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2015  Gauging the Ungauged Basin: Relative Value of Soft and Hard Data

2014  Comparison of Gauge and MPE Precipitation Data for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Model

2014  Effect of the Length of the Streamflow Record on Truncation Level for Assessment of Streamflow Drought Characteristics

2013  Cramér-von Mises and Anderson-Darling Goodness-of-Fit Tests for the Two-Parameter Kappa Distribution

2013  Deriving Spatially Distributed Precipitation Data Using the Artificial Neural Network and Multilinear Regression Models

2013  Distributed Hydrologic Forecast Reliability Using Next-Generation Radar

2013  Spatial Assessment of Five Years of WSR-88D Data over the Mississippi River Basin and Its Estimation Bias around Rain Gauge Sites

2012  Dempster-Shafer Theory for Handling Conflict in Hydrological Data: Case of Snow Water Equivalent

2012  Flood Risk Awareness during the 2011 Floods in the Central United States: Showcasing the Importance of Hydrologic Data and Interagency Collaboration

2011  Algorithm for Flow Direction Enforcement Using Subgrid-Scale Stream Location Data

2011  Assessment of Long-Term Trends in Extreme Precipitation: Implications of In-Filled Historical Data and Temporal Window-Based Analysis

2011  Coupled Regional Hydroclimate Model and Its Application to the Tigris-Euphrates Basin

2011  Hydrodynamic Characterization of a Karst Aquifer in the Brazilian Semi-Arid Region with Time Series Analysis of Hydrology Data

2011  Long-Range Forecasting of Colorado Streamflows Based on Hydrologic, Atmospheric, and Oceanic Data

2011  Validation of Bed-Load Transport Measurements with Time-Sequenced Bathymetric Data

2010  Assessment of Flooding Risk to Cultural Heritage in Historic Sites

2010  Canonical Correlation Analysis for Hydroclimatic Datasets with Known Measurement Uncertainties

2010  Development of Large Topographic Datasets for Hydrologic Analysis

2010  Estimating Reference Evapotranspiration with Minimum Data in Florida

2010  HSPF Snow Modeling Parameters in an Urban Setting: Evaluation Using NWS Coop and SNODAS Snow Data and Re-Calibration Using PEST

2010  Infilling Missing Precipitation Data Using NEXRAD Data: Use of Optimal Spatial Interpolation and Data-Driven Methods

2010  Preliminary Analysis of Trends in Australian Flood Data

2010  Quality Control of Soil Water Data in Applied Climate Information System—Case Study in Nebraska

2010  Trends in Heavy Rainfalls in the Observed Record in Selected Areas of the U.S.

2009  Evaluation of Improvised Spatial Interpolation Methods for Infilling Missing Precipitation Records

2009  Predicting Suspended Sediment Loads and Missing Data for Gediz River, Turkey

2009  Recent Low-Flow and Groundwater Storage Changes in Upland Watersheds of the Kanto Region, Japan

2008  Analysis of 5-Years of WSR-88D Data over the Mississippi River Basin

2008  Application of Geographic Information System (GIS) Hydrologic Data Modelsto Karst Terrain

2008  Assimilating Surface Current Data into a Model of Estuarine and Coastal Ocean Circulation

2008  Can Longitudinal Solute Transport Parameters Be Transferred to Different Flow Rates?

2008  Comparison of Computation Fluid Dynamics Simulation against Tracer Data from a Scale Model and Full-Sized Waste Stabilization Pond

2008  Coupled Semivariogram Uncertainty of Hydrogeological and Geophysical Data on Capture Zone Uncertainty Analysis

2008  Effect of Remotely Sensed Data on the Performance of a Distributed Hydrological Model: Case Study

2008  Estimation of Radar Calibration Uncertainties Related to the Spatial Variability of Rainfall within a Single Radar Pixel — Statistical Analysis of Rainfall Data from a Dense Network of Rain Gauges

2008  Evaluation of Functional Forms of Rain Gage — Radar (NEXRAD) Data Relationships

2008  Geo-Spatial Comparison of Rain Gauge and NEXRAD Data for Central and South Florida

2008  GIS Tools and Techniques for Analyzing and Modeling River Channel Data

2008  How Reservoirs Were Operated — Exploring the Role of Hydrologic Information

2008  Hydro-NEXRAD: An Updated Overview and Metadata Analysis

2008  Improvement of NEXRAD Rainfall Data for Central and South Florida

2008  Incorporating Climate Change into Hydrological Data for Planning Models

2008  Infilling of Rain Gage Records Using Radar (NEXRAD) Data: Influence of Spatial and Temporal Variability of Rainfall Processes

