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2014  DRAINMOD-DSSAT Simulation of the Hydrology, Nitrogen Dynamics, and Plant Growth of a Drained Corn Field in Indiana

2014  Dynamic Facade Adorns Hospital Garage

2014  Site Characterization and Geotechnical Roadway Design over Karst: Interstate 69, Greene and Monroe Counties, Indiana

2013  Calibrating a Sanitary Sewer System for Low and High flows

2013  Characterizing Transient Storage and Nitrate Uptake for Pre-restoration Monitoring of Lost Creek

2013  Determining Viable Sizes for Indiana Communities Based on Essential Establishments and Services

2013  Estimation of Daily Traffic on Local Roads in Indiana State - A Mix of Heuristic Search Tool, GIS, and Visum Simulation

2013  Evaluation for Microsurfacing as Pavement Preservation Treatment

2013  The incredibly loud explosion that could be heard at 9 am on July 23 in Milton, Kentucky, and Madison, Indiana, ... came from carefully controlled explosive charges ...

2013  Influence of Land Use, Precipitation, and Mean Monthly Temperature on High Flow Trends in an Urban Watershed

2012  Analyzing Inflow Trend of Indiana Reservoirs Using SOM

2012  Analyzing the Low Flow Trends in Northwest Indiana Using Neural Network

2012  Applying Risk-Benefit Analysis to Select an Appropriate Streambank Stabilization Measure

2012  Exploring Effects of Urbanization on Stream Health: A Characterization of Water Quality and Channel Stability along Lost Creek

2012  Hazard-Based Analysis of Highway Project Development Times

2012  The Indiana State Fair Collapse Incident: Anatomy of a Failure

2012  Structural Investigation of the Sherman Minton Bridge Closure

2011  Characterizing Spatial Variability of Cone Penetration Testing through Geostatistical Evaluation

2011  Comparison of Predicted Cyclic Resistance Ratios from CPT, DMT, and Shear Wave Velocity Tests in Griffin, Indiana

2011  Indiana Rainfall Pattern Trends: The Influence of Large Wind Farms

2011  Monitoring Streambank Properties and Erosion Potential for the Restoration of Lost Creek

2011  ’Sliding Truss’ Method Reduces Traffic Disruption during Bridge Replacement

2010  Cost Savings Analysis of Performance-Based Contracts for Highway Maintenance Operations

2010  Frequency of Change Orders in Highway Construction Using Alternate Count-Data Modeling Methods

2010  Incorporating Surface Storage and Slope to Estimate Clark Unit Hydrographs for Ungauged Indiana Watersheds

2010  Integration of Restoration Education into Undergraduate Course Work and Community Group Activities through the Lost Creek Restoration Project

2010  Lakewood RainCatchers Pilot Project for Reducing Combined Sewer Overflows

2010  Short Takes: Indiana Infrastructure Report Cites Dam, Wastewater Issues

2010  Stream Relocation Design and Monitoring in a Rapidly Urbanizing Watershed: EFWLC, Indianapolis, Indiana

2009  Estimated Particulate Emissions by Wind Erosion from the Indiana Harbor Confined Disposal Facility

2008  At-Site Based Evaluation of Rainfall Estimates for Indiana

2008  Karst and Complications

2008  Multiscale Analysis of Census-Based Land Surface Temperature Variations and Determinants in Indianapolis, United States

2007  Statistical Analysis of Extreme Rainfall Events over Indiana, USA

2006  Court Decisions: Contractor Not Liable for Subcontractor Safety

2006  Court Decisions: Payment May be Requested After Others Complete Work

2006  People: Banks to Head Purdue School of Civil Engineering

2006  People: Herceg Honored for Hurricane Recovery Work

2005  Calibration of Capacity Parameters for Signalized Intersections in Indiana

2005  Court Decisions: Contractor Compensated For Changes Made to Comply with Codes

2005  Ecosystem-Based Restoration of the Illinois River: System Objectives, Vision, and Restoration Goals and Alternatives

2005  The Goose Pond Wetland Restoration Project: Balancing Private Interests with the Goals of Local, State and Federal Governmental Programs

