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2014  Modeling Water-Depth Distribution in Vertical-Slot Fishways under Uniform and Nonuniform Scenarios

2014  Multiobjective Design of Water Distribution Networks through the Generation of Pseudofronts in the Hydraulically Feasible Region

2013  Numerical Investigation of Flow in Triangular Gutters

2012  Design Considerations for Fixed-Cone Valve with Baffled Hood

2011  Common Pitfalls in Hydraulic Design of Large Diameter Pipelines: Case Studies and Good Design Practice

2011  Hydraulic Design and Preliminary Performance Evaluation of Countermeasure against Debris Accumulation and Resulting Local Pier Scour on River Po in Italy

2011  Hydraulics of Stacked Drop Manholes

2010  Energy Losses in Cross Junctions

2010  Large-Scale Nonlinear Conjunctive Use Optimization Problem: Decomposition Algorithm

2010  Manifold Flow in Pressure-Distribution Systems

2009  Using HEC-RAS Hydraulic Design Functions for Geomorphic Channel Design and Analysis

2009  Water Distribution in Laterals and Units of Subsurface Drip Irrigation. I: Simulation

2008  Evolutionary Algorithms for the Determination of Critical Depths in Conduits

2008  Optimize Pump Intake Design with Formed Suction Inlets

2007  Dimensionless Rainfall Patterns for South Carolina

2007  Full-Flowing Collection Conduits with Nonuniform Inflow

2007  Hydraulic Considerations in Geosynthetic and Aggregate Subsurface Drains

2007  Sewer Hydraulic Design Criteria

2006  Hydraulic Analysis and Direct Design of Multiple Outlets Pipelines Laid on Flat and Sloping Lands

2006  Hydraulic Design of a Lazy River

2006  Innovative Energy-Dissipating Hood

2006  Standard Guidelines for the Design of Urban Stormwater Systems, Standard Guidelines for Installation of Urban Stormwater Systems, and Standard Guidelines for the Operation and Maintenance of Urban Stormwater Systems

2005  Analytical Expressions for Hydraulic Calculation of Trapezoidal Drip Irrigation Units

2005  Recent Development in Hydraulic Design of Power Plant Cooling Water Intake Structures

2005  Review of the Hydraulic Capacity of Bridges in a Coastal Area

2005  Transient Analyses for the Hydraulic Design of a Once Flow Through Cooling Water System at a Power Plant

2005  Waterhammer Analysis—Essential and Easy (and Efficient)

2004  Aerated Grit Chambers Hydraulic Design Equation

2004  Collection Conduits Including Subsurface Drains

2004  Comparative Analysis of Hydraulic Calculation Methods in Design of Microirrigation Laterals

2004  Design and Hydraulics of a Combined Storm Overflow Structure

2004  Design of Rock Chutes for the Stabilization of Channel Beds

2004  Energy Profiles across Constructed Riffles

2004  Hydraulic Design Considerations for the Olmsted Flowline Replacement Project

2003  The Abram Creek Culvert: How Burying 1 Mile of Stream Allowed Cleveland’s Airport to Expand

2003  Explicit Hydraulic Design of Microirrigation Submain Units with Tapered Manifold and Laterals

2003  Realism - The Key to Good Design Problems

2002  Aeration

2002  Analytic Development

2002  Back Matter

2002  Comparison of Labyrinth Spillways with Curves of Tullis (1994)

2002  Crest Shapes

2002  Design

2002  Design Curves

2002  Downstream Chute

2002  Flow Characteristics at Drops

2002  Front Matter

2002  Hydraulic Design of Labyrinth Weirs

2002  Index

2002  Introduction

2002  Microirrigation Submain Unit with Pressure Reducing Pipes

2002  Micro-Scale Loose-Bed Physical Models

2002  Modeling Procedures

2002  Nappe Interference

2002  Nappe Oscillation

2002  Prototype Labyrinth Spillways

2002  Sedimentation and Ice

2002  Special Cases

2001  Bibliography for Teaching Hydraulic Design

2001  Bridge Hydraulics by Les Hamill

2001  Debris- and Ice-Skimming Booms at Riverside Diversions

2001  Ecologically Sensitive Hydraulic Design for Rivers: Lessons Learned in Coupled Modeling for Improved Fish Passage

2001  Hydraulic Design of Broken-Back Culverts

2001  Real–World Projects Reinforce Fundamentals in the Classroom

2001  Results from a Channel Restoration Project: Hydraulic Design Considerations

2001  Storm Water: Stand-Alone Wet-Weather Facility Will Treat CSOs

2001  Teaching Hydraulic Design

2001  Teaching Hydraulic Design in an Australian Undergraduate Civil Engineering Curriculum

2001  Teaching Hydraulic Design Using Equation Solvers

2001  Teaching of Hydraulic Design at University of Newcastle upon Tyne

2001  Three-Dimensional Numerical Model Validation: Issues and Directions

2001  What Do Students Need in Hydraulic Design Projects?

2000  An Approach to Optimum Hydraulic Design of Diversion Weirs

2000  Hydraulic Design for Channel Restoration on the Santa Ana Reach of the Rio Grande

2000  Hydraulic Design Recommendations for the Railroad Bridges across the Wisconsin River at Sauk City, Wisconsin

2000  Mapping Spatial Variation in Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency Estimates Using a Geographical Information System

2000  Optimal Design of Parabolic-Bottomed Triangle Canals

2000  Optimizing Hydraulic Design of Highway Drainage Systems

2000  Some Hydraulic Design Aspects of Nature-Like Fishways

1999  Bridge Hydraulic Design in Tidal Situations

1999  Hydraulic Design of Hydraulic Machinery edited by H. C. R. Krishna

1999  Task Committee to Examine Teaching of Hydraulic Design

1999  Two-Dimensional Numerical Model of Spillway Flow

1998  Channel Restoration Hydraulic Design Procedure

1998  Environmental and Hydraulic Design for Riverine Wetland Restoration

1998  Evaluation of the Newton Secant Method in Hydraulic Design Applications

1998  Geomorphic Engineering for River Restoration Design

1998  Hydraulic Design and Analysis for a Water Supply System Modification

1998  Hydraulic Design of a Large-Scale Longshore Current Recirculation System

1998  Hydraulic Design of Bridge with Erodible Road Embankments

1998  Simplified Dynamic Reliability Models for Hydraulic Design

1998  Two-Dimensional Flow and Transport Modeling for Hydraulic Design and Analysis of Treatment Wetlands

1997  Allowance for Secondary Flows in the 3 D Numerical Flow Models of Piping Systems

1997  Bottom Outlet for Sewers

1997  Experimental Evaluation of the Compressible Portion of a Liquid Flow Crossing a Cavitating Control Valve

1997  Hydraulic Controls on Tidal Wetlands

1997  Hydraulic Design of New Fish Sampling Facility at John Day Dam

1997  Mechanism of Energy Dissipation and Hydraulic Design for Plunge Pools Downstream of Large Dams

1997  Methodology of Ecological Fishway Design

1997  Protection of the Environment Against Floods - A Statistical Problem?