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2015  Anticipating the Setting Time of High-Volume Fly Ash Concretes Using Electrical Measurements: Feasibility Studies Using Pastes

2015  Durability of FRP Concrete Bonds and Its Constituent Properties under the Influence of Moisture Conditions

2015  Effect of Nanosilica on Rheology, Fresh Properties, and Strength of Cement-Based Grouts

2015  Effects of Different Reactive MgOs on the Hydration of MgO-Activated GGBS Paste

2015  Effects of Passive Hydration on Surface Water and Groundwater Storages in Drained Ranchland Wetlands in the Everglades Basin in Florida

2015  Effects of Wetting and Drying Cycles on Thaumasite Formation in Cement Mortars

2015  Evolution of Molecular Interactions in the Interlayer of Na-Montmorillonite Swelling Clay with Increasing Hydration

2015  Microstructure of a Type G Oil Well Cement-Nanosilica Blend

2015  Pore Network Investigation on Hysteresis Phenomena and Influence of Stress State on the SWRC

2015  Possible Role of Simple Ionic Solutions on the Water Transport Kinetics and Mechanical Properties of Hydrated Lime Mortars

2015  Thermal Cracking of the Cylindrical Tank under Construction. I: Case Study

2015  Thermal Cracking of the Cylindrical Tank under Construction. II: Early Age Cracking

2014  Aspects Related to the Small Strain Shear Modulus Behavior of Compacted Soils Subjected to Wetting and Drying

2014  Characterization of Unsaturated Soils: The Importance of Response to Wetting

2014  Effect of Municipal Solid Waste Leachate on Hydraulic Conductivity and Exchange Complex of Geosynthetic Clay Liners

2014  Effect of Wet-Dry Cycling on the Mechanical Properties of Stabilized Subgrade Soils

2014  Effects of Chelating Agent Preparation Conditions on Settlement Formation in Fly Ash Stabilization

2014  Exploring Cementitious Additives for Pretreatment of High-Early-Strength Sewage Sludge from the Perspective of the Rapid Generation of Nonevaporable Water

2014  Finite-Element Simulation of Hydration and Creep of Early-Age Concrete Materials

2014  Hydration and Compressive Strength of Blended Cement Containing Fly Ash and Limestone as Cement Replacement

2014  Long-Term Behavior of Lime-Treated Clayey Soil Exposed to Successive Drying and Wetting

2014  Molecular Dynamics Study of Water and Ions Transported during the Nanopore Calcium Silicate Phase: Case Study of Jennite

2014  Quantification of Hydraulic Phase Contained in a Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag

2014  Relationship between Chemical Shrinkage and Electrical Resistivity for Cement Pastes at Early Age

2014  Research on Thermal Cracking of a Rectangular RC Tank Wall under Construction. II: Comparison with Numerical Model

2014  Research Progresses in Magnesium Phosphate Cement-Based Materials

2014  Role of Filler Effect and Pozzolanic Reaction of Biomass Ashes on Hydrated Phase and Pore Size Distribution of Blended Cement Paste

2014  Solid Phases Percolation and Capillary Pores Depercolation in Hydrating Cement Pastes

2014  Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical Simulation of Methane Hydrate Dissociation in Porous Media

2014  Workability Evaluation of Foamed Warm-Mix Asphalt

2013  Applying Tools from Glass Science to Study Calcium-Silicate- Hydrates

2013  The Counteracting Effects of Capillary Porosity and of Unhydrated Clinker Grains on the Macroscopic Strength of Hydrating Cement Paste–A Multiscale Model

2013  Creep Consideration Effect on Meso-Scale Modeling of Concrete Hydration Process and Consequences on the Mechanical Behavior

2013  Effect of Heat Elimination by Pipe Cooling System for Temperature Rise with Heat of Cement Hydration in Beam Using High Strength Engineered Cementitious Composites

2013  High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete with and without Hydrated Lime: Chloride Diffusion Coefficient from Accelerated Test

2013  Hydrated Lime for Metal Immobilization and Explosives Transformation: Field Demonstration

2013  Hydration and Cation Exchange during Subgrade Hydration and Effect on Hydraulic Conductivity of Geosynthetic Clay Liners

2013  An Improved Multi-Scale Model and Numerical Simulation of Shrinkage Behaviors of Concrete Materials at Early Age

2013  Influence of Confining Stress on the Effective Stress Parameter

2013  Influence of Different European Cements on the Hydration of Cover-Zone Concrete during the Curing and Postcuring Periods

2013  Inverse Estimation of Thermal Properties of Concrete During Hydrating Process

2013  Long-Term Performance of SMA Mixtures Added with Crumb Rubbers in Dry Process

2013  Mechanical Behaviour of Ordered and Disordered Calcium Silicate Hydrates under Shear Strain Studied by Atomic Scale Simulations

2013  Micromechanical Model of Concrete Creep

2013  Modeling Ground-Shell Contact Forces in NATM Tunneling Based on Three-Dimensional Displacement Measurements

2013  Molecular Modeling of Early Stage of Swelling in Na-Montmorillonite Clay

2013  Multiscale Chemico-Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Modeling of Early-Stage Hydration and Shrinkage of Cement Compounds

