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2011  Elastoplastic Damaging Model for Adhesive Anchor Systems. I: Theoretical Formulation and Numerical Implementation

2011  Goal and Process Alignment during the Implementation of Decision Support Systems by Project Teams

2010  Exchange Model and Exchange Object Concepts for Implementation of National BIM Standards

2010  The Implementation of BIM Standards at the Firm Level

2010  Understanding and Managing Three-Dimensional/Four-Dimensional Model Implementations at the Project Team Level

2009  An Automated Tool for Identifying the Implications of Changes in Construction Projects

2009  Bidirectional Pseudodynamic Testing

2009  Collaborative BIM Modeling Case Study — Process and Results

2009  Combining GIS, BMP Performance, and Strategic Planning to Support Water Quality Implementation Planning

2009  Design and Implementation of Optimized Hydrologic Unit Watersheds for Rainfall-Runoff Modeling

2009  Generic Methodology for Evaluating Net Benefit of Asset Management System Implementation

2009  Illustrative Field Configuration and Evaluation of Traffic-Responsive Control

2009  Implementation and Performance of Stormwater Best Management Practice Retrofits in Wilmington, NC

2009  Linking Nonlinear System Identification with Nonlinear Dynamic Simulation under OpenSees: Some Justifications and Implementations

2009  LRFD Implementation Effects on Geotechnical Investigation and Design

2009  The Model of Double-Layer Optimization Transportation and Its Algorithm

2009  Real-Time Implementation of Contamination Source Identification Method for Water Distribution Systems

2009  Standards for Successful APM Implementation

2008  Application of Game Theory to the Implementation of Reverse Supply Chain

2008  Design and Implementation of Scalable Wireless Sensor Network for Structural Monitoring

2008  Implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) on the Renovation of the Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta

2008  Linking Transportation Planning to Program Implementation

2008  Promoting Multiple Water Use Services Based on Integrated Water Resources Management: The Planning and Implementation

2008  A Transformational Approach to Teaching Matrix Structural Analysis, and Visual Implementation using Mathcad

2007  Antecedents of Successful Three-Dimensional Computer-Aided Design Implementation in Design and Construction Networks

2007  Development and Implementation of Performance Evaluation System for a Water Treatment Plant: Case Study of Taipei Water Treatment Plant

2007  Master Planning and Implementation of Phase IV Expansion: Manzanillo International Terminal — Panama, S.A., Colón, Republic of Panama

2007  Strategic Implementation of Cruise Facility Improvements in Ketchikan, Alaska

2006  Formulation and Implementation of a Lead-Rubber Bearing Model Including Material and Geometric Nonlinearities

2006  Planning and Implementation of a Seismic Monitoring System for the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge in Cape Girardeau, MO

2006  Tuning of Robust Distant Downstream PI Controllers for an Irrigation Canal Pool. II: Implementation Issues

2005  Error Propagation in Implicit Pseudodynamic Testing of Nonlinear Systems

2005  Integrated Cost and Schedule Control: Variables for Theory and Implementation

2004  Viewing Total Maximum Daily Loads as a Process, Not a Singular Value: Adaptive Watershed Management

2002  Virtual Teams: A Guide to Successful Implementation

2000  Implementing Actuated Control of Diamond Interchanges

2000  Implementing the NSB Report Entitled Environmental Science and Engineering in the 21st Century: The Role of the National Science Foundation

1998  Models of Construction Innovation

1998  Total Quality Management Implementations and Results: Progress Update

1998  The Use of Dispute Review Boards on Construction Projects in Asia: Present and Future

1997  Black & Veatch Heads Philippine Airport Team

1997  Five Years of Australian Limit States Steel Design

1997  Traffic Control Systems Handbook. Report Number: FHWA-SA 95-032 by Robert L. Gordon, Robert A. Reiss, Herman Haenel, E. Ryerson Case, Robert L. French, Abbas Mohaddes and Ronald Wolcott

1996  Developing the Infrastructure for Lead Assessment and Abatement

1996  Integrated Civil Engineering Curriculum: Implementation and Management Issues

1996  Should Conversion to SI System Continue to be Debated?

1996  Total Quality Management Implementations and Results

1995  CERF Launches New Awards Program for Innovation

1995  A Guide to the Implementation of Technology in the Construction Industry

1995  Open-Space Technology

1995  Overcoming Barriers to Successful Constructability Implementation Efforts

1995  Strategic Planning Pays Off

1995  Tema: La Transferencia de Nuevas Tecnologías

1995  Topic: Transfer of New Technologies

1994  Difficulties with Implementation of Goal Setting for Construction

1994  SI the Hard Way

1994  Small - Office CADD Implementation

1993  Applying PMS Lessons to New Infrastructure Tools

1993  Applying Total Quality Management to Design and Construction

1993  Borehole Security on the Yucca Mountain Project

1993  Bridge Management System Implemented in Thailand

1993  Canadian Pavement Management Systems

1993  Case Study of Electronic Toll Collection in the Central Artery/Tunnel Project—Boston

1993  Congestion Pricing with Tolls and Subsidies

1993  Construction Information Management

1993  Coordination of ISTEA—1991 Management Systems

1993  Cost-Benefit Evaluation of Network Level Pavement Management

1993  The DOE Waste Acceptance Process for the Vitrified High-Level Waste Form

1993  ECO-NEIGHBORHOOD and Citizen Action

1993  An Entity Relationship Model of Construction Project Data

1993  Framework for an Automated Quality Control System in Working Drawing Production

1993  High-Speed Railways and Development in Japan

1993  How to Get Local Public Works Agencies to Use Structured Infrastructure Management Approaches

1993  Implementation of GIS for Water Resources Planning and Management

1993  Implementing TQM in Engineering and Construction

1993  An Integrated Computer-Based Total Design Environment for Civil Engineering Education

1993  Interactive Simulation for Modeling Dynamic Driver Behavior in Response to ATIS

1993  IVHS-Organizational Structure and Staffing

1993  Managing Implementation of Change

1993  Migration to a Networked Workstation Environment

1993  Object-Oriented Finite Element Modeling

1993  Plan for Development and Implementation of a Domestic Maglev Network

1993  PMS Implementation: Guidelines and Lessons Learned

1993  Potential for the Segmental Development of High Speed Rail in the Orlando-Tampa Corridor

1993  Promoting Management Systems Within Organizations

1993  Simulation Architecture for Advanced Traffic Management Systems

1993  User Identified Short-Term and Long-Term Needs for Pavement Management Innovation

1993  User-Friendly Simulation Model for Traffic Networks with ATIS/ATMS

1993  Using a Geographical Information System to Facilitate Implementation of a Pavement Management System

1993  Utility-DOE Interface Considerations of the Universal Container Systems Concept

1993  Yucca Mountain Student Tours: Response, Reactions, and Results

1992  The Role of the Repository Implementer in Providing and Demonstrating Safe Disposal of Radioactive Wastes

1991  Essential Success Factors for Strategic Planning

1991  Institutional Barriers to IVHS Introduction

1991  Nearshore Nourishment Implementation, Monitoring & Model Studies of 1.5M³ at Kirra Beach

1990  Development and Implementation of the Wekiva River Basin Regulatory Program in Central Florida

1990  A Graphical Database for Transportation Systems

1990  Guidelines for Micro-CADD Implementation - How You Can Do it Right the First Time

1990  Implementing the E-470 Beltway

1990  Risk Assessment in Federal Hazardous and Toxic Materials Management and Remediation