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Found 81 Records with the keyword term of "Impact forces"

2014  Beam Response to Longitudinal Impact by a Pole

2014  Full-Scale Experimental Study of Impact Demands Resulting from High Mass, Low Velocity Debris

2014  Investigating the Effect of Nonstructural Mass on Impact Forces from Elastic Debris

2014  Parametric Effects on Evaluation of an Impact-Damaged Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girder Repaired by Externally Bonded Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Sheets

2014  Retracted: Choi, Jungyoul "Influence of Track Support Stiffness of Railway Tracks on Track Impact Factor" . Eng. Mech., 140(8), 04014052, 10.1061/(ASCE)EM.1943-7889.0000744

2014  Simulating the Response of a Composite Honeycomb Energy Absorber. II: Full-Scale Impact Testing

2013  Evaluation of Tsunami Loads on Wood-Frame Walls at Full Scale

2013  Impact Resistance of Polyurea-Coated High-Performance Cementitious Composites

2013  Seismic Control of Power Transmission Tower Using Pounding TMD

2012  Drive-In Steel Storage Racks. II: Reliability-Based Design for Forklift Truck Impact

2012  Effects of Ice-Breaking Nose Shapes on Drift Ice Impact Forces

2012  Impact Behaviors of CFT and CFRP Confined CFT Stub Columns

2012  Improved Performance of Railway Ballast under Impact Loads Using Shock Mats

2011  Dynamic Demand of Bridge Structure Subjected to Vessel Impact Using Simplified Interaction Model

2011  Impact Resistance of Annealed Glass Panels

2011  Residual Strength of Impact-Damaged CFRP Used to Strengthen Concrete Structures

2011  Study of Dynamic Impacts on Transmission-Line Systems Attributable to Conductor Breakage Using the Finite-Element Method

2010  Dynamic Crack Propagations in Prestressed Concrete Sleepers in Railway Track Systems Subjected to Severe Impact Loads

2009  Investigation of Common Causes of Bridge Collapse in Colombia

2009  Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of Horizontal Action Impact Drive Sprinkler

2009  Wave-Induced Pressures and Forces on Deck Slabs near the Free Surface

2008  Dynamic Response of a Highway Bridge Subjected to Moving Vehicles

2008  Impact Analysis of Shield Tunneling on Soil Foundation of Urban Road

2008  Impact Mechanics of Composite Materials for Aerospace Application

2008  Inelastic Dynamic Finite-Element Design of Bollard Systems to Impact Loading

2008  Vehicle Induced Dynamic Behavior of Short-Span Slab Bridges Considering Effect of Approach Slab Condition

2007  Discontinuous Bifurcation Analysis of a Coupled Rate-Dependent Damage and Plasticity Model for Impact Responses

2005  Dynamic and Impact Behavior of Half-Through Arch Bridges

2004  Impact Factors for Horizontally Curved Composite Box Girder Bridges

2004  Maximum Impact Force of Woody Debris on Floodplain Structures

2004  Performance Comparison of Four Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Deck Panels

2002  Analysis and Testing of Piles for Ship Impact Defenses

2002  Effects of Missile Size and Glass Type on Impact Resistance of “Sacrificial Ply” Laminated Glass

2002  Efficient Dynamic Analysis of Multilayered System during Falling Weight Deflectometer Experiments

2002  Predicting Soil and Structure Vibration from Impact Machines

2001  Breaking Wave Impact on a Slender Cylinder

2001  Numerical Modelling of Impact Pressure Propagation in Cracks

2001  Performance Evaluation of Existing Bridge Fenders for Ship Impact

2000  Increased Damping in Cantilevered Traffic Signal Structures

1999  Amplification Effects of Soil Stratification on Ground Stress Waves

1998  Low Velocity Impact Resistance of Laminated Architectural Glass

1997  Dynamic Response of Vertical Elastic Walls to Breaking Wave Impact

1996  The Danger to Satellites from Meteor Storms—A Case Study of the Leonids

1996  Earth-Crossing Asteroids and Comets

1996  Evaluation of Design Wave Impact Pressures

1996  Three-Dimensional Simulation of Structural Pounding During Earthquakes

1995  Analysis of Cable Nets for Boulder Impact

1994  Damage Containment and Residual Strength of Composite Laminates

1994  Implications of Theories of Asteroid and Comet Impact for Policy Options for Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Wastes

1994  Severity Measures in Side-Impacts with Narrow Roadside Structures

1994  Shelters for Hurricane Refuge

1993  Dynamic Response of Fibre-Reinforced Composite Plates Under Distributed Impact Loads

1993  Impact Breaking Wave Pressures on Vertical Walls

1993  Impact Loads Induced by Plunging Breakers on Vertical Structures

1993  Postbreakage Behavior of Heat Strengthened Laminated Glass under Wind Effects

1992  Collisional Restitution Dependence on Viscosity

1992  Impact Craters on Cosmic Dust: Do Damage to the Spacecraft

1992  Mechanical Response of Cellular Materials Used in Waste Shipping Containers

1992  Numerical and Experimental Studies of Vibration of Impact Damaged SMC Composite Plates

1992  Transient Analysis of Flexible Space Structures

1991  Nonlinear Impact and Chaotic Response of Slender Rocking Objects

1990  Effect of First Reflections in Dynamic Tear Test

1990  Measurement of Impact Fracture Toughness of FRC

1990  Space Station Freedom Pressurized Module Meteoroid/Debris Protection

1990  Unified Approach to Ground Improvement by Heavy Tamping

1989  Incremental Damage Assessment (IDA) For Lake Darling Dam

1986  Berthing Impact Force Distribution on Pile Supported Pier Structures

1986  Dynamic Response of a Caisson Plate to Wave Impact

1985  Ice Floe Impact Force on Vertical Sided Structures

1985  Response of Semi-Submersibles in Ice Environment

1984  Low Velocity Impact Resistance of Tough Composites

1984  Response Spectra for Beams Due to an Impact

1983  Residual Strength of Impacted SMC Composites

1982  Impact Factors for Fatigue Design

1982  Shock Pressure of Breaking Waves on Vertical Walls

1981  Soil-Steel Structure Response to Live Loads

1980  Vehicle Braking on Highway Bridges

1979  Impact Forces on Horizontal Members

1979  Projectile Penetration into Steel

1979  Railway-Bridge Impact: Simplified Train and Bridge Model

1978  Corrugations on Gravel and Lateritic Roads