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Found 52 Records with the keyword term of "Ice forces"

2010  Ice Force Prediction using a Limited Driving Force Approach

2009  Compressive Strength of Floating Ice and Calculation of Ice Force on Bridge Piers during Ice Collision

2009  Monitoring River Ice Conditions Using Web-Based Cameras

2008  Confederation Bridge Ice Force Monitoring

2008  Ice Forces on Inclined Bridge Piers

2008  Measurement and Analysis of Ice Forces on Cook Inlet Structures

2006  Formation of Breakup Ice Jams at Bridges

2003  Crushing Ice Forces on Structures

2002  Ten Years of Ice Force Measurements on the St. Regis River, Hogansburg, NY: 1989–1999

2001  Design of Cazenovia Creek Ice Control Structure

2000  Bohai Sea Ice Conditions

2000  Ice-Induced Jacket Structure Vibrations in Bohai Sea

2000  Ice-Induced Thalweg Oscillations along the Fort Peck Reach of the Missouri River

2000  Reconstruction of Subarctic Lake Levels over Past Centuries Using Tree Rings

1999  Analyses of Ice-Induced Vibration and Estimation of Soil Softening under Vibration of a Suction Foundation Platform

1999  Analysis of Ice Forces on Small Conical Structures

1999  The First Two Platforms with Suction Pile Foundations Subjected to Sea Ice Forces in the Bohai Sea

1998  Ice Thrust in Reservoirs

1998  Ice-Tank Data on Brash-Ice Loads against Barges

1997  Concept of Effective Strain Rate: Different Approaches

1997  Design Considerations for Coastal Projects in Cold Regions

1997  Tornado and Hail Risk Modeling: An Event Based Approach

1996  Draining Himalayan Glacial Lakes Before They Burst

1994  Estimation of Mean Velocity for Flow Under Ice Cover

1994  Harbor and Marina Improvements McKinley Marina Milwaukee, Wisconsin

1992  Ice Loads on Vertical Bridge Pier at Two Different Model Scales

1992  Sylvan Beach Pier Rehabilitation Study

1991  Erosion and Accretion Along the Arctic Coast of Alaska: The Influence of Ice and Climate

1991  Fracture Analysis of Ice Forces

1991  Recent Performance of Linked Concrete Mat Armor Under Wave and Ice Impact

1991  Wang’s Equation for Ice Forces From a Pressure Ridge

1989  Cold Weather Roofing Failures

1989  Composite Icewall Design and Analysis

1989  Rebuilding Infrastructure for Pleasure Boating

1988  Large Precast Concrete Armor Units in the Arctic

1988  Riprap and Armor Stone

1986  Ice Cover Research—Present State and Future Needs

1986  Systematic Design of Marinas for Ice Condtions

1985  The Calculation of Ice Forces on Arctic Structures

1985  Centrifugal Modeling of Ice Forces on Single Piles

1985  Dynamic Global Forces on an Offshore Structure from Multi-Year Ice Floe Impacts

1985  The Effect of Sample Orientation on the Compressive Strength of Multi-Year Pressure Ridge Ice Samples

1985  Geotechnical Design of Caisson Islands

1985  A Hybrid Structural Ice Defense Mechanism

1985  Ice Floe Impact Force on Vertical Sided Structures

1985  Ice Forces Due to Impact Loading on a Sloping Structure

1985  Ice Forces on Port Structures Resulting from Moving Ships

1985  Ice-Structure Interaction of an Offshore Platform

1985  Instrumentation for an Uplifting Ice Force Model

1985  Probabilistic Approaches to Arctic Offshore Engineering

1985  Probabilistic Description of Ice Forces on an Offshore Arctic Structure

1985  Selection of Environmental Design Criteria for Arctic Structures