2008  Outlier Detection in Multivariate Hydrologic Data

2008  Scattergraph Principles and Practice: Peeling the Onion — Evaluating the Accuracy of Flow Monitor Data

2008  Use of Czech Weather Radar Network Data for Precipitation Estimating and Nowcasting

2007  Applying a Recursive Update Algorithm to a Distributed Hydrologic Model

2007  Comparisons between NEXRAD Radar and Tipping-Bucket Gage Rainfall Data: A Case Study for DuPage County, Illinois

2007  Dimensionless Rainfall Patterns for South Carolina

2007  Fully Nested 3-Copula: Procedure and Application on Hydrological Data

2007  Geo-Spatial Analysis of NEXRAD Rainfall Data for Central and South Florida

2007  Hydro-NEXRAD Metadata Computation and Use

2007  Linking Long-Term Water Balances and Statistical Scaling to Estimate River Flows along the Drainage Network of Colombia

2007  Preferential Flow in a Reclamation Cover: Hydrological and Geochemical Response

2006  Bat Echolocation Interfering with Ultrasonic Sensors

2006  Estimating 7Q10 Confidence Limits from Data: A Bootstrap Approach

2006  Reservoir Storage Curve Estimation Based on Remote Sensing Data

2006  Updated Precipitation Frequency Estimates for Kansas City: Comparison with TP-40 and HYDRO-35

2006  Vertical Flow Aggregation in the Vadose Zone with Spatial- and Cross-Correlated Hydraulic Properties

2005  Classifying Total and Effective Impervious Surfaces for Urban Hydrologic Modeling

2005  Development of a Graphical Assessment Method for Interpreting Stream Conductivity Data

2005  Development of a Hydrologic Information System for CUAHSI

2005  Development of Vegetated Systems and Engineered Vegetated Systems Testing Protocol in Channelized Flow

2005  Early Results and Historical Data from NEOCO (Network for Environmental Observations of the Coastal Ocean)

2005  An Internet Mapping System for Coastal Resource Management and Data Dissemination in Support of a Special Area Management Plan

2005  NRCS Geo-Hydro — ArcView GIS Interface to WinTR-20

2005  Penman-Monteith Estimates of Reservoir Evaporation

2005  Short Duration Rainfall Frequency Analysis in Michigan using Scale-Invariance Assumptions

2005  SWMM and SMADA Model Predictions VS. Field Data

2005  Time-Space Trend Analysis in Pan Evaporation over Kingdom of Thailand

2004  Analyses of the Expanded EPA/ASCE International BMP Database and Potential Implications for BMP Design

2004  Applicability of Various Clustering Techniques for Regional Frequency Analysis

2004  Aquifer Parameters Estimation using Artesian Well Test Data

2004  Bump Elimination Method of Training an Artificial Neural Network

2004  Developing a Tidal Constituent Database for the Eastern North Pacific Ocean

2004  Development of Discharge-Water Level Relationship for Low-Slope Tidal Streams Using Non-Parametric Data-Driven Models

2004  Generating Historically-Based Synthetic Distributed Precipitation Data

2004  Hydrologic Modeling with NEXRAD Precipitation in Middle Tennessee

2004  Hydrology-Based Approach to Storm Water Detention Basin Design Using New Routing Schemes

2004  Identifying Dependencies in Input Data in Hydraulic Network Problems

2004  IM2: A Web-based Dissemination System for Now and Forecast Data Products

2004  An Internet-Based Data Acquisition and Management Server

2004  M5 Model Trees and Neural Networks: Application to Flood Forecasting in the Upper Reach of the Huai River in China

2004  Maximum Likelihood Estimators for Coarsely Resolved Precipitation Data

2004  Meander Geometry and Sinuosity Relationships of Urbanized Beal Slough in Lincoln, Nebraska

2004  Monitoring Data on Effectiveness of Sediment Control Techniques

2004  Performance Appraisal of Water Utilities Using DEA Approach

2004  Reflections on Some Methods Used to Fit Statistical Distributions to Hydrological Data

2004  Reservoir Water Quality Modeling in the Huntington District

2004  Simplification in Longitudinal Transport Modeling: Case of Instantaneous Slug Releases

2004  Stormwater Characteristics as Contained in the Nationwide MS4 Stormwater Phase 1 Database

2004  Use of Remotely Sensed Data to Estimate the Flow of Water to a Playa Lake

2003  The Bootstrapped Artificial Neural Network Model for Synthetic Flow Generation with a Small Data Sample

2003  An Integrated System for Management and Processing of Hydrogeological Data

2003  Mining Water Consumption and GIS-Based Data for Loading Water Distribution Models

2003  Recent Updates to NOAA/NWS Rainfall Frequency Atlases

2003  State-Space Discretization of the Kalinin-Milyukov-Nash-Cascade in a Sample-Data System Framework for Streamflow Forecasting

2003  Use of Arc Hydro for Integration of Hydrologic Applications

2002  Data and Modeling: The Future of Water Resources Planning and Management

2002  Estimation of Depth-Area Relationships using Radar-Rainfall Data