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Found 47 Records with the keyword term of "Hydrogen sulfides"

2014  Experimental Evaluation of the Stoichiometry of Sulfide-Related Concrete Sewer Corrosion

2013  Estimate of the Decay Rate Constant of Hydrogen Sulfide from Drywall in a Simulated Bench-Scale Study

2013  Impact of Iron Salt Dosage to Sewers on Downstream Anaerobic Sludge Digesters: Sulfide Control and Methane Production

2010  Bacterial Kinetics of Sulfur Oxidizing Bacteria and Their Biodeterioration Rates of Concrete Sewer Pipe Samples

2010  Modeling the Oxidation of Sulfide in Pulp and Paper Wastewaters

2010  Tire-Derived Steel for Hydrogen Sulfide Removal in Landfill Cover

2009  New Findings in Hydrogen Sulfide Related Corrosion of Concrete Sewers

2008  Model Sensitivity Analysis for Biotrickling Filter Treatment of Graywater Simulant and Waste Gas. II

2006  Sulfur Impregnation on Activated Carbon Fibers through H2S Oxidation for Vapor Phase Mercury Removal

2005  Influence of Wastewater Constituents on Hydrogen Sulfide Emission in Sewer Networks

2005  Sources of Hydrogen Sulfide in Groundwater on Reclaimed Land

2004  Conversion of Full-Scale Wet Scrubbers to Biotrickling Filters for H2S Control at Publicly Owned Treatment Works

2004  Effect of Temperature on Air-Water Transfer of Hydrogen Sulfide

2003  Field Measurements and Modeling of Two-Stage Biofilter that Treats Odorous Sulfur Air Emissions

1999  Control of Hydrogen Sulfide Emissions Associated with Wastewater Treatment Plants

1999  Evolution of Design: LA Metro Underground Structures

1999  Tunnel Inspection and Rehabilitation for H2S Corrosion

1998  Comparison of Autotrophic and Mixotrophic Biofilters for H2S Removal

1998  Hydrogen Sulfide Production During Decomposition of Landfill Inputs

1998  Odor Control Process Selection Confirmation Using Dispersion Modeling

1997  CDM Chosen to Relieve Odor

1997  Landfill Operators Combat Smell of Methane Retrieval

1996  Aeration of Reservoirs and Releases TVA Porous Hose Line Diffuser

1996  Gas-Phase Removal of H2S and NH3 with Dielectric Barrier Discharges

1996  Study of Biological Reactors for Control of Odor, VOC and Toxic Emissions from Wastewater Treatment Plants

1996  Water-Treatment Plant Helps Clean the Air of Jupiter

1995  Trenchless Replacement & Corrosion Protection of Deteriorated Manholes

1995  Use of Iron Salts to Control Dissolved Sulfide in Trunk Sewers

1995  Wailupe Reconstructed Trunk Sewer ASCE Hawaiian Chapter Project of the Year 1993

1994  The Use of Iron Salts to Control Dissolved Sulfide in Districts’ Trunk Sewers

1993  Oxygen Based Claus Process for Recovery of Sulfur From H2S Gases

1993  Proactive Odor Control Using Computer Modeling

1992  Biochemical Control of Sulfide Production in Wastewater Collection Systems

1991  Corrosion Below: Sewer Structures

1991  Hydrogen Sulfide in Hydropower Reservoirs

1991  National Sewer Rehab Projected at $6 Billion

1991  Risks of Transporting Petroleum and Other Materials from Offshore Oil and Gas Development

1990  Field Performance of Activated Carbon Adsorption for Sewage Air

1990  Simple Tests to Assess Water Quality in Indonesia

1989  Sulfide in Wastewater Collection and Treatment Systems

1988  Successful Rehabilitation of Sewers at Hawaii Kai

1986  Olfactory Quantification of Sewage Odors

1984  Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Systems for Digester Gas

1982  Prediction of Sulfide Buildup in Sanitary Sewers

1980  Automatic Steam Gathering Reduces Emissions at “The Geysers”

1961  Effects of Hydrogen Sulfide on Concrete Structures

1960  Activated Carbon Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide