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2014  Analyzing Hydrological Regime Variability and Optimizing Environmental Flow Allocation to Lake Ecosystems in a Sustainable Water Management Framework: Model Development and a Case Study for China’s Baiyangdian Watershed

2014  Response of Hydrologic Processes to Future Climate Changes in the Yangtze River Basin

2014  Use of Cokriging and Map Correlation to Study Hydrological Response Patterns and Select Reference Stream Gauges for Ungauged Catchments

2013  Estimating the Effects of Climatic Variability and Human Activities on Streamflow in the Hutuo River Basin, China

2013  Hydrologic Effects of Size and Location of Fields Converted from Drained Pine Forest to Agricultural Cropland

2013  Hydrologic Response to Land Use and Land Cover Changes within the Context of Catchment-Scale Spatial Information

2013  Hydrological Response of Sloping Farmlands with Different Rock Fragment Covers in the Purple Soil Area of China

2013  Precipitation Recycling in Tarim River Basin

2011  Assessing Hydrologic Change in Surface-Mined Watersheds Using the Curve Number Method

2011  Scale Invariance and Self-Similarity in Hydrologic Processes in Space and Time

2010  Hydrologic Analysis for a Hyper-Arid Region in the Middle East

2010  Hydrologic Analysis of Flash Floods in Sana’a, Yemen

2007  Hydrologic Applications of MRAN Algorithm

2007  Quantifying Long-Term Hydrologic Response in an Urbanizing Basin

2006  Effect of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Resolution on the Hydrological and Water Quality Modeling

2006  Hydrologic Analysis for a Floodplain Forest Wetland Mitigation Site

2006  A Hydrologic Analysis on Inundation in the Flooding Area of the Mekong Delta, Cambodia: The Combined Deterministic and Stochastic Models for Flood Forecasting

2006  Hydrologic Impact of the 2004 Hurricane Season on South Florida

2006  Hydrologic Monitoring Criteria for Freshwater Wetland Plant and Animal Communities

2006  Investigation on Changes of the Sakarya River Characteristics

2006  The Life Cycle of Vernal Pools: Hydrologic Principles

2005  Assessment of the Relative Hydrologic Effects of Land Use Change and Subsidence Using Distributed Modeling

2005  Cumulative Hydrologic Impact Assessment of West Virginia Coal Mine Permits Using HSPF and WCMS

2005  A Framework to Assess the Hydrological and Socio-Economic Impacts of Forest Cover Change through Watershed Modelling

2005  GISHydro2000:A Tool for Automated Hydrologic Analysis in Maryland

2005  Measurement and Modeling of Hydrologic Response in a Southern New Jersey Watershed

2005  Permafrost Controls on Hydrological Processes in a Changing Climate

2005  Prediction of Extreme Events in Hydrologic Processes that Exhibit Abrupt Shifting Patterns

2003  Nonlinear Hydrologic Processes: Conservation Equations for Determining Their Means and Probability Distributions

2002  Evolution of NRCS Hydrologic Methods through Computers

2002  Extension of TR-55 for Microwatersheds

2002  “Forensic” Analysis of Cause-Effect Relation between Hydrologic Proceses and Bank Erosion in Urbanized Watersheds

2002  Hydrologic Response of Grasslands: Effects of Grazing, Interactive Infiltration, and Scale

2002  Relationships of Stream Responses to Hydrologic Changes

2001  Application of the South Florida Water Management Model to Develop the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan

2001  Beyond Root Reinforcement: The Hydrologic Effects of Riparian Vegetation on Riverbank Stability

2001  Evapotranspiration Intensifies over the Conterminous United States

2001  Illinois River Ecosystem Restoration Project: Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analyses for Large River Restoration

