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2015  Dams: An Essential Component of Development

2015  Hybrid Model for Short-Term Scheduling of Hydropower Systems

2015  Influence of Sedimentation on Hydroelectric Power Generation: Case Study of a Brazilian Reservoir

2015  In-Stream Hydrokinetic Power: Review and Appraisal

2015  Model-Based Assessment of Water, Food, and Energy Trade-Offs in a Cascade of Multipurpose Reservoirs: Case Study of the Sesan Tributary of the Mekong River

2015  Outfitted with Turbines, Portland Water Pipeline Generates Hydropower

2015  Quarter-Hourly Operation of Large-Scale Hydropower Reservoir Systems with Prioritized Constraints

2015  Trade-Off Analysis among Multiple Water Uses in a Hydropower System: Case of São Francisco River Basin, Brazil

2015  Transport Capacity of Overland Flow with High Sediment Concentration

2014  Chance-Constrained Optimal Hedging Rules for Cascaded Hydropower Reservoirs

2014  Characteristics of Free Surface Vortices at Low-Head Hydropower Intakes

2014  Construction of New Hydropower Facilities Begins at Iowa Dam

2014  Continuous Long-Term Observation of Suspended Sediment Transport between Two Pumped-Storage Reservoirs

2014  Coordinated Hydropower Plant Simulation for Multireservoir Systems

2014  Cost-Benefit Analysis for Hydropower Production in Water Distribution Networks by a Pump as Turbine

2014  Economic Value of Storage in Multireservoir Systems

2014  Efficiency Curves for Hydroelectric Generating Units

2014  Improved Dynamic Programming for Hydropower Reservoir Operation

2014  Knowledge-Based Approach for Reservoir System Optimization

2014  Modeling Flow and Solute Transport in Fractured Porous Media at Jinping I-Hydropower Station, China

2014  New York City to Build Hydropower Facility at Cannonsville Reservoir

2014  Optimal Location of PRVs and Turbines in Water Distribution Systems

2014  Optimal Operation of Large-Scale Cascaded Hydropower Systems in the Upper Reaches of the Yangtze River, China

2014  Optimization Model for Design-Operation of Pumped-Storage and Hydropower Systems

2014  Performance of Coanda-Effect Screens in a Cold Climate

2014  Power Generation Simulation of a Hydropower Reservoir System Using System Dynamics: Case Study of Karoon Reservoir System

2014  Power of Screening Models for Developing Flexible Design Strategies in Hydropower Projects: Case Study of Ethiopia

2014  Safety of Hydropower Dams in a Changing Climate

2014  Simulating High-Elevation Hydropower with Regional Climate Warming in the West Slope, Sierra Nevada

2014  Stream-Reach Identification for New Run-of-River Hydropower Development through a Merit Matrix-Based Geospatial Algorithm

2013  Analytical Model for Water Inflow of an Archimedes Screw Used in Hydropower Generation

2013  Assessment of Flow Changes from Hydropower Development and Operations in Sekong, Sesan, and Srepok Rivers of the Mekong Basin

2013  Backwater Effect over Tailrace Water Level in Cascade Hydropower Plants

2013  Bayesian Statistic Forecasting Model for Middle-Term and Long-Term Runoff of a Hydropower Station

2013  Choloma Hydroelectric Project Supply and Installation of a Steel Pipeline in Guatemala

2013  Climate Change and Hydropower Planning in the Middle East: Implications for Iran’s Karkheh Hydropower Systems

2013  Comparison of Performance of Two Run-of-River Plants during Transient Conditions

2013  Design-Variable Optimization of Hydropower Tunnels and Surge Tanks Using a Genetic Algorithm

2013  Dynamic Planning of Water Resource and Electric Power Systems under Uncertainty

2013  Dynamical Operation Control of Long-Term Scheduling for Large-Scale Hydropower System

2013  Estimating Maximal Annual Energy Given Heterogeneous Hydropower Generating Units with Application to the Three Gorges System

2013  Examining the Feasibility of Hydropower Generation in Irrigation Canals: Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District

