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2015  Field Testing of a Decommissioned Skewed Steel I-Girder Bridge: Analysis of System Effects

2015  Nonlinear Soil-Foundation-Structure and Structure-Soil-Structure Interaction: Engineering Demands

2014  Fully Nonlinear versus Equivalent Linear Computation Method for Seismic Analysis of Midrise Buildings on Soft Soils

2013  Effect of Pier Section Reinforcement on Inelastic Behavior of Steel I-Girder Bridges

2013  Microplane Model M7 for Plain Concrete. I: Formulation

2013  Microplane Model M7 for Plain Concrete. II: Calibration and Verification

2013  Modelling Particle Breakage in Unsaturated Granular Assemblies

2013  Nonlinear Finite-Element Analysis of Buckling Capacity of Pretwisted Steel Bars

2012  Advanced Analysis in Steel Frame Design, Guidelines for Direct Second-Order Inelastic Analysis

2012  Bouc-Wen Type Hysteretic Plane Stress Element

2012  Control of Inelastic Structures by Weakening and Damping

2012  Improved SelfSim for Inverse Extraction of Nonuniform, Nonlinear, and Inelastic Material Behavior under Cyclic Loadings

2012  Inelastic Analysis Based Optimal Seismic Structural Design

2012  Inelastic Deformation of Extended Pile-Shafts

2012  Inelastic Thermal Analysis of Preloaded Steel Trusses Undergoing Heating and Cooling Stages

2012  Method for Probabilistic Displacement-Based Design of RC Structures

2012  Optimal Nonlinear Damping for Inelastic Structures Using Dimensional Analysis

2012  Prediction of Inelastic Mechanisms Leading to Seismic Failure of Interior Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Connections

2012  Section Discretization of Fiber Beam-Column Elements for Cyclic Inelastic Response

2012  Seismic Demand of Low-Rise Multistory Systems with General Asymmetry

2012  Shake Table Testing of Slender RC Shear Walls Subjected to Eastern North America Seismic Ground Motions

2011  Buckling Behavior of Shell Elements Subjected to Inelastic Reversed Cyclic Loading

2011  Damage-Based Design Earthquake Loads for Single-Degree-Of-Freedom Inelastic Structures

2011  Dimensional Response Analysis of Bilinear Systems Subjected to Non-pulselike Earthquake Ground Motions

2011  Dynamic Analysis of Three-Dimensional Frames with Material and Geometric Nonlinearities

2011  Experimental Validation of Replaceable Shear Links for Eccentrically Braced Steel Frames

2011  Fragility Analysis and Seismic Record Selection

2011  Improved Formulation in Mixed-Based State-Space Approach for Large Displacement Inelastic Analysis of Frames

2011  Inelastic Strength Behavior of Horizontally Curved Composite I-Girder Bridge Structural Systems: Fixed-End Bridge FEA Study

2011  Nonlinear Inelastic Dynamic Analysis of I-Beams Curved In-Plan

2011  Wave Passage and Ground Motion Incoherency Effects on Seismic Response of an Extended Bridge

2010  Decoupling Criteria for Inelastic Irregular Primary/Secondary Structural Systems Subject to Seismic Excitation

2010  Dimensional Response Analysis of Multistory Regular Steel MRF Subjected to Pulselike Earthquake Ground Motions

2010  Estimation of Influence Tensors for Eigenstressed Multiphase Elastic Media with Nonaligned Inclusion Phases of Arbitrary Ellipsoidal Shape

2010  Experimental Investigation of the Axial Capacity of Inelastically Pretwisted Steel Bars

2010  Hysteresis Model of Thin Infill Plate for Cyclic Nonlinear Analysis of Steel Plate Shear Walls

2010  Inelastic Analysis of Complex Structure Based on Market Theory and Force Analogy Method

2010  Inelastic Dynamic Finite-Element Design of Light Gauge Metal Stud Façade Systems for Blast Loading

2010  Inelastic Plate Buckling

2010  Inelastic Seismic Response of Rectangular RC Buildings with Plan Aspect Ratio of 3:1 with Floor Diaphragm Openings

2010  Modeling Fracture and Failure of Heterogeneous and Inelastic Asphaltic Materials Using the Cohesive Zone Concept and the Finite Element Method