2005  Indianapolis People Mover – 2004 Project of the Year

2005  Major Automated Guideway Transit Systems for American Cities

2005  Roped Automatic People Mover Systems

2005  Socioeconomic Correlates and Environmental Impacts of Urban Development in a Central Indiana Landscapes

2004  Brittle Fracture of the Blue River Bridge

2004  Budget Allocation for Steel Bridge Paint Maintenance

2004  Case Studies on the Use of HDPE Pipe for Municipal and Industrial Projects in North America

2004  Court Decisions: Lawsuit Does Not Nullify Arbitration

2004  Environmental Engineering: Indiana to Restore Grand Calumet River

2004  Examination of the Role of Physical Resolution and Scale on Sediment and Nutrient Yields

2004  Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP): A New Rehabilitation Technique for Sewers in Indiana

2004  Harbor Maintenance Using a Regional Sediment Management Approach

2004  Hydrogeologic Modeling for Interstate I-70 Depressed Section Underdrainage

2004  Investigation of Permeability on Indiana SR-38

2004  Par Excellence

2004  Seismic Analysis of Glenwood Middle School, Evansville, Indiana

2004  Technology: Sewer Sensors Offer Promise for Reducing Overflows

2004  Use of Greenway Trails in Indiana

2004  Using Effective Discharge Analysis Methods and a Sediment Transport Reference Reach in the Design of an Urbanizing Sand-Gravel Channel

2004  Wastewater Treatment Using Constructed Wetlands at Highway Rest Areas: A Demonstration Project at I-70 Near Greenfield, IN

2003  Escherichia Colia Monitoring in the Spring Mill Lake Watershed in South-Central Indiana

2003  Predicting Flow in Subsurface Agricultural Drains Using the Green-Ampt Model

2003  Real-Time Watershed Delineation System Using Web-GIS

2003  Transportation: Streamlined Review Advances Stalled Projects

2003  Utilizing GIS in Developing Realistic Demand Distributions to Support Modeling in Water Supply Master Planning

2002  Consolidated Effort

2002  Disaster Management System for Southwestern Indiana

2002  Drinking Water: USFilter to Manage Indianapolis Plant

2002  Montioring and Modeling of Tandem Breakwater System at Hammond, IN

2002  Statewide Performance Function for Steel Bridge Protection Systems

2001  Design-Builder Selection for Small Highway Projects

2001  Field Documentation of Improvements in Well Performance using Innovative Rehabilitation Methods

2001  Franchise Agreement with the City of Indianapolis: A New Approach to People Mover Implementation in American Cities

2001  Semiparametric Hazard Rate Models of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Deck Deterioration

2001  Station Design for the Clarian Health People Mover System

2000  Board Cannot Exclude Contractor

2000  Fractal Measures of Dense Stream Networks

2000  Out-of-State Engineers Must Meet Requirements

2000  Regionalization of Droughts

1999  Cost-Effectiveness Evaluation of Hoosier Helper Freeway Service Patrol

1999  Evaluation of Historical Scour at Selected Stream Crossings in Indiana

1999  Indiana Lane Merge System for Work Zones on Rural Freeways

1999  Indianapolis Faces $2-Billion Sewer Bill

1999  Reciprocity Affects P.E. Exam Requirements

1999  Speedway Looks at New Formula for Success

1998  U.S. Steel Pledges $30 Million for River Cleanup

1997  Design/Build Cleans Up Superfund Site

1997  Microtunneling Milestone

1996  Balancing Aviation, Highway, and Development Needs: Multimodal Planning at Indianapolis International Airport

1996  Indianapolis Uses New Radar Technology to Refine Hyetographs for CSO Model and SSES Studies

1995  The Development and Implementation of the Indiana Bridge Management System

1995  Development of a Drought Warning System for Indiana

1995  Drainage Network Simulation Using Digital Elevation Models

1995  Epoxy-Coated Rebar Doing Well in Indiana After All These Years, Study Finds

1995  Indianapolis’ Aquifer Strategic Defense Initiative

1995  Rubble-Mound Breakwater Wave-Attenuation and Stability Tests Burns Waterway Harbor, Indiana

1994  Fish Passage/Protection: Big Costs, Little Data

1993  An Efficient Method for Assessing Channel Instability Near Bridges