2013  Experiments and CFD Analyses for a New Reaction Microhydro Propeller with Five Blades

2013  House Passes Bill to Boost Small Hydropower Projects

2013  Hydro and Wind Power Complementarity and Scenarization in Brazil

2013  Identification of Suitable Locations for Micro Hydro Power Stations Using Geospatial Technology

2013  Key Technologies to Design and Develop Optimized Operation System for Large-Scale Hydropower Stations of China

2013  Long-Term Hydropower Optimal Operation Model for Peak Load Regulating of Typical Days

2013  Managing Sediment in the Mekong River Basin: Tradeoffs between Hydropower and the Environment

2013  Modeling the Impact of Climate Change on Hydropower Operations in the Connecticut River Basin

2013  Nonlinearities in Reservoir Operation for Hydropower Production

2013  Numerical Analysis of an Interaction between Hydraulic-Powered Support and Surrounding Rock Strata

2013  An Overview of Large-Scale Small Hydropower in Yunnan Power Grid: Situations, Challenges, and Measures

2013  Relationship between Owners’ Capabilities and Project Performance on Development of Hydropower Projects in China

2013  Review of Ice Effects on Hydropower Systems

2013  Some Practical Strategies and Methods for Large-Scale Hydropower System Operations in China

2013  A Stochastic Hydrothermal Decision Support System for Planning Operation: New Developments for the HIDROTERM Model

2013  Subdaily Hydropower Optimization for Relicensing in the Connecticut River

2013  System Dynamics Approach for Hydropower Generation Assessment in Developing Watersheds: Case Study of Karkheh River Basin, Iran

2012  Assessing the Potential Sediment-Related Impacts of Hydropower Development in the Mekong River Basin

2012  Climate Change and Hydropower in Iran’s Karkheh River Basin

2012  Detection of Local Wall Stiffness Drop in Steel-Lined Pressure Tunnels and Shafts of Hydroelectric Power Plants Using Steep Pressure Wave Excitation and Wavelet Decomposition

2012  Development and Implementation of a GIS-Based Safety Monitoring System for Hydropower Station Construction

2012  Energy Harvesting from Water Distribution Systems

2012  Evaluation of Optimization Algorithms to Adjust Efficiency Curves for Hydroelectric Generating Units

2012  Exploring the Water-Thermoelectric Power Nexus

2012  Hydroelectric Power and the Future

2012  Identifying Hydropower Potential in Water Distribution Systems of Alpine Regions

2012  Influence of Deregulated Electricity Markets on Hydropower Generation and Downstream Flow Regime

2012  Influence of Solid Particle Parameters on the Sound Speed and Attenuation of Pulses in ADM

2012  Influence of the Blade Hub Geometry on the Performance of Low-Head Axial Flow Turbines

2012  The Main Water Problems and Corresponding Countermeasures of Deep Underground Water Conservancy Project in Water-Rich Area

2012  Modeling of Sediment Management for the Lavey Run-of-River HPP in Switzerland

2012  Monitoring of the Ice Cover within the Scope of the Eastmain-1-A/Sarcelle/Rupert Hydro Power Project

2012  Optimization of Large-Scale Hydrothermal System Operation

2012  Quarter-Hourly Operation of Hydropower Reservoirs with Pumped Storage Plants

2012  Representing Energy Price Variability in Long- and Medium-Term Hydropower Optimization

2012  Research on Static and Dynamic Reinforcement Effect of Concrete Replacement Holes for 2# Potential Slide Block at Left Bank of Baihetan Hydropower Station

2012  Reservoir Operation with Robust Optimization for Hydropower Production

2012  Short-Term Optimal Operation of Hydropower Reservoirs with Unit Commitment and Navigation

2012  Short-Term Scheduling for Large-Scale Cascaded Hydropower Systems with Multivibration Zones of High Head

2012  Statistical and Dynamical Climate Predictions to Guide Water Resources in Ethiopia

2012  Structural Analysis of the Embedded Spiral Case in the Three Gorges Hydropower Station

2012  Testing of Microhydropower Generation from a Sprinkler Irrigation System

2011  Bi-Level Optimization Model for Daily Operation with Heterogeneous Hydropower Units in Multiple Reservoirs with Application to the Three Gorges-Gezhouba Cascade Power Stations

2011  Bureau of Reclamation Names 70 Sites That Could Add Hydropower

2011  Climate Warming Effects on Hydropower Demand and Pricing in California

2011  Comparison of a Daily and Sub-Daily Optimization Model for Hydropower Generation: Does Greater Resolution Result in Greater Operational Insight?

2011  Decision Support System for Optimizing Reservoir Operations Using Ensemble Streamflow Predictions

2011  A Different Aspect for Implanting Hydropower Units on the River Flows

2011  Evaluation of the Viability of an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler for the Velocity Field Analysis of Fish Entrainment Risk at Hydropower Dams

2011  Fast-Growing China’s Hydropower Systems and Operation Challenges

2011  Long Term Absorbed Energy Maximization Model of Large Scale Reservoir Systems by Multiple Power Grids

2011  Metrics and Risk Criteria Acceptance for Flood Control in Valleys Downstream Hydropower Plants

2011  Optimal Multipurpose-Multireservoir Operation Model with Variable Productivity of Hydropower Plants

2011  Planning Operation of Large-Scale Hydrothermal System

2011  Reservoir Thermal Structure and Its Effect on Hydropower Operation Induced Fish Entrainment

2011  Short-Term Generation Scheduling for Hydropower Systems with Discrepant Objectives

2011  Snoqualmie Falls Hydropower Plant—A National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark: Video of the Power of Snoqualmie Falls

2011  Stability Research of Surrounding Rock of Caverns in Xiangjiaba Power Plant