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2015  Investigation of the Effects of DEM Creation Methods on the Performance of a Semidistributed Model: TOPMODEL

2015  Laboratory Analog Analysis of Spring Recession Curve in a Karst Aquifer with Fracture and Conduit Domains

2014  Characteristics of Ephemeral Hydrographs in the Southwestern United States

2014  Determination of Clark’s Unit Hydrograph Parameters for Watersheds

2014  Determination of Optimal Unit Hydrographs and Green-Ampt Parameters for Watersheds

2014  Estimating Final Scour Depth under Clear-Water Flood Waves

2014  Modeling of Event and Continuous Flow Hydrographs with HEC-HMS: Case Study in the Kelani River Basin, Sri Lanka

2014  Overland Flow Hydrograph Analogy: Filling and Draining a Permeable Bag

2014  Release Time Component of a Hydrograph

2013  Application of Fuzzy Optimization Model Based on Entropy Weight in Typical Flood Hydrograph Selection

2013  Combination of L-Moments Method and Hydrological Model for Design Flood Hydrograph Determination

2013  Event Flow Hydrograph-Based Method for Modeling Sediment Transport

2013  Experimental Study of the Coarse Surface Development Effect on the Bimodal Bed-Load Transport under Unsteady Flow Conditions

2013  Partitioning Pre-Development Hydrology in Order to Mimic Pre-Development Water Quality

2013  Time and Flow Characteristics of Component Hydrographs Related to Rainfall-Streamflow Observations

2012  Accuracy Assessment of Unit Hydrographs: Point versus Spatially Integrated Rainfall Input

2012  Comparison of Computed and Experimentally Assessed Times of Concentration for a V-Shaped Laboratory Watershed

2012  Derivation of Travel Time Based on Diffusive Wave Approximation for the Time-Area Hydrograph Simulation

2012  Effects of Initial Abstraction Ratio in SCS-CN Method on Modeling the Impacts of Urbanization on Peak Flows

2012  Experimental Investigation of Time-Dependent Clear Water Scour around Bridge Pier Due to a Trapezoidal Hydrograph

2012  A Laboratory Study of Spring Hydrograph in Karst Triple Void Media, Southwestern China

2012  Numerical Modeling to Predict Canal Breach Outflow Hydrographs

2011  Gated Spillways Operation Rules Considering Water Surface Elevation and Flood Peak: Application to Karkheh Dam

2011  Laboratory Simulation of Urban Runoff and Estimation of Runoff Hydrographs with Experimental Curve Numbers Implemented in USEPA SWMM

2011  Probability of Flood-Induced Overtopping of Barriers in Watershed-Reservoir-Dam Systems

2011  Quantifying Pathogen Sources in Streams by Hydrograph Separation

2011  Southern Swell Observed at Oceanside, California

2011  Synthetic Design Hydrographs Based on Distribution Functions with Finite Support

2011  Use of a Distance Measure for the Comparison of Unit Hydrographs: Application to the Stream Gauge Network Optimization

2010  Analysis and Synthesis of Transmission Loss Hydrographs

2010  Derivation of Flood Hydrographs for Ungauged Upstream Subwatersheds Using a Main Outlet Hydrograph

2010  Incorporating Surface Storage and Slope to Estimate Clark Unit Hydrographs for Ungauged Indiana Watersheds

2010  Performance Investigation of Nakagami-m Distribution to Derive Flood Hydrograph by Genetic Algorithm Optimization Approach

2010  Simplified Method for the Characterization of the Hydrograph following a Sudden Partial Dam Break

2009  Adequacy of Nakagami-m

2009  A Comparison between High Water Marks and Hydrograph Recordings in Hurricane Rita

2009  Comparison of Lumped and Quasi-Distributed Clark Runoff Models Using the SCS Curve Number Equation

2009  Design Flood Hydrograph Based on Multicharacteristic Synthesis Index Method

2009  Generation of Total Runoff Hydrographs Using a Method Derived from a Digital Filter Algorithm

2009  Genetic Algorithm-Based Discharge Estimation at Sites Receiving Lateral Inflows

2009  Hydrograph Separation and Development of Empirical Relationships Using Single-Parameter Digital Filters

2009  Investigation of Internal Functioning of the Radial-Basis-Function Neural Network River Flow Forecasting Models

2009  Multilinear Muskingum Method for Stage-Hydrograph Routing in Compound Channels

2009  Natural Hydrograph of the Missouri River near Sioux City and the Least Tern and Piping Plover

2009  Time Base as an Invertible Function of the Parameters of Gamma Unit Hydrograph

2009  Uncertainty Analyses of Watershed Time Parameters

2009  Volume-Conservative Nonlinear Flood Routing

2008  Development and Calibration of a High Resolution SWMM Model for Simulating the Effects of LID Retrofits on the Outflow Hydrograph of a Dense Urban Watershed

