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2015  Bayesian Multiscale Modeling of Spatial Infrastructure Performance Predictions with an Application to Electric Power Outage Forecasting

2015  Estimating the Economic Losses of Hurricane Ike in the Greater Houston Region

2015  Hurricane Irene Evacuation Traffic Patterns in New Jersey

2015  Initial Investigation into the Protection of Manufactured-Home Parks from Hurricanes Using Wind-Deflection Barriers

2015  Low-Flying Drones Study Major Hurricane

2015  Modeling the Hydraulic Effectiveness of a Proposed Storm Surge Barrier System for the Houston Ship Channel during Hurricane Events

2015  State of the Art of Hurricane Vulnerability Estimation Methods: A Review

2015  Storm Surge and Surface Waves in a Shallow Lagoonal Estuary during the Crossing of a Hurricane

2014  ABV Procedure Combined with Mechanistic Response Modeling for Roof- and Surge-Loss Estimation in Hurricanes

2014  Assessing Climate Change Impact on the U.S. East Coast Hurricane Hazard: Temperature, Frequency, and Track

2014  Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on the U.S. East Coast Hurricane Hazard: Wind and Rain

2014  Building and Validating Geographically Refined Hurricane Wind Risk Models for Residential Structures

2014  Collapse Limit State Fragilities of Wood-Framed Residences from Storm Surge and Waves during Hurricane Ike

2014  Component Level Framework for Developing Storm Surge Damage Functions for Application in Catastrophe Models

2014  Cost-and-Benefit Evaluation of Windstorm Damage Mitigation Techniques in Florida

2014  Do Hazard Mitigation and Preparedness Reduce Physical Damage to Businesses in Disasters? Critical Role of Business Disaster Planning

2014  Effects of Hurricane Katrina on the Performance of U.S. Highway Bridges

2014  Engineering Investigations of Hurricane Damage, Wind versus Water

2014  Estimation of Hurricane Wind Speed Probabilities: Application to New York City and Other Coastal Locations

2014  Fighting Back

2014  Flood Risk Management, Call for a National Strategy

2014  Flood Risk Management: The Need for Sound Policies and Practices

2014  Geocharacterization for Design and Construction of Gulf Intracoastal Waterway - West Closure Complex in New Orleans, Louisiana

2014  How to Evacuate: Model for Understanding the Routing Strategies during Hurricane Evacuation

2014  The Influence of Community-Wide Hurricane Wind Hazard Mitigation Retrofits on Community Resilience

2014  Insights into the Performance Reliability of Offshore Piles Based on Experience in Hurricanes

2014  Performance Assessment of the Florida Electric-Power Network System against Hurricanes

2014  The Performance of Essential Facilities in Superstorm Sandy

2014  A Perspective on the Levee Failures in New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina

2014  Planning for Climate Change

2014  Reevaluation of the Gap Formation in the New Orleans Levee System

2014  Regional Combined Hurricane Wind and Flood Loss Estimation - A FEMA HAZUS-MH Implementation

2014  Selected Effects of the 2012 Hurricane Sandy along the U.S. East Coast: A Geotechnical Perspective

2014  Statistical Analysis of the Number of Household Vehicles Used for Hurricane Ivan Evacuation

2014  Sustainability and Resiliency Implications of Hurricane Sandy

2013  Adapting Ports to the Impacts of Climate Change

2013  Analysis and Characterization of Hurricane Winds

2013  Approximate Solution Procedure for Dynamic Traffic Assignment

2013  Case Study of Offshore Pile System Failure in Hurricane Ike

2013  Characterization of Soil-Foundation Interaction for a T-Wall Flood Protection System in New Orleans

2013  Coastal Hazards

2013  Combined Loss due to Hurricanes and Storm Surge

2013  Communication’s Role and Technology Preferences during Hurricane Evacuations

2013  Design and Fabrication of a New Open Jet Electric-Fan Wall of Wind Facility for Coastal Research

2013  Development of a Comprehensive Probabilistic Life Cycle Model for Planning Coastal Risk Management Projects

2013  Development of a Time-Dependent Disaggregate Hurricane Evacuation Destination Choice Model

2013  An Efficient Tool to Assess Risk of Storm Surges Using Data Mining

2013  Error Quantification for Hurricane Storm Surge Simulations along the Coasts of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia

