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2015  Comparison of Sequential and Variational Streamflow Assimilation Techniques for Short-Term Hydrological Forecasting

2015  Development and Analysis of GIS Tools for the Automatic Implementation of 1D Hydraulic Models Coupled with Distributed Hydrological Models

2015  Dynamic Identifiability Analysis-Based Model Structure Evaluation Considering Rating Curve Uncertainty

2015  Estimating the Uncertainty of Hydrological Predictions through Data-Driven Resampling Techniques

2015  Fractional Ensemble Average Governing Equations of Transport by Time-Space Nonstationary Stochastic Fractional Advective Velocity and Fractional Dispersion. I: Theory

2015  Fractional Ensemble Average Governing Equations of Transport by Time-Space Nonstationary Stochastic Fractional Advective Velocity and Fractional Dispersion. II: Numerical Investigation

2015  Grand Challenges for Hydrology Education in the 21st Century

2015  Hydrologic Modeling of the Blue River Basin Using NEXRAD Precipitation Data with a Semidistributed and a Fully Distributed Model

2014  Comparison between Response Surface Models and Artificial Neural Networks in Hydrologic Forecasting

2014  Comparison of Interpolation, Statistical, and Data-Driven Methods for Imputation of Missing Values in a Distributed Soil Moisture Dataset

2014  Comparison of Stochastic Optimization Algorithms in Hydrological Model Calibration

2014  Critical Examination of Area Reduction Factors

2014  Cumulative Hydrologic Impact of Wetland Loss: Numerical Modeling Study of the Rideau River Watershed, Canada

2014  Curve Number Method: Time to Think Anew?

2014  DRAINMOD-DSSAT Simulation of the Hydrology, Nitrogen Dynamics, and Plant Growth of a Drained Corn Field in Indiana

2014  Evaluating the Form of the Rational Equation

2014  Harmonizing Multiple Methods for Reconstructing Historical Potential and Reference Evapotranspiration

2014  How Safe is Hydrologic Infrastructure Design? Analysis of Factors Affecting Extreme Flood Estimation

2014  Hydraulics of Wells, Design, Construction, Testing, and Maintenance of Water Well Systems

2014  Hydrologic Performance of Three Partial-Infiltration Permeable Pavements in a Cold Climate over Low Permeability Soil

2014  Hydrological and Water Quality Assessment in a Suburban Watershed with Mixed Land Uses Using the SWAT Model

2014  Hydrologically Sensitive Areas, Land Use Controls, and Protection of Healthy Watersheds

2014  Impacts of Spatial Distribution of Impervious Areas on Runoff Response of Hillslope Catchments: Simulation Study

2014  Improved Time of Concentration Estimation on Overland Flow Surfaces Including Low-Sloped Planes

2014  Limitations in Extraction of Survey Data from Real-Time Kinematic GPS ADCP Systems

2014  Revisiting the Concepts of Return Period and Risk for Nonstationary Hydrologic Extreme Events

2014  Simulation of Drainage Water Quantity and Quality Using System Dynamics

2014  Spatial and Temporal Scale Effect in Simulating Hydrologic Processes in a Watershed

2014  Variability in Canadian Seasonal Streamflow Information and Its Implication for Hydrometric Network Design

2013  Applicability of the LASH Model for Hydrological Simulation of the Grande River Basin, Brazil

2013  Application of Bayesian Model Averaging Approach to Multimodel Ensemble Hydrologic Forecasting

2013  Assessment of Right-Tail Prediction Ability of Some Distributions by Monte Carlo Analyses

2013  Basin Regionalization for the Purpose of Water Resource Development in a Limited Data Situation: Case of Blue Nile River Basin, Ethiopia

2013  Benchmarking DARF, Design Storms, and Temporal Distribution Procedures for Hydrologic Design

2013  Bypassing Determination of Time of Concentration

2013  Comparing the Hydrologic Performance of a Bioretention Cell with Predevelopment Values

2013  Continuous Forecasting and Evaluation of Derived Z-R Relationships in a Sparse Rain Gauge Network Using NEXRAD

2013  Coupling a Mesoscale Atmospheric Model with a Distributed Hydrological Model Applied to a Watershed in Southeast Brazil

2013  Cramér-von Mises and Anderson-Darling Goodness-of-Fit Tests for the Two-Parameter Kappa Distribution

2013  Curve Numbers for Low-Compaction Steep-Sloped Reclaimed Mine Lands in the Southern Appalachians

2013  Design Flood Estimation Using Scaling Approach

2013  Ecological Significance of Instream Hydrological Statistical Parameters

2013  Entropy-Based Method for Bivariate Drought Analysis

2013  Essential GIS Technologies for Hydrologic Simulation Applications in Cloud Computing

2013  Estimation Issues for Precipitation Extreme Quantile Determination

2013  Evaluating Influences of the Manwan Dam and Climate Variability on the Hydrology of the Lancang-Mekong River, Yunnan Province, Southwest China