2013  Nanomechanical Investigation of Internal Curing Effects on Sustainable Concretes with Absorbent Aggregates

2013  NMR Investigations of Water Retention Mechanism by Cellulose Ethers in Cement-Based Materials

2013  Prediction of Early Age Normal Concrete Compressive Strength Based on Dynamic Shear Modulus Measurements

2013  Reaction-Driven Cracking During Mineral Hydration, Carbonation and Oxidation

2013  Simulation of Early Age Concrete Thermal Stress of Composite Wall in Cut-Cover Subway Station

2013  Strength Evolution of Hydrating Cement Pastes: the Counteracting Effects of Capillary Porosity and Unhydrated Clinker Reinforcements

2013  Ultrasonic Measurement of Evolving Microstructure in Hydrating Mortar

2013  Use of Surface Free Energy Method to Evaluate Effect of Hydrate Lime on Moisture Damage in Hot-Mix Asphalt

2012  1D–2D Coupled Numerical Model for Shallow-Water Flows

2012  Calcium Silicate Materials: Substitution of Hydrated Lime by Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag in Autoclaving Conditions

2012  Early-Age Cracking Tendency and Ultimate Degree of Hydration of Internally Cured Concrete

2012  Effect of Calcium on Geopolymerization of Aluminosilicate Wastes

2012  Effect of Hydrated Lime on Behavior of Expansive Soil as Subgrade of Flexible Pavement Structural System

2012  Estimating Volume Fraction of Free Water in Hardening Concrete by Interpretation of Dielectric Constant

2012  Experimental Studies of GCL Hydration from Subsoil

2012  Laboratory Study on Moisture Susceptibility of Dense Graded Mixes

2012  Modeling of Water Migration during Internal Curing with Superabsorbent Polymers

2012  Transient Two-Dimensional Simulation of Real Flood Events in a Mediterranean Floodplain

2012  Using Isothermal Calorimetry to Assess the Water Absorbed by Fine LWA during Mixing

2012  Using Location-Allocation Algorithms to Distribute Multioutlet Hydrants in Irrigation Networks Design

2012  Water Absorption and Electrical Conductivity for Internally Cured Mortars with a W/C between 0.30 and 0.45

2012  Water Extraction in Natural Hydraulic Lime Based Mortar

2011  Autogenous Curing of Cold-Bonded Fly-Ash-Aggregate Concrete

2011  Chemo-Mechanical Modeling Requirements for the Assessment of Concrete Structure Service Life

2011  Effect of D-Galacturonic Acid on Hydration of Cementitious Materials

2011  Effect of Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate on Hydration and Hardening of Magnesium Potassium Phosphate Cement

2011  Effect of GCL Properties on Shrinkage When Subjected to Wet-Dry Cycles

2011  Effect of Steel Slag and Portland Cement in the Rate of Hydration and Strength of Blast Furnace Slag Pastes

2011  Effects of Temperature on the Performance of Sucrose in Cement Hydration

2011  Evaluation of Properties of Concrete Incorporating Fly Ash or Slag Using a Hydration Model

2011  Hydration Chemistry of Sewage Sludge Ash Used as a Cement Component

2011  Multicompound Model for the Hydration of Portland Cement–Fly Ash Binders

2011  Prediction of Drag Coefficient and Secondary Motion of Free-Falling Rigid Cylindrical Particles with and without Curvature at Moderate Reynolds Number

2011  The Research on the Potential Leachability of Asphalt

2010  Chromium (III) Immobilization and Its Influence on C3S Hydration

2010  New Performance-Based Approach to Ensure Quality Curing during Construction

2010  pH Changes in Solidified Dredged Materials

2010  Proposed Behavioral Model for Deicer Scaling Resistance of Slag Cement Concrete

2010  Water Sorptivity of Steam Cured Concrete for Railway Precast Elements at Early Ages

2010  Wetting and Drying Unsaturated Soil Moisture Diffusivity Parameters

2009  Early-Age Properties of Cement-Based Materials. II: Influence of Water-to-Cement Ratio

2009  A New Approach to Solve the Problem of Pipeline Plugging by Gas Hydrates during Oil Production

2009  New Understanding of Cement Hydration Mechanism through Electrical Resistivity Measurement and Microstructure Investigations

2008  Concrete Maturity Method Using Variable Temperature Curing for Normal-Strength Concrete Mixes. II: Theoretical Study

2008  Hydration and Mechanical Properties of Magnesia, Pulverized Fuel Ash, and Portland Cement Blends

2008  Vapor Adsorption Index for Expansive Soil Classification

2004  Behavior of Oil and Gas from Deepwater Blowouts

2004  Theoretical Analysis of Time-Dependence and Thixotropy of Fluidity for High Fluidity Concrete

2003  Determination of Early Age Mortar and Concrete Strength by Ultrasonic Wave Reflections

2003  Nondestructive Testing of Mortar Specimens using the Microwave Free-Space Method

2001  Studies on Several Factors Affecting Hydration and Properties of Lime–Pozzolan Cements

2000  Effect of Wet-Dry Cycling on Swelling and Hydraulic Conductivity of GCLs

2000  Influence of Gypsification on Engineering Behavior of Expansive Clay