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Found 68 Records with the keyword term of "Inertia"

2013  Effect of Inertia Forces on Support Reactions of Beams subjected to Uniform Blast Loads

2004  Effect of In-Plane Stiffnesses and Inertias on Dynamic Behavior of a Laminated Composite Plate under Blast Load

2004  Seismic Stability of Soil Retaining Walls Situated on Slope

2001  Reliability Analysis of Rotorcraft Composite Structures

2000  Furrow Irrigation Performance under Spatially Varying Conditions

1999  Dynamic Instability of Elastically Supported Beam under Traveling Inertia Load

1999  Numerical Model of Sedimentation/Thickening with Inertial Effects

1999  Numerical Study of Compressive Behavior of Concrete at High Strain Rates

1999  Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction in Buildings. I: Analytical Methods

1999  Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction in Buildings. II: Empirical Findings

1999  Thermal Inertia Properties of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

1998  Leipholz Column with Shear and Compressibility

1998  Static and Dynamic Behavior of Steel Braces Under Cyclic Displacement

1997  Discrimination Between Inertial and Macroviscous Flows of Fine-Grained Debris with a Rolling-Sleeve Viscometer

1997  Dynamic Patterning of Shear Bands in Cosserat Continuum

1997  Dynamics of Debris Flows in the Inertial Regime

1997  Influence of Local Inertia on Seismic Response of Offshore Jackets

1997  Normalized Rheological Behaviour of Fine Muds and Their Flow Properties in a Pseudoplastic Regime

1997  Transport and Separation of Particles by Chaotic Advection

1996  Effective Moment of Inertia of Elasto-Plastic Beams

1995  Seismic Bearing Capacity of Foundation on Cohesionless Soil

1995  Unsteady Fluid Force Acting on and Oscillating Square-Section Cylinder

1994  Inertially Favorable Trajectories for Robot Motion in Space

1991  Determination of Coefficients in Morison Formula by a Kalman Filter

1991  Effect of Sheltering on Spheres in Long Waves

1991  Effects of Fluid Accelerations on Sediment Transport in Surf Zones

1991  Equivalent Systems for Inelastic Analysis of Prismatic and Nonprismatic Members

1991  Scale Effect of Wave Force on Armor Units

1990  Drag and Inertia Forces on Circular Cylinders in Harmonic Flow

1990  Estimation of Surface Irrigation Parameters

1990  Exact Solutions for Axisymmetric Vibration of Laminated Circular Plates

1990  Observability of Surface Irrigation Advance

1990  Self-Adaptive Control of Surface Irrigation Advance

1989  Pseudolinear and Equivalent Systems for Large Deflections of Members

1989  Wave-Tubular Member—Wave and Current Interaction

1988  Wave Phase/Amplitude Effects on Force Coefficients

1987  River Wave Response to the Friction-Inertia Balance

1986  Free Vibration Behavior of Prestressed Beams

1985  Comments on Cross-Flow Principle and Morison’s Equation

1985  Morison Inertia Coefficients in Orbital Flow

1984  Aircraft-Pavement Interaction in Runway Analysis

1983  Effects of Currents on Wave Drag and Inertia Loads

1983  Multiple Mode Nonlinear Analysis of Circular Plates

1982  Beams Under Lateral Projectile Impact

1982  Dynamic Analysis of Underwater Cables

1981  Deterministic Fluid Forces on Structures: A Review

1981  Linearized Solution to Inlet Equation with Inertia

1980  Flow Coefficients and Computer Models Reliability

1979  Forces on Block Bodies Accelerating in Still Fluid

1979  Identification of Nonlinear Structural Dynamic Systems

1979  Local Wave Force Cefficients

1979  Sensitivity Analysis of the Timoshenko Beams

1979  Wave-Induced Instability of Cubes on the Sea Floor

1978  Orifice Effects on Oscillatory Flow

1978  Penetration of Projectile into Terrestrial Target

1978  Virtual Mass of Coarse Granular Media

1977  Dimensionless Solutions of Border-Irrigation Advance

1977  Drag and Inertia Forces on a Cylinder in Periodic Flow

1976  Interaction of Water Waves with Cylinder Barrier

1975  Bernoulli Equation with Noninertial References

1975  Dynamic Tornadic Wind Loads on Tall Buildings

1975  Sediment Inertia as Cause of River Antidunes

1972  Mechanical Excitation of Offshore Tower Model

1972  Nonlinear Wave Forces on a Vertical Cylinder

1971  Low Velocity Projectile Penetration

1970  Vibrations of Timoshenko Beams and Frameworks

1968  Laboratory Study of Inertia Forces on a Pile

1954  Deflection of Members of Variable Moment of Inertia