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2014  Characteristics of the Velocity Distribution in a Hydraulic Jump Stilling Basin with Five Parallel Offset Jets in a Twin-Layer Configuration

2014  Mean and Turbulent Bubble Velocities in Free Hydraulic Jumps for Small to Intermediate Froude Numbers

2014  Mean Flow in a Submerged Hydraulic Jump with Baffle Blocks

2014  Radial Jet and Hydraulic Jump in a Circular Basin

2014  Unsteady Seepage Applied to Lining Design in Stilling Basins

2013  Effect of Corrugated Bed on Hydraulic Jump Characteristic Using SPH Method

2013  Energy Dissipation in Eighteen-Foot Drop Broken-Back Culvert under Open Channel Flow Conditions

2013  Generalized Analytical Solutions for Alternate and Sequent Depths in Rectangular Channels: Nonuniform Velocity

2013  Influence of Surface Tension on Air-Water Flows

2013  Jets Opposing Turbidity Currents and Open Channel Flows

2012  Drag Characteristics of Two-Dimensional Sills in Forced Hydraulic Jumps

2012  Effect of Stilling Basin Geometry on the Dissipative Process in the Presence of Block Ramps

2012  Free Surface Profiles of Undular Hydraulic Jumps

2012  Momentum Considerations in Hydraulic Jumps and Bores

2012  New Expression of the Hydraulic Jump Roller Length

2012  Performance of Baffle Blocks in Submerged Hydraulic Jumps

2012  Roughened Channels with Cross Beams Flow Features

2012  Signal Postprocessing Technique and Uncertainty Analysis of ADV Turbulence Measurements on Free Hydraulic Jumps

2012  Transitional Expanding Hydraulic Jump

2011  Analysis of Turbulent Hydraulic Jump over a Transitional Rough Bed of a Rectangular Channel: Universal Relations

2011  Applying Improved Eulerian Model for Simulation of Air-Water Flow in a Hydraulic Jump

2011  Bubbly Two-Phase Flow in Hydraulic Jumps at Large Froude Numbers

2011  Exploratory Study of Submerged Hydraulic Jumps with Blocks

2011  Forced Hydraulic Jumps below Abrupt Expansions

2011  Sequent Depth Ratio of a B-Jump

2011  Theoretical Determination of Sequent Depths in Closed Conduits

2010  Air Entrainment and Sequent Depths in Horizontal Closed Conduits

2010  Design of a Scroll Vortex Inlet for Supercritical Approach Flow

2010  Energy Dissipation and Turbulent Production in Weak Hydraulic Jumps

2009  Energy Concept for Predicting Hydraulic Jump Aeration Efficiency

2009  Hydraulic Jumps in an Inclined Rectangular Chute Contraction

2009  Hydraulics of Tangential Vortex Intake for Urban Drainage

2009  Local Scour Downstream of Positive-Step Stilling Basins

2009  Modeling of Sediment Particle Deposition and Resuspension Processes Using a Stochastic Jump Diffusion Particle Tracking Model

