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2015  A 1D-2D Coupled Hydrodynamic Model for River Flood Prediction in a Coastal Urban Floodplain

2015  Beach Profile Model with Size-Selective Sediment Transport. I: Laboratory Experiment and Sensitivity Study

2015  Development and Analysis of GIS Tools for the Automatic Implementation of 1D Hydraulic Models Coupled with Distributed Hydrological Models

2015  Exploring the Potential of SRTM Topography and Radar Altimetry to Support Flood Propagation Modeling: Danube Case Study

2015  Hydrodynamic Behavior and the Effects of Water Pollution from Dalian’s Large-Scale Offshore Airport Island in Jinzhou Bay, China

2015  Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a Suspended Curtain for Sediment Trapping

2015  Modeling the Spatial Evolution of Roll Waves with Diffusive Saint Venant Equations

2015  Novel Nonreflecting Boundary Condition for an Infinite Reservoir Based on the Scaled Boundary Finite-Element Method

2015  Numerical Prediction of the Hydrodynamic Forces on a Post-Panamax Vessel in the Third Set of Panama Locks

2015  Numerical Simulation of Nearshore Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport Downdrift of a Tidal Inlet

2015  Storm Surge and Surface Waves in a Shallow Lagoonal Estuary during the Crossing of a Hurricane

2014  Comprehensive Field Study of Swash-Zone Processes. I: Experimental Design with Examples of Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Measurements

2014  Enhancing Sedimentation and Trapping Sediment with a Bottom Grid Structure

2014  Hydrodynamic and Hydrological Modeling of the Poyang Lake Catchment System in China

2014  MHD Three-Dimensional Flow by an Exponentially Stretching Surface with Convective Boundary Condition

2014  Rip Current Observations via Marine Radar

2014  Roughening Elements as Abutment Scour Countermeasures

2014  Seabed Effects on the Hydrodynamics of a Circular Cylinder Undergoing Vortex-Induced Vibration at High Reynolds Number

2014  Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics Numerical Modeling of Structures Impacted by Tsunami Bores

2014  Three-Dimensional SPH Modeling of a Bar/Rip Channel System

2014  Tilting While Lifting a Large Object from a Rigid Porous Seabed

2014  Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model for Surface-Flow Routing

2014  Wave Impact Simulations by an Improved ISPH Model

2013  Analytical Solutions for Filtration Process Based on Constriction Size Concept

2013  Assessing Factors Affecting the Thermal Properties of a Passive Thermal Refuge Using Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Flow and Transport Modeling

2013  Calibrated Hydrodynamic Model for Sazlidere Watershed in Istanbul and Investigation of Urbanization Effects

2013  Depth-Averaged Hydrodynamic Model for Gradual Breaching of Embankment Dams Attributable to Overtopping Considering Suspended Sediment Transport

2013  Dynamic Behavior of Straining in Randomly Packed Beads: Experimental Study

2013  Effect of Corrugated Bed on Hydraulic Jump Characteristic Using SPH Method

2013  Effects of Different Layout Schemes on the Marine Environment of the Dalian Offshore Reclaimed Airport Island

2013  Effects of Water Temperature on Chlorophyll-a Concentration Stratification in the Tributary Bay of Three Gorges Reservoir

2013  Evaluating the Response of the Residence Time to Flow in the Lower Peace River Estuary in Florida, USA

2013  Experimental and Numerical Assessment of the Three-Dimensional Modal Dynamic Response of Bridge Pile Foundations Submerged in Water

2013  Failure Process of Brittle Rock Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

2013  Fuel Storage Container Performance during the 2011 Tohoku, Japan, Tsunami

2013  Gas Absorption Enhancement Mechanism in Mechanically Agitated Multiphase System: Effect of Fine Solid Particles and Interfacial Turbulence

2013  Harbor-Wide Passing Cruise Ship Surge Study, Port Canaveral, FL

2013  Hydraulic Principles of the 2,268-Year-Old Dujiangyan Project in China

2013  Hydrodynamic Modeling of First-Order Transport Timescales in the St. Louis Bay Estuary, Mississippi

2013  Hydrodynamic Modeling of Tides and Hurricane Storm Surge for Pre- and Post-Dredging Conditions in the Lower St. Johns River, Florida

2013  Hydrodynamic Simulation in Tidal Rivers Using Fourier Series

2013  Hydrodynamics in a sandy beach polluted with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

2013  Hydrodynamics of Knik Arm: Modeling Study

2013  Influencing Factor of Hydrodynamic Pressure on Tire in Wet Weather Based on Fluent

2013  Modeling Curvature- and Topography-driven Secondary Currents in Sine-generated Meandering Channels

2013  Numerical Modeling of the Effect of Duration of Barotropic Forcing on Sea Strait Flow: Case Study of the Bosphorus Strait