2013  Evaluation and Prediction of 17th Street Canal I-Wall Stability Using Numerical Limit Analyses

2013  Evaluation of Existing Models for Prediction of Hurricane Evacuation Response Curves

2013  Expansive Clay Minerals and Hurricane Katrina

2013  Foundations and Storm Surge

2013  Geotechnical Triage

2013  Ground-Level Turbulence Characteristics of Hurricane Wind Measured from Mobile Towers

2013  Household-Level Model for Hurricane Evacuation Destination Type Choice Using Hurricane Ivan Data

2013  Hurricane Ike Field Investigations, A Report of Field Operations on October 3-6, 2008

2013  Hurricane Mitigation Design of Glazing Systems: Requirements for Wind and Windborne Debris Protection

2013  Hurricane Risk Assessment of Power Distribution Poles Considering Impacts of a Changing Climate

2013  Hurricane Sandy Breathes New Life Into WRDA Reauthorization Efforts

2013  Hydrodynamic Modeling of Tides and Hurricane Storm Surge for Pre- and Post-Dredging Conditions in the Lower St. Johns River, Florida

2013  IHNC- Seabrook Sector Gate Complex - How We Arrived Here After Hurricane Katrina

2013  Method for Estimating Future Hurricane Flood Probabilities and Associated Uncertainty

2013  Mobile LiDAR Data Collection and Analysis for Post-Sandy Disaster Recovery

2013  Modeling the Economics of Port Resiliency

2013  Numerical Modeling of Hurricane-Induced Extreme Wave Heights in Pensacola Bay

2013  Optimization-Based Regional Hurricane Mitigation Planning

2013  Performance of Screen Enclosures under Repeated Loading Cycles

2013  Post-Katrina Terminal Rehab Prepares Way for Growth

2013  Prediction of Wind, Wave, and Storm Surge due to Hurricane ISAAC in the Northern Gulf Coast

2013  Probabilistic Modeling of Bridge Deck Unseating during Hurricane Events

2013  Rapid Assessment of Wave and Surge Risk during Landfalling Hurricanes: Probabilistic Approach

2013  Risk-Informed Investment for Tropical Cyclone Preparedness of Highway Signs, Signals, and Lights

2013  Sea-Level Rise Effects on Storm Surge and Nearshore Waves on the Texas Coast: Influence of Landscape and Storm Characteristics

2013  Simulating Hurricane Storm Surge in the Lower Mississippi River under Varying Flow Conditions

2013  Simulation of Oscillations in Lake Pontchartrain Induced By Hurricane Katrina

2013  Slope Stability Analysis of Three Earthen Levee Strengthening Systems under Hurricane Overtopping Flow Conditions

2013  Smallholder Response to Hurricane Dean: Creating New Human Ecologies through Charcoal Production

2013  Storm Surge to Demand Surge: Exploratory Study of Hurricanes, Labor Wages, and Material Prices

2013  Surge Generation Mechanisms in the Lower Mississippi River and Discharge Dependency

2013  U.S. Hurricanes and Economic Damage: Extreme Value Perspective

2013  USGS Research Before and After Hurricane Sandy Helps Study Coastal Changes

2013  Wave Structure Interaction During Hurricane Ivan Simulated By a Two-Phase Flow Model

2012  Advanced Estimation of Coastal Storm Surge: Application of SWAN+ADCIRC in Georgia/Northeast Florida Storm Surge Study

2012  Advances in Hurricane Engineering, Learning from Our Past

2012  Analysis of Hurricane Andrew Insurance Claim Data for Residential Buildings

2012  Analysis of Wood-Framed Roof Failures under Realistic Hurricane Wind Loads

2012  Anatomy of Glass Damage in Urban Areas during Hurricanes

2012  Arthur Kill Storm Surge Barrier: Design Concept

2012  Assessment of Damage Risks to Residential Buildings and Cost–Benefit of Mitigation Strategies Considering Hurricane and Earthquake Hazards

2012  An Automated Operational Storm Surge Prediction System for the National Hurricane Center

2012  Back Matter

2012  Centrifuge Model Simulations of Rainfall-Induced Slope Instability

2012  Challenges Encountered Retrofitting an Existing Concrete Building Classified As an Essential Facility

2012  Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations to Predict Wind-Induced Damage to a Steel Building during Hurricane Katrina

2012  Constructing and Validating Geographically Refined HAZUS-MH4 Hurricane Wind Risk Models: A Machine Learning Approach

2012  Cost-Effectiveness of Wind Retrofit Measures

2012  Coupling of Tides and Storm Surge for Operational Modeling on the Florida Coast

2012  Cyber-Eye: Integrated Cyber-Infrastructure to Support Hurricane Risk Assessment

2012  Cyclone Risk from Wind, Flood, and Storm Surge Perils in Australia: A Comprehensive Model

2012  Design and Field Testing of Windows/Doors in Hurricane Zones