2013  Evaluating SEDCAD Model Performance on Reclaimed Coal Mine Lands in East Tennessee

2013  Evaluating the Impact of Alternative Hydro-Climate Scenarios on Transfer Agreements: Practical Improvement for Generating Synthetic Streamflows

2013  Field Hydrology of Landfill Final Covers with Composite Barrier Layers

2013  Front Matter

2013  How to Select a Reference Basin in the Ungauged Regions

2013  Hydrologic Response of Solar Farms

2013  Hydrological Analysis of Potential Campus Expansions by Two Methods

2013  Identifying Contributions of Climate Change and Human Activity to Changes in Runoff Using Epoch Detection and Hydrologic Simulation

2013  Impact of the Three Gorges and Gezhouba Reservoirs on Ecohydrological Conditions for Sturgeon in the Yangtze River, China

2013  Impact of Urban Development on Local Water Balance

2013  Investigation into the Impacts of the Gezhouba and the Three Gorges Reservoirs on the Flow Regime of the Yangtze River

2013  Looking to the Future of Hydrologic Engineering

2013  Low-Flow Variations in Source Water Supply for the Occoquan Reservoir System Based on a 100-Year Climate Forecast

2013  Modeling the Effects of Climate Change and Human Activities on the Hydrological Processes in a Semiarid Watershed of Loess Plateau

2013  Monitoring Hydrological Performance of Green Infrastructure Stormwater Controls

2013  Multiphase flow model of the transition between Darcy flow and Forchheimer flow

2013  Non-Point Source Pollution Models Applied to an Urban Watershed

2013  Partitioning Pre-Development Hydrology in Order to Mimic Pre-Development Water Quality

2013  Quantifying the Uncertainty of Return Period and Risk in Hydrologic Design

2013  Radar and Multisensor Precipitation Estimation Techniques in National Weather Service Hydrologic Operations

2013  Rate-Based Estimation of the Runoff Coefficients for Selected Watersheds in Texas

2013  Redesign of infrastructure with green technology for hydrologic and constituent load reduction

2013  A Relook at Ohio Watershed Regions for Homogeneity in Flood Frequency Analysis

2013  Review of Advances in Hydrologic Science in China in the Last Decades: Impact Study of Climate Change and Human Activities

2013  San Dimas Experimental Watershed Modeling Project

2013  Seasonal Water Allocation: Dealing with Hydrologic Variability in the Context of a Water Rights System

2013  Site-Level Stormwater Reuse: A Feasibility Analysis of Commercial Developments in Canada

2013  Slope Effects on SWAT Modeling in a Mountainous Basin

2013  SolverSIN: A Practical Model for Large Hydrothermal System Analysis

2013  Special Issue on Advances in the Fundamental Study, Numerical Simulation, and Prediction of Hydrologic Processes in River Basins

2013  A Step toward Decoding the Causes of El Niño/La Niña Events

2013  Using Hydrologic Simulation to Explore the Impacts of Climate Change on Runoff in the Huaihe River Basin of China

2013  Utilizing Websites for Hydrology Assignments

2013  Water Quality and Hydrologic Performance of a Permeable Pavement-Modular Bioretention Treatment Train and a Stormwater Filter Box in Fayetteville, North Carolina

2013  Water Resources Systems Analysis through Case Studies, Data and Models for Decision Making

2013  We Can, But Should We? PMF Frequency Estimates

2012  Accuracy Assessment of Unit Hydrographs: Point versus Spatially Integrated Rainfall Input

2012  Analysis of Instrumentation Selection and Placement to Monitor the Hydrologic Performance of Permeable Pavement Systems and Bioinfiltration Areas at the Edison Environmental Center in New Jersey

2012  Analytical Model of Surface Flow on Hillslopes Based on the Zero Inertia Equations

2012  The Application of MATLAB Neural Network Algorithm in Short-Term Hydrological Forecasting

2012  Can Surface Overflow Rate Predict Particulate Matter Load Capture for Common Urban Drainage Appurtenances?

2012  Comment on the Announced Death of Stationarity

2012  Coupled Hydrologic-Hydraulic Modeling of the Upper Paraguay River Basin

2012  Dendrohydrology in 2050: Challenges and Opportunities

2012  Detention Storage over 2D Laboratory Watersheds at Concentration Time

2012  Discriminating between the Lognormal and the Log-Logistic Distributions for Hydrological Frequency Analysis

2012  Ecohydrology and Fish-Passage Engineering: Legacy of Denil and the Call for a More Inclusive Paradigm

2012  Effect of Topographic Data Accuracy on Water Storage Environmental Service and Associated Hydrological Attributes in South Florida

2012  Effects of Surface Microtopography on Hydrologic Connectivity

2012  Estimating Selected Parameters for the XAJ Model under Multicollinearity among Watershed Characteristics

2012  Estimation of Volumetric Runoff Coefficients for Texas Watersheds Using Land-Use and Rainfall-Runoff Data

2012  Estimation Procedures for the General Extreme Value Distribution for the Maxima: Alternative PWM Method

2012  Evolution of the SCS Runoff Curve Number Method and Its Application to Continuous Runoff Simulation

2012  Groundwater Hydrology in 2050