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2015  Approach to Digital Elevation Model Correction by Improving Channel Conveyance

2015  Catchment Classification Framework in Hydrology: Challenges and Directions

2015  Characterization of Undrained Porous Pavement Systems Using a Broken-Line Model

2015  Concepts of Information Content and Likelihood in Parameter Calibration for Hydrological Simulation Models

2015  Coupling a Regional Climate Model and a Distributed Hydrological Model to Assess Future Water Resources in Jinhua River Basin, East China

2015  Design Rainfall Framework Using Multivariate Parametric-Nonparametric Approach

2015  Developing a Radar-Based Flood Alert System for Sugar Land, Texas

2015  Examination of Pervious Pavement Pore Parameters with X-Ray Tomography

2015  Hydrologic Modeling of the Blue River Basin Using NEXRAD Precipitation Data with a Semidistributed and a Fully Distributed Model

2015  Improved Spring Peak-Flow Forecasting Using Ensemble Meteorological Predictions

2015  Investigation of the Effects of DEM Creation Methods on the Performance of a Semidistributed Model: TOPMODEL

2015  Second-Order Autoregressive Model-Based Likelihood Function for Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis of SWAT Model

2014  Adjusting Error Calculation to Account for Temporal Mismatch in Evaluating Models

2014  Algorithm for Delineating and Extracting Hillslopes and Hillslope Width Functions from Gridded Elevation Data

2014  Applicability of Kinematic, Diffusion, and Quasi-Steady Dynamic Wave Models to Shallow Mud Flows

2014  Application of Linearized Calibration Method for Vertically Mixed Runoff Model Parameters

2014  Application of Multimodal Optimization for Uncertainty Estimation of Computationally Expensive Hydrologic Models

2014  Assessment of the Expected Runoff Change in Spain Using Climate Simulations

2014  Certification Tests of MODFLOW Implementation in the Integrated Hydrologic Model

2014  Comparison of Gauge and MPE Precipitation Data for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Model

2014  Development and Application of a Distributed Hydrological Model: EasyDHM

2014  Economic Value of Storage in Multireservoir Systems

2014  Enhancing Sedimentation and Trapping Sediment with a Bottom Grid Structure

2014  Enhancing the Efficiency of the Automatic Design of Rural Drainage Networks

2014  Evaluation of Explicit Numerical Solution Methods of the Muskingum Model

2014  Evapotranspiration Modeling Using Second-Order Neural Networks

2014  Exploiting the Topographic Information in a PDM-Based Conceptual Hydrological Model

2014  Framework for Anticipatory Water Management: Testing for Flood Control in the Rijnland Storage Basin

2014  Genetic Programming in Groundwater Modeling

2014  Groundwater Flow Modeling of a Hard Rock Aquifer: Case Study

2014  Hydrodynamic and Hydrological Modeling of the Poyang Lake Catchment System in China

2014  Hydrologic Characterization of Undrained Porous Pavements

2014  Hydrologic Modeling of Urban Vegetative Filter Strips

2014  Hydrological Modeling to Identify and Manage Critical Erosion-Prone Areas for Improving Reservoir Life: Case Study of Barakar Basin

2014  Hydrologic-Economic Model for Sustainable Water Resources Management in a Coastal Aquifer

2014  Improved Neural Network Model and Its Application in Hydrological Simulation

2014  Improvement of FAO-56 Model to Estimate Transpiration Fluxes of Drought Tolerant Crops under Soil Water Deficit: Application for Olive Groves

2014  Indirect Estimation of Design Flood in Urbanized River Basins Using a Distributed Hydrological Model

2014  Influence of Spatial Precipitation Sampling on Hydrological Response at the Catchment Scale

2014  Innovative Technologies for Storm-Water Management Programs in Small Urbanized Areas

2014  Integrating Water, Nitrogen, and Salinity in Sustainable Irrigated Systems: Cover Crops versus Fallow

2014  Knowledge Extraction from Artificial Neural Networks for Rainfall-Runoff Model Combination Systems

2014  Managing Hydrological Risks with Extreme Modeling: Application of Peaks over Threshold Model to the Loukkos Watershed, Morocco

2014  Modeling Consistency for Small and Large Watershed Studies

2014  Modeling of Event and Continuous Flow Hydrographs with HEC-HMS: Case Study in the Kelani River Basin, Sri Lanka

2014  Optimizing Multidam Releases in Large River Basins by Combining Distributed Hydrological Inflow Predictions with Rolling-Horizon Decision Making

2014  Review of Stream Depletion Solutions, Behavior, and Calculations

2014  Semidistributed Hydrological Model with Scarce Information: Application to a Large South American Binational Basin

2014  Spatial and Temporal Scale Effect in Simulating Hydrologic Processes in a Watershed

2014  Threshold of Basin Discretization Levels for HSPF Simulations with NEXRAD Inputs

2014  Watershed Characteristics Extraction and Subsequent Terrain Analysis Based on Digital Elevation Model in Flat Region

