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2014  Procedure for Site Assessment of the Potential for Tsunami Debris Impact

2012  Ballistic Impact Testing of Aluminum 2024 and Titanium 6Al-4V for Material Model Development

2012  Characterization and Analysis of Triaxially Braided Polymer Composites under Static and Impact Loads

2012  Impact Assessment of Community Participation in Solid Waste Management Projects in Selected Areas of Faisalabad City

2011  Equivalent Static Analysis Method for Barge Impact-Resistant Bridge Design

2011  Parametric Analysis of Transient Beam Behavior with Impact

2011  Uplift Capacity and Impact Resistance of Roof Tiles

2010  Automated Materials Tracking and Locating: Impact Modeling and Estimation

2010  Effect of Secondary Impacts on SPT Rod Energy and Sampler Penetration

2010  Unreinforced Concrete Masonry Walls Strengthened with CFRP Sheets and Strips under Pendulum Impact

2009  Ballistic Impact and Crashworthiness Response of Aerospace Structures

2009  Ballistic Impact Response of Kevlar 49 and Zylon under Conditions Representing Jet Engine Fan Containment

2009  Dominant Factor in the Collapse of WTC-1

2009  Explicit Finite-Element Analysis of 2024-T3/T351 Aluminum Material under Impact Loading for Airplane Engine Containment and Fragment Shielding

