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2015  Temperature-Based Structural Identification of Long-Span Bridges

2014  Reconfigurable Intelligent Control Architecture of a Small-Scale Unmanned Helicopter

2013  Bayesian Approach for Probabilistic Site Characterization Using Cone Penetration Tests

2013  Identification of Hysteretic Dynamic Systems by Using Hybrid Extended Kalman Filter and Wavelet Multiresolution Analysis with Limited Observation

2013  Identification of Physically Simulated Damage on a Footbridge Based on Ambient Vibration Data

2013  Identification of Truck Types using Strain Sensors include Co-located Strain Gauges

2013  Parameter Identification System (PARIS) for Automated Finite Element Model Updating of Full-Scale Structures

2013  Parametric Identification of Nondegrading Hysteresis in a Laterally and Torsionally Coupled Building Using an Unscented Kalman Filter

2013  Structural Identification Methods for Full-Scale Bridges

2013  Time Domain Identification of Structures: Comparative Analysis of Output-Only Methods

2013  Uncertainties in Identification of a Steel Bridge Dynamic Characteristic

2012  Application and Study of RFID Technology in Logistics

2012  Autonomous Decentralized System Identification by Markov Parameter Estimation Using Distributed Smart Wireless Sensor Networks

2012  Deployment Strategies and Performance Evaluation of a Virtual-Tag-Enabled Indoor Location Sensing Approach

2012  The Design of Electric Materials Management System Based on QR-Code

2012  Development and Application of High-Sensitivity Wireless Smart Sensors for Decentralized Stochastic Modal Identification

2012  Epistemic Model to Monitor the Position of Mobile Sensing Nodes on Construction Sites with Rough Location Data

2012  Formalized Representation for Supporting Automated Identification of Critical Assets in Facilities during Emergencies Triggered by Failures in Building Systems

2012  Interval Analysis for System Identification of Linear MDOF Structures in the Presence of Modeling Errors

2012  Recursive Hilbert-Huang Transform Method for Time-Varying Property Identification of Linear Shear-Type Buildings under Base Excitations

2012  Study of Ways in Ambiguous Path Identification Based on RFID in the Highway Toll System

2012  Things Identification Support System Based on IoT

2012  Tracking of Structural Dynamic Characteristics Using Recursive Stochastic Subspace Identification and Instrumental Variable Technique

2011  Contamination Source Identification in Water Distribution Systems Using an Adaptive Dynamic Optimization Procedure

2011  Dynamic Field Test, System Identification, and Modal Validation of an RC Minaret: Preprocessing and Postprocessing the Wind-Induced Ambient Vibration Data

2011  Dynamic Testing and Structural Identification of the Hypo Bank Office Complex. II: Identification

2011  Eliminating Temperature Effect in Vibration-Based Structural Damage Detection

2011  Fuzzy Active Control of Flexible Structures by Using Electromagnetic Actuators

2011  Mitigating Epistemic Uncertainty in Structural Identification: Case Study for a Long-Span Steel Arch Bridge

2011  Rough Location of License Plate Based on Dot-Matrix Detector

2010  Assessment of Existing Structures Based on Identification

2010  Concrete Column Recognition in Images and Videos

2010  Delamination Detection and Location in Concrete Deck by Modal Identification

2010  Dynamic Identification of a Concrete Bridge with Orthotropic Plate-Type Deck

2010  Efficient Model Correction Method with Modal Measurement

2010  Feature Selection Using Stochastic Search: An Application to System Identification

2010  Genetic-Algorithm-Based Strategies for Dynamic Identification of Nonlinear Systems with Noise-Corrupted Response

2010  Identification and Assessment of Cost Estimating Competencies

2010  Infrastructure Decision-Making Based on Structural Identification

2010  An Integrated View for Structural Identification of Civil Infrastructure Systems: An Overview of a Collaborative ASCE Committee Effort

2010  Load Vectors for Damage Location in Systems Identified from Operational Loads

2010  Machine Vision-Based Concrete Surface Quality Assessment

2010  Modified Cross-Correlation Method for the Blind Identification of Structures

2010  Multimodel Structural Performance Monitoring

2010  Static Testing of Civil Structures: Data Quality and Post-Processing

2010  Structural Reliability Estimation with Vibration-Based Identified Parameters

2009  Application of a Time-Domain Local Identification Methodology to Compact Analysis of Continuous and Complete Structural Response Data

2009  Bayesian Model Updating Using Hybrid Monte Carlo Simulation with Application to Structural Dynamic Models with Many Uncertain Parameters