2009  New Solution of Classical Hydraulic Jump

2009  Stepped Spillway with Hydraulic Jumps: Application of a Numerical Model to a Scale Model of a Conceptual Prototype

2008  Characteristics of Turbulent Flow in Submerged Jumps on Rough Beds

2008  Deflector Ski Jump Hydraulics

2008  Energy Dissipation on Submerged Block Ramps

2008  Experimental Study on a Plane Free Overfall

2008  Flow Patterns in a Four-Branch Junction with Supercritical Flow

2008  Froude Similitude and Scale Effects Affecting Air Entrainment in Hydraulic Jumps

2008  Hydraulic Jet Control for River Junction Design of Yuen Long Bypass Floodway, Hong Kong

2008  One-Dimensional Model for Transient Flows Involving Bed-Load Sediment Transport and Changes in Flow Regimes

2007  Hydraulic Jumps on Rough Beds

2007  A Simplified Stochastic Jump Model for Suspended Sediment Movement during Floods

2006  3D Simulation of Combining Flows in 90° Rectangular Closed Conduits

2006  Aeration Performance of a Hydraulic Jump

2006  Energy Dissipation on Block Ramps

2006  Hydraulic Jumps in Sloping Channels: Sequent Depth Ratio

2006  Numerical Modeling of Internal Flow Structure in Submerged Hydraulic Jumps

2006  Particle Image Velocity Measurements of Undualr and Hydraulic Jumps

2005  Effect of Channel Bed Corrugations on Hydraulic Jumps

2005  Hydraulic Modeling beyond HEC-RAS

2005  Large Eddy Simulation and Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes Simulations of Flow in a Realistic Pump Intake: A Validation Study

2005  Refined Energy Correction for Calibration of Submerged Radial Gates

2005  Role of Artificial Dissipation Scaling and Multigrid Acceleration in Numerical Solutions of the Depth-Averaged Free-Surface Flow Equations

2005  Scour in Non-Cohesive Soil Due to the Impact of Jet Spillway Out of Ski Jump

2005  Simple Methods for Energy Dissipation at Culvert Outlets

2005  Ski Jump Hydraulics

2004  Energy Dissipation Through Screens

2004  Exact Solutions for Sequent Depths Problem

2004  Simulation of Transcritical Flow in Pipe/Channel Networks

2004  Turbulence Structure of Hydraulic Jumps of Low Froude Numbers

2003  Direct Equations for Hydraulic Jump Elements in Rectangular Horizontal Channel

2003  Flow Conditions of Undular Hydraulic Jumps in Horizontal Rectangular Channels

2002  Hydraulic Jumps on Corrugated Beds

2002  Plane Turbulent Wall Jets in Shallow Tailwater

2002  Undular Hydraulic Jumps in Circular Conduits

2001  Backward Flow Velocities of Submerged Hydraulic Jumps

2001  A Case Study of Hydraulic Jump Utilization in Pipeline Design

2000  Gas Transfer at Hydraulic Structures in the Ohio River Valley

2000  Limiting and Sill-Controlled Adverse-Slope Hydraulic Jump

2000  Prediction of the Behavior of Hydraulic Jumps in Canoe Chutes

1999  Safety Assessment of Grade Control Structures

1999  Submerged Hydraulic Jumps below Abrupt Expansions

1998  Analysis of the Roller in Hydraulic Jumps

1998  Characteristics of Undular Hydraulic Jumps: Experiments and Analysis

1998  Spatial B-Jump at Sudden Channel Enlargements with Abrupt Drop

1997  Control of Hydraulic Jump by Abrupt Drop

1997  Effects of the Spillways Operation on the Fishes Habitat: Study of Solutions

1997  Fish Bypass Outlet Structure for the White River Hydroelectric Project

1997  Hydraulic Design of New Fish Sampling Facility at John Day Dam

1997  Hydraulic Study of Secondary Stilling Basins

1997  Implicit TVD Methods for Modelling Discontinuous Channel Flows

1997  Improved Design of Final Settling Tanks

1997  Local Scouring Downstream of Positive Step Stilling Basins

1997  Numerical Simulation of Large Eddy Structure in Hydraulic Jump

1997  Numerical Simulation of Transcritical Flow in Open Channels

1997  The Submerged Hydraulic Jump Downstream Sluice Weir

1996  Hydraulic Jump in Sloping Channels

1996  Incipient Jump Conditions for Flows over a Vertical Sill

1996  Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Jump

1996  Physically Based Hydraulic Jump Model for Depth-Averaged Computations

1996  Study of Hydraulic Jump Lengths on Inclined Channel Beds

1996  Transition from Hydraulic Jump to Open Channel Flow

1995  2D Modeling of Class B Bridge Flow in Steep Channels

1995  Characteristics of Undular Hydraulic Jumps: Experimental Apparatus and Flow Patterns

1995  Direct Dynamic Force Measurement on Slabs in Spillway Stilling Basins

1995  Effect of Baffles on Submerged Flows