predictions with Rolling-Horizon Decision Making

2014  Some Factors Affecting Inflow and Infiltration from Residential Sources in a Core Urban Area: Case Study in a Columbus, Ohio, Neighborhood

2013  Analytical Model for Water Inflow of an Archimedes Screw Used in Hydropower Generation

2013  Coastal Hazards

2013  Integrating Logistical and Technical Criteria into a Multiteam, Competitive Watershed Model Ranking Procedure

2013  Leak Control in Wastewater Lateral Joint Using a Polymer Grout

2013  Private Property Inflow Control Makes Hydraulic and Financial Sense. A Case Study in Cambridge, MA

2013  Simulating Groundwater Inflow in the Underground Tunnel with a Coupled Fracture-Matrix Model

2012  An Analysis of Strategies for Managing Sediment Inflows to an Off-Stream Reservoir from a Diversion Supply Canal under Conditions of Water Scarcity

2012  Analyzing Inflow Trend of Indiana Reservoirs Using SOM

2012  Burst Detection in Water Networks Using Principal Component Analysis

2012  Comparison of Variable Parameter Muskingum-Cunge and Variable Parameter McCarthy-Muskingum Routing Methods

2012  Darcian Seepage through a Parallelogrammic Ramp: Toth’s Model Revisited

2012  Fracture Cluster Modeling for Groundwater Inflow Prediction into Rock Tunnels Using Geostatistics

2012  Grouting by Controlled Crystallization of Supersaturated Solutions: A New Technology to Seal Porous and Fractured Rock Formations and Stop Water Inflows into Mines

2012  Impacts to Sediment Transport Modeling by Using Zeller-Fullerton Equation and Meyer-Peter-Muller Equation to Estimate Tributary Sediment Inflows for Waterman Wash, Arizona, USA

2011  Assessing the Effects of Nitrate Sinks and Inflow Concentration Rules on the Firm Yield of an Off-Stream Blending Reservoir System

2011  Capillary Transport in RCC: Water-to-Cement Ratio, Strength, and Freeze-Thaw Resistance

2011  Case Study: Improving Real-Time Stage Forecasting Muskingum Model by Incorporating the Rating Curve Model

2011  A Coupled Model for Highly Accurate Calculation of Storm Surge Occurring in Inner Bay

2011  Effect of Pruning and Smoothing while Using M5 Model Tree Technique for Reservoir Inflow Prediction

2011  Experimental Study of Subcritical Dividing Flow in an Equal-Width, Four-Branch Junction

2011  Improvement of the Parameterized Identification Model Using Quasi-Steady and Nonuniform Inflow Aerodynamic Model

2011  Nonuniform and Unsteady Solute Transport in Furrow Irrigation. II: Description of Field Experiments and Calibration of Infiltration and Roughness Coefficients

2011  NWS/OHRFC Operational Experience with the Ohio River Community HEC-RAS Model

2011  Planning Operation of Large-Scale Hydrothermal System

2011  Short-Term Generation Scheduling for Hydropower Systems with Discrepant Objectives

2011  Uncertainty in Flood Wave Routing in a Lateral-Inflow-Dominated Stream

2010  Application of Inflow Design Flood Analysis to the Analysis and Design of High Hazard Dams in NRCS

2010  Capacity Analysis of Type-A Weaving Section by Using Cellular Automata Model

2010  Energy Dissipation and Turbulent Production in Weak Hydraulic Jumps

2010  Study on Transport of Groundwater of Jinping Cascade-II Hydropower Station with Long Diversion Tunnel Region

2009  Application of NEXRAD for Freshwater Inflow Estimates to Texas Bays and Estuaries

2009  Field Study of the Ability of Two Grassed Bioretention Cells to Reduce Storm-Water Runoff Pollution

2009  Genetic Algorithm-Based Discharge Estimation at Sites Receiving Lateral Inflows

2009  Hydrological Modeling and Evaluation of Rainwater Harvesting Facilities: Case Study on Several Rainwater Harvesting Facilities in Korea