2009  Blind Identification of Civil Structures

2009  Bursts Identification in Water Distribution Systems

2009  Considering Sensor Characteristics during Measurement-System Design for Structural System Identification

2009  A Critical Realization Identification Method Based on Pareto Dominance Analysis

2009  Direct versus Indirect Method for Identifying FRP-to-Concrete Interface Relationships

2009  Effects of the Structural Identification on the Appearance of Multiple Solutions in Model Updating

2009  GIS and LiDAR Use for Identification of Potential Road Hazard Locations

2009  Identification and Classification of Expansive Soils Based on Attribute Recognition Theory

2009  Identification and Diagnosis of Building Façade Failures

2009  Identification and Modeling of Limit States of Viscous Dampers under Large Earthquakes

2009  Identification of Data Items Needed for Automatic Clash Detection in MEP Design Coordination

2009  Identification of the Hydraulic Model from Operational Measurements for Supervisory Pressure Control

2009  Indicator Generalized Parameterization for Interpolation Point Selection in Groundwater Inverse Modeling

2009  Interactive Visual Construction Progress Monitoring with D4 AR — 4D Augmented Reality — Models

2009  Methodology for Automating the Identification and Localization of Construction Components on Industrial Projects

2009  Modal Parameter Identification of MDOF Structures Based on Vibration Test

2009  A Model of Tunnel Safety Risk Quantitative Identification

2009  Nondetection, False Alarm, and Calibration Insensitivity in Kurtosis- and Pseudofractal-Based Singularity Detection

2009  Parametric Bootstrap for System Identification of a Scaled Reinforced Concrete Bridge

2009  Physical-Parameter Identification of Base-Isolated Buildings Using Backbone Curves

2009  Rational Fraction Polynomial Method and Random Decrement Technique for Force-Excited Acceleration Responses

2009  Real-Time Implementation of Contamination Source Identification Method for Water Distribution Systems

2009  Representation of Facility Contents and Threats for Supporting Identification of Vulnerabilities in Building Emergencies

2009  Structural Damage Detection of Cable-Stayed Bridges Using Changes in Cable Forces and Model Updating

2009  Structural Health Monitoring by Recursive Bayesian Filtering

2009  Structural Identification of Bridges to Assess Safety and Performance

2009  Structural Identification of Various Constructed Systems to Inform Decisions

2009  Toward an Improvement in the Identification of Bridge Deck Flutter Derivatives

2008  Anti-Collision Performance Analysis for Passive RFID Tag

2008  Bayesian Probabilistic Inference for Nonparametric Damage Detection of Structures

2008  Dynamic Testing for Structural Identification of a Bridge

2008  Dynamic Testing of Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge

2008  Identification Method of the Road Traffic Conditions Based on Genetic-Dynamic Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm

2008  Identification of Near-Fault Velocity Pulses and Prediction of Resulting Response Spectra

2008  Improving System Identification Using Clustering

2008  Performance-Based Seismic Design of Wood Frame Buildings Using a Probabilistic System Identification Concept

2008  A RFID Anti-Collision Algorithm Based on Simulated Annealing Q-Learning

2007  Biased Modal Estimates from Random Decrement Signatures of Forced Acceleration Responses

2007  Generalized Masing Approach to Modeling Hysteretic Deteriorating Behavior

2006  Elastic Constants Identification of Composite Materials using Single Angle-Ply Laminate

2006  Experimental Damage Identification Using the Higher Order Derivative Discontinuity Method

2006  Hyperelasticity Model for Finite-Element Analysis of Natural and High Damping Rubbers in Compression and Shear

2006  Identification of Contaminant Sources in Water Distribution Systems using Simulation – Optimization Method: Case Study

2006  Implementation of a Feasible Control Design Process Incorporating Robustness Criteria for Wind-Excited High-Rise Buildings

2006  Multiple-Model Updating to Improve Knowledge of Structural System Behavior

2006  Neural Networks and Principal Component Analysis for Identification of Building Natural Periods

2006  Overview of Vibrational Structural Health Monitoring with Representative Case Studies

2006  System Identification and Damage Detection of a Prestressed Concrete Beam

2005  Damage Detection of a Prestressed Concrete Beam using Modal Strains

2005  Frequency Domain Identification of Multi-Input, Multi-Output Systems Considering Physical Relationships between Measured Variables

2005  Structural Identification and Damage Detection from Noisy Modal Data

2005  Supporting Engineers During System Identification