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2013  3D Flow and Sediment Dynamics in a Laboratory Channel Bend with and without Stream Barbs

2012  Influence of Channel Aspect Ratio and Curvature on Flow, Secondary Circulation, and Bed Shear Stress in a Rectangular Channel Bend

2011  Effects of Lifting Force on Bed Topography and Bed-Surface Sediment Size in Channel Bend

2011  Grit Removal from Wastewater Using Secondary Currents in Open-Channel Flow around Bends

2011  Thrust Restraint Concepts and Beam Loads for Segmented Pipelines at Bends

2009  Effects of Vanes and W-Weir on Sediment Transport in Meandering Channels

2009  Reduction of Bend Scour by an Outer Bank Footing: Flow Field and Turbulence

2008  Bed-Load Sediment Transport on Large Slopes: Model Formulation and Implementation within a RANS Solver

2008  Research and Design of Renwick Dam Stepped Spillway

2007  3D Numerical Modeling of Flow and Sediment Transport in Laboratory Channel Bends

2007  Reduction of Bend Scour by an Outer Bank Footing: Footing Design and Bed Topography

2006  Case Study of an S-Shaped Spillway using Physical and Numerical Models

2005  Brief Analysis of Shallow Water Equations Suitability to Numerically Simulate Supercritical Flow in Sharp Bends

2005  Effect of Bed Armoring on bed Topography of Channel Bends

2005  Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Flows around a Submerged Weir in a Channel Bendway

2004  Momentum Transport in Sharp Open-Channel Bends

2002  Numerical Modeling of Bed Evolution in Channel Bends

2002  Simplified Model for Assessing Meander Bend Migration Rates

2001  Mean Flow and Turbulence in Open-Channel Bend

2000  Supercritical Flow in Bend Manhole

2000  Three-Dimensional Mean Velocity Analysis of a 30 Degree Bend Flow

2000  Three-Dimensional Numerical Model Study of Flood Channel Realignment

1999  Bend-Flow Simulation Using 2D Depth-Averaged Model

1999  Linear and Nonlinear Modeling of Long Waves Propagating around Channel Bends

1999  On the Friction Factor of Meandering Flows

1998  Calculation of Turbulent Flow in Open Channel Bends

1998  Flow at a 90° Equal-Width Open-Channel Junction

1998  Side-Weir Flow in Curved Channels

1998  Simulation of Curved Open Channel Flows by 3D Hydrodynamic Model

1997  Finite Amplitude Scour and Grain Sorting in Wide Channel Bends

1997  Grain Sorting in Meander Bends

1997  Lateral Velocity Variations in a Compound Channel - A Practical Approach

1997  Supercritical Bend Flow

1995  Bed Topography and Sediment Sorting in Channel Bend with Unsteady Flow

1995  Boundary Shear in Curved Channel with Side Overflow

1995  Waves in an Annular Entrance Channel

1994  Bridge-Pier Location and Ice Conveyance in Curved Channels

1994  Evaluation of Methods for Predicting Bend Loss in Meandering Channels

1994  Expansion and Contraction of Powder River Between Moorhead and Broadus, MT: Geomorphic Observations and Numerical Modeling

1994  Ice Accumulation Rate and the Geometry of Ice Jams in River Bends

1994  Theoretically-Derived Regime River Width

1993  A 2-D Numerical Model for High Velocity Channels

1993  Moment Model of Nonuniform Channel-Bend Flow. I: Fixed Beds

1993  Moment Model of Nonuniform Channel-Bend Flow. II: Erodible Beds

1991  Relationship Between Scour Depth and Bend Radius of Curvature on the Red River

1990  Bed Evolution in Channel Bends

1990  Flow Near Sloped Bank in Curved Channel

1990  Riprap Stability Results from Large Test Channel

1990  Roughness Effects on Flow and Shear Stress Near Outside Bank of Curved Channel

1990  Secondary-Flow Correction for Depth-Averaged Numerical Models

1989  Bed Topography and Sorting in Alluvial Channel Bends

1989  Dam-Break Flows in Curved Channel

1989  Modeling of Unsteady Flow in Curved Channel

1989  Riprap Stability in Channel Bends

1989  River-Meander Model: I. Development

1989  River-Meander Model: II. Applications

1988  Numerical Analysis of Steady Flow in a 90° Circular Section Bend

1988  Processes of Meander Bend Migration

1987  Bed Topography and Sorting in Bends

1987  Red River Pilot Channel Design and Development

1986  Channel Design Criteria and the Houston Ship Channel

1986  Curvature Ratio and Rate of River Bend Migration—Update

1986  Flow in Curved Converging Channel

1986  Three-Dimensional Flows in Non-Prismatic Channel Bends

1986  Turbulent Structure in a River Bend

1985  Bed Topography in Bends of Sand-Silt Rivers

1985  Computer-Based Design of River Bank Protection

1985  Water and Sediment Routing through Curved Channels

1985  Water Surface at Change of Channel Curvature

1984  Analysis, Numerical Modeling, and Experimental Investigation of Flow in River Bends

1984  Bend Flow Calculational Methods Compared

1984  Characteristics of a Natural Meandering River in Columbia: Sinu River

1984  Effects of Bends and Alternate Bars on Meander Evolution

1984  Evolution of Depth-Averaged Flow Fields in Meandering Channels

1984  Flow and Bed Deformation in River Bends

1984  Flow and Bed Topography in Alluvial Channel Bend

1984  Flow and Sedimentary Processes in River Bends: Comparison of Field Observations and Theory

1984  Lateral Migration Rates of River Bends

1984  Meander Behaviour in Relation to Slope Characteristics

1984  A Method for Mathematical Modelling and Computation of Hydraulic Processes in River Bend

1984  Morphometric Evolution of Man-Modified Channels

1984  Processes Controlling the Equilibrium Bed Morphology in River Meanders

1984  River Curvature-Width Ratio Effect on Shear Stress

1984  Scales for Distorted Models with Bends

1984  Shear Stress Uncertainties in Bends from Equations

1984  Theory of Meander Bend Deformation

1983  Channel Migration and Incision on the Beatton River

1983  Energy Expenditure in Curved Open Channels

1983  Energy Losses and Shear Stresses in Channel Bends

1983  Main Flow Velocity in Short River Bends

1983  Meander Bends of High Amplitude

1983  Plan Geometry of River Meanders

1983  River-Bend Bank Protection by Submerged Vanes

1982  Bed Characteristics in Alluvial Channel Bends

1981  Conformal Mapping for Channel Junction Flow

1981  Transverse Bed Slope in Alluvial Channel Bends

1979  Shear-Stress Distribution in Stable Channel Bends

1979  Supercritical Flow in Bends of Trapezoidal Section

1977  Flow in 180° Open Channel Rigid Boundary Bends

1976  Effects of Meandering in Alluvial Streams