2008  Improvement of Regression Simulation in Fluvial Sediment Loads

2008  Model for Predicting Floods due to Earthen Dam Breaching. I: Formulation and Evaluation

2008  Model for Predicting Floods due to Earthen Dam Breaching. II: Comparison with Other Methods and Predictive Use

2008  Predicting Direct Runoff from Hilly Watershed Using Geomorphology and Stream-Order-Law Ratios: Case Study

2008  Simple Rainfall Loss Models for Rainfall-Runoff Modeling

2008  Simplified Model for Simulating Basin-Scale Surface Runoff Hydrographs

2008  Synthesis of Unit Hydrographs from a Digital Elevation Model

2008  Volume Conservation Controversy of the Variable Parameter Muskingum — Cunge Method

2008  Watershed Physical and Hydrological Effects on Baseflow Separation

2007  CHARTS-Enabled Data Fusion for Coastal Zone Characterization

2007  Derivation of a Distributed Unit Hydrograph Integrating GIS and Remote Sensing

2007  Determination of Flash Floods in Western Arabian Peninsula

2007  Identifying Representative Parameters of IUH

2007  Preferential Flow in a Reclamation Cover: Hydrological and Geochemical Response

2007  Radial Basis Function Modeling of Hourly Streamflow Hydrograph

2007  Unit Hydrographs for Small Watersheds in Texas Using Particle-Tracking

2007  Use of Gamma Distribution/Nash Model Further Simplified for Runoff Modeling

2007  Variable Parameter Muskingum Routing Considering Downstream Effects

2006  Development of Optimal and Physically Realizable Unit Hydrograph

2006  Evaluation of the Nash—Sutcliffe Efficiency Index

2006  Hybrid, Markov Chain-Based Model for Daily Streamflow Generation at Multiple Catchment Sites

2006  Increasing Stormwater Outfall Duration, Magnitude, and Volume through Combined Sewer Separation

2006  Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph Evaluation for Rainfall-Runoff Modeling of Small Watersheds in North and South Central Texas

2006  NRCS (SCS) Synthetic Curvilinear Dimensionless Unit Hydrograph

2006  Optimal Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph from Multistorm Data

2006  Simulating Seasonal Variability of Circulation and Hydrography on the Scotian Shelf

2006  Storm-Water Predictions by Dimensionless Unit Hydrograph

2005  Bivariate Statistical Approach to Check Adequacy of Dam Spillway

2005  Comparison of Kinematic-Wave and Nonlinear Reservoir Routing of Urban Watershed Runoff

2005  Effect of Flow Proportions on HSPF Model Calibration Accuracy

2005  Hybrid Model for Derivation of Synthetic Unit Hydrograph

2005  Influence of Hydrology on Rainfall-Runoff Metal Element Speciation

2005  Perspective on the Synthesis of Unit Operations and Process (UOP) Concepts with Hydrologic Controls for Rainfall-Runoff

2005  A Process-Based Transfer Function Approach to Model Tile Drain Hydrographs

2005  Relating Local Stage and Remote Discharge with Significant Lateral Inflow

2005  SRICOS-ERA Method for Contraction Scour in Fine-Grained Soils

2004  Application of Hydrograph Shape and Channel Infiltration Models to an Arid Watershed

2004  Hydrology-Based Approach to Storm Water Detention Basin Design Using New Routing Schemes

2004  Parameter Estimation of Beta Distribution for Unit Hydrograph Derivation

2004  Reproduction of Hysteresis in Rating Curves

2004  Simplified Use of Gamma-Distribution/Nash Model for Runoff Modeling

2004  SRICOS-EFA Method for Complex Piers in Fine-Grained Soils

2004  Use of Next Generation Weather Radar Data and Basin Disaggregation to Improve Continuous Hydrograph Simulations

2003  Applicability of Hydraulic Performance Graph for Flow Estimation in Open Channels

2003  Comparative Analysis of Event-Based Rainfall-Runoff Modeling Techniques—Deterministic, Statistical, and Artificial Neural Networks

2003  Delaunay Triangulation Algorithms Useful for Multibeam Echosounding

2003  Nonlinear Convection-Diffusion Equation with Mixing-Cell Method for Channel Flood Routing

2003  Simplified Two-Parameter Gamma Distribution for Derivation of Synthetic Unit Hydrograph

2003  True Form of Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph of Linear Reservoirs

2002  Approach for Describing Statistical Properties of Flood Hydrograph

2002  Conversion of Unit Hydrographs by Complementary Hydrograph Method

2002  Interpretation of Radar and Rain Gauge Measurements for Sewer System Modeling