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Found 32 Records with the keyword term of "Ice flow"

2007  Experimental Study of Ice Jam Thickening under Dynamic Flow Conditions

2004  Modeling Ice Passage at Navigation Locks

2000  Bohai Sea Ice Monitoring Using Satellite Images

2000  Fully Coupled Model of Ice-Jam Dynamics

1999  Modeling River Ice Using Discrete Particle Simulation

1999  Numerical Study of Ice-Jam Dynamics in Upper Niagara River

1997  Modeling Ice Passage at Starved Rock Lock and Dam on Illinois Waterway

1997  Simulation of Dynamic River Ice Transport and Jamming

1995  Ice Jamming in Upper Niagara River: Processes and Plan of Study

1994  Bridge-Pier Location and Ice Conveyance in Curved Channels

1994  Ice Accumulation Rate and the Geometry of Ice Jams in River Bends

1994  Innovative Instrumentation for a Physical Model of River Ice Transport

1991  Radar Monitoring of Ice on the Upper Niagara River

1991  A Shallow-Draft Icebreaker for the Upper Niagara River

1991  A Two-Dimensional Surface Drift Model for River Ice

1990  Discrete Element Simulation of River Ice Jams

1989  DYE-2 and DYE-3 — A 30 Year Engineering History

1988  Coastal Ice Dynamics

1988  Hydrodynamics of Ice Mass Near a Large Offshore Structure

1987  Ice Transport by Wind, Wave, and Currents

1985  Further Experimental Investigation of Regelation Flow With an Ice Sandwich Permeameter

1985  An HF CODAR Doppler Transponder System

1984  Ice Block Stability

1984  Ice-Related Flood Damage Estimation

1984  The Importance of Nonlinear Wave Interactions Under Ice

1984  Salmon River Ice Jams

1983  Continuous Velocity Measurements in the St. Clair River

1983  Design of Manmade Offshore Islands for Ice Forces

1983  Design of Navigational Structures for Ice Forces

1983  Great Lakes Ice Dynamics Simulation

1983  Methods of Ice Control

1982  Resistance of Beauharnois Canal in Winter