2001  Low-Impact Development Hydrologic Analysis

2001  Modeling Package for Assessing the Potential Effects of Hydrologic Change on Stream Form and Integrity

2001  Modeling the Hydrologic Functions of Wetland Prairie Potholes

2001  Observations of Daily Temperature Patterns in the Southern Florida Everglades

2001  Recurrence Analysis of Hydrologic Droughts of Differing Severity

2001  River-Ice Ecology. I: Hydrologic, Geomorphic, and Water-Quality Aspects

2000  A Framework for Assessment of Hydrologic Condition

2000  Hydrological and Geochemical Dynamics of the Mixing Water Zone of the Rios Solimões and Negro in the Amazon Basin

2000  Restoration Management Procedures for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Watersheds

2000  Using a GIS-Based Solution for Watershed Analysis and Automation: A Case Study

1999  Long-Range Streamflow Forecasting Using El Nino-Southern Oscillation Indicators

1999  Return Period and Risk of Hydrologic Events. II: Applications

1999  Water in the Southern African Development Community (SADC): Is it a Political Issue?

1998  Effectiveness of a Combined Urban Wetland Detention Basin: First Results

1998  Selection of an Appropriate Hydrologic Analysis Method to Simulate a Watershed Response: Ashland Creek Case Study

1997  Advanced Hydrologic Forecasting Products for Flood and Drought Mitigation

1997  The Necessity of an Ecological Foundation for Mudflow Defence Measures in the Highlands of the Central Caucasus

1997  On The Web

1996  Debris Flow Events at Mountainous Creeks near Santiago, Chile- Hydrologic Analysis

1996  Discrete-Fracture Modeling of Thermal-Hydrological Processes at G-Tunnel and Yucca Mountain

1996  Dose Rates from Repository Performance Assessment

1996  Implementation of Watershed Planning in Chester County Pennsylvania

1996  Indirect Evidences for Quantification of Groundwater Flow: Assessment of the Consistency of Geohydrological Groundwater Flow Models and Hydrochemical Mixing/Reaction Models of the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory

1996  Large River Diversion Optimization Considering the Uncertainties Involved

1996  Regulatory Perspective on Future Climates at Yucca Mountain

1996  Scoping Analysis of In Situ Thermal-Hydrological Testing at Yucca Mountain

1996  Unsaturated Flows Around a Horizontal Hole with Constant Heat Input

1995  The Artificial Recharge of Underground Aquifer of the Idice Torrent in the Province of Bologna (Italy)

1995  Calibration and Validation of a Groundwater Model for Southern New Mexico

1995  Hydrologic Analyses for CSO Storage Tunnels in Fall River, Massachusetts

1995  Parametrization for Conceptual Morphodynamic Models of Wadden Sea Areas

1995  Promoting Accuracy for Time of Concentration In Dam Safety Analysis

1994  Results of Prototype Borehole Instrumentation at the Hydrologic Research Facility, Area 25, NTS

1993  Demonstration of a Risk-Based Approach to High-Level Repository Evaluatio “Phase II”

1993  Hydrologic and Structural Considerations for the Initial Filling of Jiguey Dam, Dominican Republic

1993  A Statistical Climate Inversion Scheme and its Application in Hydrologic Impact Assessment Studies Associated with Global Climate Variability

1993  Stormwater Management Practices in New Jersey—Suggestions for Improvements

1992  Design-Basis Flood for Rehabilitation of Existing Dams

1992  Hydrologic Considerations in Mined Land Reclamation

1992  Hydrologic Investigation of the April, 1983 Flooding in New Orleans, Louisiana

1992  Hydrological Aspects of Droughts

1992  Plot-scale Field Experiment of Surface Hydrologic Processes with EOS Implications

1991  Dam Safety Hydrologic and Seismic Evaluation of TVA’S Beech Dam

1991  Hydrologic Change Caused by the Eruption of Mount St. Helens

1991  Hydrologic Impact of Reservoir Filling on a Fractured Crystalline-Rock Aquifer

1991  Lake Okeechobee Gets Help

1990  Analysis of Hydrologic Impact of Quarrying System by 3-D Finite Element Model

1990  Arid Zone Hydrologic Implications for the Proposed Yucca Mountain Repository

1990  Demonstration of an Infiltration Evaluation Methodology

1990  Drifting Snow

1990  Hydrologic Aspects of Flood Warning—Preparedness Programs

1990  Optimal Design of Highway Drainage Structures

1990  Site Specific Geologic Interpretations of Richton Salt Dome

1989  Cocohatchee River Basin Study

1989  Effects of Climate Change on Watershed Runoff

1989  Global Climate Change—Implications for Large Water Resource Systems

1989  Hydrologic Implications of Global Warming on Water Resources in California

1989  Moose River Air Chamber Design and Performance

1989  Non-structural Hedging in Multipurpose Reservoir Operation

1988  Hydrologic Conditions at the Des Plaines Wetlands

1988  Hydrologic Impacts of Improved Irrigation Efficiencies

1988  Hydrologic Safety of Earth Dams