2010  Modified Elastofiber Element for Steel Slender Column and Brace Modeling

2010  Moment-Rotation Response of Slender Steel I-Girders

2010  Nonlinear Static Analysis of Structures with Rocking Columns

2010  Rotation Requirements for Moment Redistribution in Steel Bridge I-Girders

2010  Stresses in External and Internal Unbonded Tendons: Unified Methodology and Design Equations

2009  Analytical Response and Design of Buildings with Metallic Structural Fuses. I

2009  Analytical Solution of Two-Layer Beam Taking into Account Nonlinear Interlayer Slip

2009  Distribution of Inelastic Demand in Slender R/C Shear Walls Subjected to Eastern North America Ground Motions

2009  Efficient Beam-Column Element with Variable Inelastic End Zones

2009  Experimental Investigation of the Interaction of Local and Overall Buckling of Stainless Steel I-Columns

2009  Experimental Response of Buildings Designed with Metallic Structural Fuses. II

2009  Inelastic Analysis of Foundation Structures

2009  Inelastic Behavior of Structural Steels under Cyclic Biaxial Nonproportional Loading

2009  Inelastic Effective Length Factor of Nonsway Reinforced Concrete Columns

2009  Meshfree Method for Inelastic Frame Analysis

2009  Nonlinear Viscoelastic Wave Propagation: An Extension of Nearly Constant Attenuation Models

2009  Physical-Parameter Identification of Base-Isolated Buildings Using Backbone Curves

2009  Seismic Acceleration Demands on Nonstructural Components Attached to Elastic and Inelastic Structures

2009  Seismic Energy Dissipation of Inelastic Structures with Multiple Tuned Mass Dampers

2009  Simple Approach for Calculating Inelastic Deflections of Simply Supported Steel Beams under Fire

2008  Cast Steel Connectors for Circular Hollow Section Braces under Inelastic Cyclic Loading

2008  Dimensional Response Analysis of Inelastic Structures

2008  Inelastic Cyclic Testing of the Kaiser Bolted Bracket Moment Connection

2008  Inelastic Displacement Ratios of Degrading Systems

2008  Inelastic Dynamic Finite-Element Design of Glazed Facade Systems for Blast Loading

2008  An Inelastic Model for Low Cycle Fatigue Prediction in Steel Braces

2008  Influence of Brace Slenderness on the Fracture Life of Rectangular Tubular Steel Bracing Members Subjected to Seismic Inelastic Loading

2008  Model for Cyclic Inelastic Buckling of Steel Braces

2008  Noniterative Optimization Procedure for Seismic Weakening and Damping of Inelastic Structures

2008  Physical Theory Hysteretic Model for Steel Braces

2008  Second-Order Sensitivities of Inelastic Finite-Element Response by Direct Differentiation

2008  Shaking Table Study on Displacement-Based Design for Seismic Retrofit of Existing Buildings Using Nonlinear Viscous Dampers

2007  Conceptual Seismic Design of Regular Frames Based on the Concept of Uniform Damage

2007  Development and Validation of a Generalized Biaxial Hysteresis Model

2007  Effect of Supplemental Viscous Damping on the Seismic Response of Struct. Systems with Metallic Dampers

2007  Evaluation of Current Nonlinear Static Procedures Using Strong Motion Records

2007  Flexural Behavior of Brittle RC Members Rehabilitated with Concrete Jacketing

2007  Flexural Strength for General Lateral — Torsional Buckling

2007  Multiobjective Optimization for Performance-Based Design of Reinforced Concrete Frames

2007  Probabilistic Performance-Based Optimal Design of Steel Moment-Resisting Frames. I: Formulation

2007  Probabilistic Performance-Based Optimal Design of Steel Moment-Resisting Frames. II: Applications

2007  Response of Beams to Shock Loading: Inelastic Range

2007  Stochastic Dynamic Analysis of Inelastic Structures Using Force Analogy Method

2007  Uncoupling of Potential Energy in Nonlinear Seismic Analysis of Framed Structures

2006  Identification and Interpretation of Microplane Material Laws

2006  Inelastic Analysis of Fixed Offshore Platforms for Earthquake Loading

2006  Inelastic Behavior of a Continuous Composite Box-Girder Bridge with Prefabricated Slabs

2006  Inelastic Dynamic Progressive Collapse Analysis of Truss Structures

2006  New Approach for Seismic Nonlinear Analysis of Inelastic Framed Structures

2006  Second Order Nonlinear Inelastic Analysis of Composite Steel–Concrete Members. I: Theory

2006  Second Order Nonlinear Inelastic Analysis of Composite Steel–Concrete Members. II: Applications

2006  Seismic Reliability of Low-Rise Nonsymmetric Woodframe Buildings

2005  Advanced Analysis of Imperfect Portal Frames with Semirigid Base Connections

2005  Bending Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with Composite Materials using Inelastic and Nonlinear Adhesives

2005  Direct Inelastic Earthquake Design using Secant Stiffness

2005  Evaluation of Drift Demands for the Seismic Performance Assessment of Frames

2005  IDA Capacity Curves: The Need for Alternative Intensity Factors

2005  Inelastic Buckling of Reinforcing Bars

2005  Inelastic Dynamic Response of Curtainwall Systems to Blast Loading