2013  Antecedent Precipitation Analysis for Radar-Based Design Storm Development in Phoenix, AZ

2013  Applicability of the LASH Model for Hydrological Simulation of the Grande River Basin, Brazil

2013  Application of a SWAT Model for Hydrological Modeling in the Xixian Watershed, China

2013  Assessing Severe Drought and Wet Events over India in a Future Climate Using a Nested Bias-Correction Approach

2013  Assessing the Impacts of Future Climate Change on Hydrology in Huang-Huai-Hai Region in China Using the PRECIS and VIC Models

2013  Calibrated Hydrodynamic Model for Sazlidere Watershed in Istanbul and Investigation of Urbanization Effects

2013  Calibration of the Parameters of a Rainfall-Runoff Model in Ungauged Basins Using Synthetic Flow Duration Curves as Estimated by Regional Analysis

2013  Case Study of St. Louis, Missouri: Comparison of Bioretention Performance to the Runoff Component of a Restored Water Balance

2013  CI-WATER: Cyberinfrastructure to Advance High Performance Water Resource Modeling

2013  Coastal and Estuarine Planning for Flood and Erosion Protection Using Integrated Coastal Model

2013  Combination of L-Moments Method and Hydrological Model for Design Flood Hydrograph Determination

2013  Comparison of Artificial Neural Network Models for Sediment Yield Prediction at Single Gauging Station of Watershed in Eastern India

2013  Continuous Hydrologic Modeling of Snow-Affected Watersheds in the Great Lakes Basin Using HEC-HMS

2013  Continuous Modeling of Bioinfiltration Storm-Water Control Measures Using Green and Ampt

2013  Coupling a Mesoscale Atmospheric Model with a Distributed Hydrological Model Applied to a Watershed in Southeast Brazil

2013  Development of a Hydrological Model for the Rio Conchos Basin

2013  Effects of DEM Resolution on Surface Depression Properties and Hydrologic Connectivity

2013  Effects of Vegetation Cover on Hydrological Processes in a Large Region: Huaihe River Basin, China

2013  EMD-KNN Model for Annual Average Rainfall Forecasting

2013  Ensemble Kalman Filtering and Particle Filtering in a Lag-Time Window for Short-Term Streamflow Forecasting with a Distributed Hydrologic Model

2013  Estimating Watershed-Scale Precipitation by Combining Gauge- and Radar-Derived Observations

2013  Estimation of Spatio-Temporally Variable Groundwater Recharge Using a Rainfall-Runoff Model

2013  Event Flow Hydrograph-Based Method for Modeling Sediment Transport

2013  Forecast Modeling of Monthly Runoff with Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System and Wavelet Analysis

2013  A Geospatial Relational Data Model for Ingesting GSSHA Computational Models: A Step Toward Two-Dimensional Hydrologic Modeling in the Cloud

2013  Global Calibration of Distributed Hydrological Models for Large-Scale Applications

2013  Hydrodynamic Modeling of Tides and Hurricane Storm Surge for Pre- and Post-Dredging Conditions in the Lower St. Johns River, Florida

2013  Hydrologic Modeling for Flood Frequency Prediction in Several Data-Limited River Basins in the Balkans

2013  Hydrologic Modeling, Uncertainty, and Sensitivity in the Okavango Basin: Insights for Scenario Assessment

2013  Hydrologic Trends and Correlations in South Texas River Basins: 1950-2009

2013  Impacts of Land-Use and Climate Changes on Hydrologic Processes in the Qingyi River Watershed, China

2013  Integrated Surface-Groundwater Model for Storm-Water Harvesting Using Basic Mass Balance Principles

2013  Integrating Modeling with System Operations

2013  Investigation into the Impacts of Land-Use Change on Runoff Generation Characteristics in the Upper Huaihe River Basin, China

2013  Long-Term Water-Level Forecasting and Real-Time Correction Models in the Tidal Reach of the Yangtze River

2013  Modeling a Proposed Quarry Reservoir for Raw Water Storage in Atlanta, Georgia

2013  Modified Model for Simulating Hydrologic Processes for Plastic Mulch Production Systems

2013  Optimal Design of Rural Drainage Networks

2013  Parameter Estimation of the Nonlinear Muskingum Flood-Routing Model Using a Hybrid Harmony Search Algorithm

2013  Physically Based Hydrological Modeling of the 2002 Floods in San Antonio, Texas

2013  Prediction of Rainfall-Runoff in an Ungauged Basin: Case Study in the Mountainous Region of Northern Thailand

2013  Radar Rainfall Application in Distributed Hydrologic Modeling for Cypress Creek Watershed, Texas

2013  Rainfall Interception in a Robinia pseudoacacia Forest Stand: Estimates Using Gash’s Analytical Model

2013  Revised Advection-Aridity Evaporation Model

2013  Revised Coefficients for Priestley-Taylor and Makkink-Hansen Equations for Estimating Daily Reference Evapotranspiration

2013  Risk Assessment of Regional Water Resources and Forewarning Model at Different Time Scales

2013  Simple ET0 Forms of Penman’s Equation without Wind and/or Humidity Data. II: Comparisons with Reduced Set-FAO and Other Methodologies

2013  Simplified Reference Evapotranspiration Formula Using an Empirical Impact Factor for Penman’s Aerodynamic Term

2013  Simulation-Optimization Approach to Design Low Impact Development for Managing Peak Flow Alterations in Urbanizing Watersheds