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Found 65 Records with the keyword term of "Hydrostatic pressure"

2015  Simulation of Air Cavity Advancing into a Straight Duct

2014  Performance Model of Archimedes Screw Hydro Turbines with Variable Fill Level

2011  Dispersive and Nonhydrostatic Pressure Effects at the Front of Surge

2011  Novel Test Method for Ultimate Hoop-Strain Characterization in FRP Jackets

2011  Use of CEM Approach to Develop and Optimize High-Performance Underwater Concrete

2010  Experimental Study of the Influence of Non-Hydrostatic Pressure in Rip Rap Pier Protection

2010  Experiments on the Buckling Behavior of Ring-Stiffened Pipelines under Hydrostatic Pressure

2008  Effect of Seepage-Induced Nonhydrostatic Pressure Distribution on Bed-Load Transport and Bed Morphodynamics

2006  Postbuckling of Moderately Thick Imperfect Rings under External Pressure

2006  Structural Stability of Concrete Gravity Dams Strengthened by Rockfill Buttressing: Hydrostatic Load

2005  Approximate Solution for the Shape of Submerged Funicular Arches with Self-weight

2005  Implementation of an Associative Flow Rule Including Hydrostatic Stress Effects into the High Strain Rate Deformation Analysis of Polymer Matrix Composites

2005  Localized Buckling of a Bilinear Elastic Ring under External Pressure

2003  Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe with Broken Wires

2003  Pressure Relief

2002  Efficient Non Hydrostatic Free Surface Models

2002  Funicular Shapes for Submerged Arches

2001  Application of Linear Programming to the Limit Analysis of Conical-Shaped Steel Water Tanks

2001  Effect of Grouting Pressure in Posttensioned Bulbtee Girders

2001  New Approach to Design of Circular Liner Pipe to Resist External Hydrostatic Pressure

1999  Simple Design Procedure for Liquid-Filled Steel Conical Tanks

1998  Experimental Study of Small Scale Dam Models

1998  Numerical Simulation of 3D Quasi-Hydrostatic, Free-Surface Flows

1997  El Dorado Hydroelectric Project - Penstock Relining Case Study

1997  A Least-Squares Procedure for Identifying Boundary Conditions Consistent with Water Table Elevation

1996  Limit Design of Axisymmetric Shells with Application to Cellular Cofferdams

1996  Simulation of Three-Dimensional, Non-Hydrostatic Free-Surface Flows for Estuaries and Coastal Seas

1995  Long-Term Structural Behavior of Pipeline Rehabilitation Systems

1995  Revisions to ASCE 7 Provisions for Dead Loads, Live Loads, Soil and Hydrostatic Pressure for 1995

1994  Considerations in 2-D Modeling of Hydraulically Steep Flow

1994  Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Relief Wells

1994  Heterogeneous Hardening Plasticity Model for Concrete

1994  Hydrostatic Pressure Loading due to Ice Formation in Manholes

1993  Discharge Prediction in Smooth Trapezoidal Free Overfall-(Positive, Zero and Negative Slopes)

1993  Horizontal Gradients in Sigma Transformed Bathymetries with Steep Bottom Slopes

1993  Sliplining: Design and Installation Considerations for Polyethylene Pipe

1993  Structural Integrity of Fontana Emergency Spillway

1992  Corrosion Fatigue of Deepwater Offshore Materials

1992  Estimating Damage and its Influence on Fracture Toughness

1992  Postbuckling Behavior of Stiffened Composite Shell Panels

1992  Wire Recovery Length in Suspension Bridge Cable

1991  Activities Aimed at Qualification of a HLW Disposal Container

1991  Behavior of Welded Steel Water-Storage Tank

1991  Effects of Uplift on a Gravity Arch Dam

1991  Limit Loads of Cylindrical Shells Under Hydrostatic Pressure

1990  Optimum Location of Drains in Concrete Dams

1990  Theory of Partially Drained Piezometer Insertion

1989  Design and Performance of Hydrostatic Relief System

1989  Influence of Tension, Weight and Hydrostatic Pressure on TLP Tendons

1987  Effect of External Pressure on Strength of Short Tubular Members

1984  Buckling of Thin Walled Beams Under Water Loading

1983  Collapse of Thick Wall Pipe in Ultra Deep Water

1983  Design of Vertical Chords in Deepwater Platform

1983  Miter-Type Navigation Lock Gates

1982  Complications in Free Vibration Analysis of Tanks

1982  External Pressure and Sectional Behavior of Fabricated Tubes

1981  Effects of Mean Pressure on the Behavior of a Filled Elastometer

1980  Wave Propagation in Prestressed Curved Rods

1977  Buckling of Cylindrical Shells Subject to Hydrostatic Pressure

1976  Porous Friction Course Solves Airport Hydroplaning Problem

1971  Concrete Hulls for Undersea Applications

1971  Hydrography of South Pass, Mississippi River

1970  Dynamic Prestraining of Dry Sand

1967  Deformation of Sand in Hydrostatic Compression

1965  Study of Static Pressure Along, a Rough Boundary