2009  Inflow Forecasting for Real-Time Reservoir Operation Using Artificial Neural Network

2009  Parameterization of Seasonal Freshets for the Study of Effects of Freshwater Inflows on Galveston Bay

2008  Assessing Sanitary Sewer Systems through Basin Characterization

2008  Development of Simplified Solutions for Modeling Recession in Basins

2008  Evaluation of Basin Inflow Cutoff Criterion in the Irrigation Districts of Southwest Arizona

2008  Forecasting Spring Reservoir Inflows in Churchill Falls Basin in Québec, Canada

2008  Influence of Wind and Lake Morphometry on the Interaction between Two Rivers Entering a Stratified Lake

2008  Lateral Pipe Bursting Focus for Inflow and Infiltration in Sanitary Sewer Systems

2008  Mixing in Water Storage Tanks. I: No Buoyancy Effects

2008  Mixing in Water Storage Tanks. II: With Buoyancy Effects

2008  Numerical Study of Turbidity Currents with Sudden-Release and Sustained-Inflow Mechanisms

2008  Private Property Virtual Library: Helping to Connect Useful Resources to Those Who Need It

2008  The Pursuit of Infiltration and Inflow Reduction Case Study Documents Quantifiable Success

2008  Quantifying Nonstorm-Water Discharges to Storm-Water Systems with Model Analysis

2008  SSOAP — A USEPA Toolbox for SSO Analysis and Control Planning

2007  Case Study: Delayed Sedimentation Responses to Inflow and Operations at Sanmenxia Dam

2007  Challenges of Disposing of Tunneling Water

2007  Estimating Rain Derived Inflow and Infiltration for Rainfalls of Varying Characteristics

2007  Full-Flowing Collection Conduits with Nonuniform Inflow

2007  Influence of Inflows Modeling on Management Simulation of Water Resources System

2007  Model Calibration for Sediment Pond Discharge

2007  Multiple Inflows Muskingum Routing Model

2007  Validation of Climate-Based Lake Okeechobee Net Inflow Outlooks

2007  Velocity Distributions in Spatially Varied Flow with Increasing Discharge

2006  Developing a Conjunctive Nonlinear Model for Inflow Prediction Using Wavelet Transforms and Artificial Neural Networks: A Case Study of Dez Reservoir Dam, Iran

2006  The Most Cost Effective Method for Eliminating Inflow

2006  Prioritizing Collection System Repairs with Limited Information

2006  Prioritizing Sanitary Sewers for Rehabilitation using Least-Cost Classifiers

2006  Stochastic Optimization of the Highland Lakes System in Texas

2006  Three-Dimensional Modeling for Estimation of Hydraulic Retention Time in a Reservoir

2005  Capacity Assurance Program Planning: Cincinnati Case History

2005  Climate-Based Estimation of Hydrologic Inflow into Lake Okeechobee, Florida

2005  Evaluating Sewer Rehabilitation Effectiveness: A Practical Methodology and Case Study

2005  Flow Data, Inflow/Infiltration Ratio, and Autoregressive Error Models

2005  Grouting Program to Stop Water Flow through Karstic Limestone: A Major Case History

2005  Improving Daily Reservoir Inflow Forecasts with Model Combination

2005  Interpreting Storm Flow Data to Determine Types of Infiltration and Inflow

2005  Modeling a Hydrothermal System with Hydro- and Snow Reservoirs

2005  Modeling Steep Channels with Lateral Inflow

2005  Neural Approximation for the Optimal Control of a Hydroplant with Random Inflows and Concave Revenues

2005  Performance Monitoring of a Stormwater Wetland Best Management Practice

2005  Pitfalls of ”Over-Calibrating” a Model of Infiltration and Inflow

2005  Relating Local Stage and Remote Discharge with Significant Lateral Inflow

2004  Effect of Covers for Soil and Water Conservation using Tilting Flume

2004  Estimation of Maximum Liquid Head over Landfill Barriers

2004  Modeling a Plunging Underflow

2003  Case Study: Impact of Reservoir Stratification on Interflow Travel Time

2003  Coupling an Underflow Model to a Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model

2003  Hot Bitumen Grouting: The Antidote for Catastrophic Inflows

2003  Large-Scale Field Investigation of Grouting in Hard Jointed Rock

2003  New On-Site Wet Milling Technology for the Preparation of Ultrafine Cement-Based Grouts

2003  Occurrence and Degradation of Estrogenic Nonylphenol and its Precursors in Northeast Kansas Wastewater Treatment Plants

2003  Preparing for CMOM: A New Approach Using Stochastic RDII Modelling

2003  Sanitary-Sewer Overflow Control Strategy

2003  Sealing of Massive Water Inflows through Karst by Grouting: Principles and Practice

2003  Sewer Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation: A Fast-Tracked Approach to a Small Community’s Problem

2003  Water Reservoir Control with Data Mining

2002  Capacity, Management, Operations and Maintenance (CMOM) Overview

2002  Enhanced Artificial Neural Network Inflow Forecasting Algorithm for Run-of-River Hydropower Plants