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2015  Feasibility of Remote Sensing for Multihazard Analysis of Landslides in Padang Pariaman during the 2009 Padang Earthquake

2014  The Sequis Centre, Indonesia’s first building to be designed with a view to earning platinum certification in the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program, is now under construction...

2014  Strong-Motion Instrument Spatial Distribution Model for Indonesia

2014  Urbanization for Everyone: Benefits of Urbanization in Indonesia’s Rural Regions

2013  Mechanism of rainfall triggering landslides in Kulonprogo, Indonesia

2013  Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia, Earthquake of 2009, Lifeline Performance

2012  Jakarta Skyscraper to Reach Megaheights

2012  Modeling Contingent Liabilities Arising from Government Guarantees in Indonesian BOT/PPP Toll Roads

2011  Cohesive Sediment Transport Modeling: Application to the Madura Strait, Indonesia

2011  Lesson Learned from Road Infrastructure Deterioration Caused by Earthquake 7.6 MW and 6.2 MW Padang, September 30, 2009

2011  Robust Conservation Decision-Making

2011  Selecting BOT/PPP Infrastructure Projects for Government Guarantee Portfolio under Conditions of Budget and Risk in the Indonesian Context

2011  Site-Specific Seismic Analyses for Deep Stiff Clay: Jakarta Site, Indonesia

2010  Backcasting Assessment of Strategies for Efficiently Sustainable Urban Transport Developments of Developing Cities

2010  Comparison Analysis of Idle Emissions Measurement Program in Jabodetabek, Indonesia

2010  Gender and Age Factors in Tsunami Casualties

2010  Optimizing Signalized Roundabout by Computer Simulation (Case Study: Pelem Gurih Roundabout, Yogyakarta)

2009  Shoreline Protection Evaluation for a Post-Tsunami Highway in Indonesia

2008  Extreme Tsunami Run Up and Inundation Flows at Banda Aceh, Indonesia: Are There Any Solutions to this Type of Coastal Disaster?

2008  NewsBriefs: Mud Volcano Triggered by Drilling

2007  Beach Morphology at Banda Aceh, Indonesia in Response to the Tsunami on 26 December 2004

2007  New Honai Design Prototype in Yakuhimo, Papua: A CFD Simulation Study

2006  In Cycle Shotcrete Application in Development Activity of DOZ Mine, Pt. Freeport Indonesia

2006  A Watershed Nutrient Management Model: System Dynamics and Transport Rates Approach

2005  Financial Risk Analysis of Project Finance in Indonesian Toll Roads

2004  Community-Based Urban Safe Water Management in Semarang Indonesia

2004  Constructability Practices among Construction Contractors in Indonesia

2004  Port Infrastructure for Mine Development in Remote Locations

2004  Water Resources Management Policy Evaluation in the Brantas Basin, East Java, Indonesia

2003  Leakage Control—Finding a New Resource from the Existing One

2002  Rapid Assessment of Water Systems Based on Internal Consistency

2001  The Benefits of Replacing LP Solvers in Basin Allocation Models with a Generalized Non-Linear Evolutionary Network Flow Solver (SFEP)

2001  Three-Dimensional Velocity Structure and Suspended Sediments at Coral Reefs in Teluk Banten, Indonesia

2000  New Developments and Urban Mobility in Jakarta Area

1999  Integrated Design Optimization for a Tropical Land Reclamation: Bali Turtle Island Development

1998  Behavioral Analysis on Intercity Bus Terminal: A Case Study of Probolinggo City, Indonesia

1998  Satellite Altimeter Data in Wave Energy Studies

1997  $29 Billion Asian Airport Market Seen

1997  The Development of an On-Line, Interactive, Tsunami-Information Resource

1997  Regional Comparison of Indonesian Construction Productivity

1997  Turnkey Blockbuster in Indonesia

1996  Performance Assessment Modeling of the Proposed Genting Island Repository Facility

1996  Traditional People and a Modern Mining Company Working Towards Sustainability in Indonesia

1995  Numerical Simulation of the 1992 Flores Tsunami in Indonesia: Discussion of large runup heights in the Northeastern Flores Island

1995  Prediction of the Maximum Wave on the Coral Flat

1994  Station-Year Approach: Tool for Estimation of Design Floods

1993  Governmental Priorities in Irrigation Project Selection in Indonesia

1993  Humid Tropical Zone Deltas, Their Potential and Limitations for Development: Examples from Java, Indonesia

1993  Jatiluhur Dam: Problems and Rehabilitation

1993  Wooden Shoes Step on Indonesian Feet

1992  ASCE Indonesia Group Holds Its First Seminar

1992  Water Availability and Water Demand Study for the Citanduy River Basin, West and Central Java, Indonesia

1991  Abrasion at the Tanah Lot Temple - Bali - Indonesia, and Its Counter Measures

1991  In-Mine Hydroelectric Power Generating Station

1991  Pacific Rim Regional Saltwater Intrusion Control

1991  Start-ups

1991  Technology Transfer, U.S.—Indonesian Style

1990  Simple Tests to Assess Water Quality in Indonesia

1989  An Action Plan for Sustainable Development of Indonesia’s Marine and Coastal Resources

1989  Developing Coastal Area Management Plans in the Southeast Asian Region

1989  Marine and Coastal Sector Development in Indonesia—A Strategy for Assistance

1989  The Merits of Aeromovel Within Jakarta Financial and Economic

1989  Zonation Among Demersal Fishes of Southeast Asia: The Southwest Shelf of Indonesia

1988  The BRANCH Model and the Segara Anakan Study

1988  Drainage Through Segara Anakan

1987  Bridge Engineering Training Course for Indonesian Engineers

1987  Indonesia’s Massive Programme for IKK Water Supply System

1987  Marine Resource Management in the Java Sea

1987  Technology of Small Community Water Supply Systems in Developing Countries

1986  Theater Symbolizes Snail Legend

1978  Application of Cossarr Model in Central Java

1959  Oil Loading Terminal Pakning Sumatra

1905  Irrigation: Irrigation In Java