2009  Impact Response of Externally Strengthened Unreinforced Masonry Walls Using CFRP

2009  Methodology for Impact Modeling of Triaxial Braided Composites Using Shell Elements

2009  Semianalytical Solution of Wave-Controlled Impact on Composite Laminates

2009  Shuttle Debris Impact Analysis: Postreturn to Flight Real-Time Mission Support

2009  Vibro-Impact Behavior of Two Orthogonal Beams

2008  Analysis of Impact Response of Composite Laminates under Prestress

2008  Assessment of Residual Tensile Strength of Carbon/Epoxy Composites Subjected to Low-Energy Impact

2008  Impact Behavior and High-Energy Absorbing Materials

2008  Impact Mechanics and High-Energy Absorbing Materials: Review

2008  Quasi-Static Indentation Behavior of Honeycomb Sandwich Materials and Its Application in Impact Simulations

2006  Loading of a Gavel-Buried Steel Pipe Subjected to Rockfall

2006  Three-Degree-of-Freedom Rigid Model for Seismic Analysis of Cracked Concrete Gravity Dams

2005  Structural Responses of World Trade Center under Aircraft Attacks

2004  Development and Implementation of Rate Dependent Composite Material Model for Shell Element Application in LSDYNA

2004  Transition from Nondeformable Projectile Penetration to Semihydrodynamic Penetration

2003  Characterizing Debris Clouds Created in Oblique Orbital Debris Particle Impact

2003  Court Decisions: Payment of Impact Fee Is Key

2003  Court Supports Impact Fees

2003  Effects of Seismically Induced Pounding at Expansion Joints of Concrete Bridges

2003  Fluid Motion Generated by Impact

2003  The Impact of Volcanic Eruptions during the 1990s

2003  Interactive Failure of Two Impacting Beams

2003  Perforation Thickness and Ballistic Limit of Concrete Target Subjected to Rigid Projectile Impact

2002  Addendum to “Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse?—Simple Analysis”¹

2002  Court Decisions: Village Cannot Impose Impact Fee on Property Owners

2002  Impact: An Integrated Approach for Monitoring the Threat of Earth Orbit Crossing Celestial Bodies

2002  Impacts of Super Typhoon Paka’s (1997) Winds on Guam: Meteorological and Engrg. Perspectives

2001  ASCE Sets Priority Government Relations Issues for the Coming Year

2001  Editor’s Note

2000  Application of HEC-GeoRAS to the Tres Rios, Arizona Feasibility Study

2000  The Coalescence of Environmental and Natural Disaster Impacts

2000  Conceptual Ecological and Physical Framework for Evaluating Receiving Water Impacts

2000  Developer Not Liable for Impact Fees

2000  Effects from Supercritical Ship Operation on Inland Canals

2000  Energy Changes Have Impact on ASCE Members

2000  Greatness, Achievements, and Impacts of Environmental Professionals upon 20th Century Society

2000  Guest Editorial: Twenty-Five Years of Nurturing the Hazards Community

2000  Impact Fee for Roadway Development Ruled Constitutional

2000  Numerical Simulation of Impact of Bores against Inclined Walls

1999  Automated Highways: Effects on Travel, Emissions, and Traveler Welfare

1999  Impact of Change Orders on Labor Efficiency for Mechanical Construction

1999  Inlet Impacts on Local Coastal Processes

1999  Phenomena in Standing Wave Impact on a Horizontal Plate

1999  Stormwater Impacts on Ground Water Quality via Detention Basins

1999  Two and Three-Dimensional Pressure-Impulse Models of Wave Impact on Structures

1999  Wave Impacts on Caisson Breakwaters Situated in Multidirectionally Breaking Seas

1998  ASCE Weighs In on Litigation Impacting Civil Engineers

1998  Critical Impact Point for Longitudinal Barriers

1998  Determining Schedule Impact: Working Practice

1998  Dynamics of Seismic Pounding at Expansion Joints of Concrete Bridges

1998  Effects of Construction on Structures

1998  The Exotic Species Threat to California’s Coastal Resources

1998  Managing Cumulative Impacts to Public Access

1998  Measuring Droplet Impact Energy with Piezoelectric Film

1998  Methodology for Predicting Cooling Water Effects on Fish

1998  Multimodal Impact Fees

1998  A Study of Plunging Wave Impact Pressures on Placed Block Revetments

1998  Viewpoint. The Condition of the Infrastructure System: Looking for the Big Picture

1997  Cause and Characteristics of Impact Pressure Exerted by Spilling and Plunging Breakers on a Vertical Wall

1997  Computer Simulations of Roadside Crash Cushion Impacts

1997  Experimental Analysis of Impact-Damped Flexible Beams

1997  Littoral Impact of Ocean City Inlet, Maryland, USA

1997  Load Distribution and Impact Factors for I-Girder Bridges

1997  Modelling the Impact of Detached Breakwaters on the Coast

1997  Numerical Model of Impact-Damped Continuous Systems

1997  Quantitative Impacts of Project Change: Size Issues

1997  Response of Plate and Shell Structures due to Low Velocity Impact

1997  Stability of Reshaping Breakwaters with Special Reference to Stone Durability

1997  Transient Impact Response of Bridge I-Girders with and without Flaws

1997  Vehicle-Bridge Interaction Element for Dynamic Analysis

1997  Wave Impact Beneath a Horizontal Surface

1996  Benefits/Impacts of Utilizing Depleted Uranium Silicate Glass as Backfill for Spent Fuel Waste Packages

1996  Climate Change: What the North American Water Engineer Should Know

1996  Climate Variability Impact on the Water Resources of Ancient Andean Civilizations

1996  Effect of Temperature and Galvanization on Cold-Formed Steel

1996  Impact-Generated Atmospheric Plumes: The Threat to Satellites in Low-Earth Orbit

1996  Impacts of Sea Level Rise on Coastal Water Resources Management

1996  The Integration of Receiving Water Impacts in the Evaluation Process of Alternative Designs for CSO Abatement in Providence, RI

1996  Local Damage Assessment of Metal Barriers under Turbine Missile Impacts

1996  A Model of Meteoroid Atmospheric Entry with Implications for the NEO Hazard and the Impact of Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 on Jupiter

1996  Nonlinear Pounding of Bridges in Earthquakes

1996  Nuclear Explosion Near Surface of Asteroids and Comets - II. General Description of the Phenomenon

1996  Optimal Detection of Short-Warning Near-Earth Object Threats

1996  Performance Characteristics of Polyolefin Fiber Reinforced Concrete

1996  Random Field of Cumulative Damage by Space Debris Impact

1996  Space Debris: A Growing Threat