2013  Physical Modeling of Particulate Matter Washout from a Hydrodynamic Separator

2013  Pressures on the Crown Wall of Breakwater Formed by New Armor Block KOLOS due to Regular Waves

2013  Redesign of infrastructure with green technology for hydrologic and constituent load reduction

2013  Research on Hydrodynamic Pressure of Deep Water Bridge Structure

2013  Simulating Hurricane Storm Surge in the Lower Mississippi River under Varying Flow Conditions

2013  SPH Modeling of One-Dimensional Nonrectangular and Nonprismatic Channel Flows with Open Boundaries

2013  Study on Hydrodynamic Pressure and Dynamic Response of Pier under Long-Period Earthquakes

2013  Wave Structure Interaction During Hurricane Ivan Simulated By a Two-Phase Flow Model

2012  1D–2D Coupled Numerical Model for Shallow-Water Flows

2012  2-D Fine Grid Hydrodynamic Modeling for More Accurate Floodplain Mapping in Southern California

2012  Adaptive Time Stepping-Operator Splitting Strategy to Couple Implicit Numerical Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Codes

2012  Analysis on the Urban Unsteady Non-Pressure Rainfall Pipe Flow Routing Method

2012  Angular Velocity Formula for Turbulent Vortex Chamber Flows

2012  Approximation of the Effects of Subgrid Variations in Geometry in a Regional Ocean Model

2012  Calculating the Potential Effects of Large Woody Debris Accumulations on Backwater, Scour, and Hydrodynamic Loads

2012  Corpus Christi Bay Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamics and Salinity Simulations Using Finite-Volume Coastal Ocean Model (FVCOM)

2012  Design of the NOS Operational Forecast System for San Francisco Bay : Focus on Validation

2012  Development of Extratropical Surge and Tide Operational Forecast System (ESTOFS)

2012  Eco-Hydrodynamic Simulation of the Dreissena polymorpha (Zebra Mussel) in Fluvial Ecosystems: Application to the Study of the Effects of Climate Change on Zebra Mussel Growth in the Mequinenza Reservoir

2012  Estimated Increase in Inundation Probability with Confidence Intervals for Galveston, Texas

2012  Estimating Time of Concentration on Low-Slope Planes Using Diffusion Hydrodynamic Model

2012  Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a Free-Surface Semicircular Breakwater Exposed to Irregular Waves

2012  Hydrodynamic Damping on Flexible Cylinders in Sheared Flow

2012  Hydrodynamic Forces on a Large Pipeline and a Small Pipeline in Piggyback Configuration under Wave Action

2012  Hydrodynamic Levee-Breech and Inundation Modeling of a Levee District along the Middle Mississippi

2012  Hydrodynamic Model for Green Bay, Lake Michigan

2012  Hydrodynamic Monitoring and Analysis during the Closing of the Closure Gap of Qingcaosha Reservoir

2012  Hydrodynamics around an Artificial Surfing Reef at Leirosa, Portugal

2012  Hydrologically Enhanced Distributed Urban Drainage Model and Its Application in Beijing City

2012  Influence of Uniform Suction/Injection on Heat Transfer of MHD Hiemenz Flow in Porous Media

2012  Investigations of Fluid Behavior in Critical Transition Pipe Flow : Initial Results

2012  Longitudinal Dispersion in River Flows Characterized by Random Large-Scale Bed Irregularities: First-Order Analytical Solution

2012  Modeling Hydraulic Control Structures in Estuarine Environments with EFDC

2012  A Modeling Study of Hydrodynamic Circulation in a Fjord of the Pacific Northwest

2012  Numerical Modeling of Stage-Discharge Relationships in Urban Streams

2012  Numerical Modeling of Tsunami Wave Run-Up and Effects on Sediment Scour around a Cylindrical Pier

2012  Numerical Simulations for Large Deformation of Granular Materials Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Method

2012  Ocean Current Inference Using Towed Cable Hydrodynamics

2012  Optimized Predictive Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model of the Gironde Estuary in France

2012  Performance of the Coastal Modeling System for Various Conditions in the Navigational Waters of the South Texas Coastal Bend

2012  Responses of Simulated Low Salinity Habitats to the Uncertainties of Gauged and Ungauged Flows in the Myakka River Estuary in Florida

2012  River Flux Boundary Considerations in a Coupled Hydrologic-Hydrodynamic Modeling System

2012  Seismic Response of Asymmetric Rectangular Liquid-Containing Structures

2012  Sensitivity of an ADCIRC Tide and Storm Surge Model to Manning’s n

2012  SPH Modeling of Shallow Flow with Open Boundaries for Practical Flood Simulation

2012  The St. Johns River Operational Forecast System: Evolution of an EFDC Model Application from Development to Operational Implementation

2012  Three-Dimensional Free-Surface Flow Model Verification and Validation: Assessment and Future Directions

2012  Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Saltwater Extraction Schemes to Mitigate Seawater Intrusion due to Groundwater Pumping in a Coastal Aquifer System

2012  Two-Dimensional Numerical Model of Basin Irrigation Based on a Hybrid Numerical Method

2012  Washout Testing Comparison of Hydrodynamic Separators

2012  Waves Plus Currents Crossing at a Right Angle: Sandpit Case

2011  Assessing the Effectiveness of Spreader Canals in Delivering Water to Marshes

2011  Calibration and Verification of a 2D Hydrodynamic Model for Simulating Flow around Emergent Bendway Weir Structures

2011  CFD As Applied to the Development of a Hydrodynamic Vortex Mixer