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Found 54 Records with the keyword term of "Hudson River"

2012  Alfred Pancoast Boller

2010  Comparison of NYHOPS Hydrodynamic Model SST Predictions with Satellite Observations in the Hudson River Tidal, Estuarine, and Coastal Plume Region

2009  Bridge across the Hudson

2009  Poughkeepsie Bridge: Its Birth, Abandonment, and Rebirth

2009  Walking the Line

2006  Comparison of SF6 and Fluorescein as Tracers for Measuring Transport Processes in a Large Tidal River

2004  Clifford Milburn Holland and Emily (Warren) Roebling

2004  Environmental Engineering: GE’s PCB Remediation Plan Features Innovative Tunnel Design

2004  Tracer Study of Mixing and Transport in the Upper Hudson River with Multiple Dams

2003  Geotechnical Properties of Cement Treated Dredged Sediment to be Used as Transportation Fill

2003  Remediation: Recently Discovered Microbe Makes Short Work of TCA

2003  The Use of Natural and Synthetic Erosion Control Products in Riverfront Restoration Hudson River, New Jersey

2002  Remediation: Hudson Dredging Plan Set to Enter Design Phase

2002  Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Modeling of the Hudson River Estuary

2001  Octave Chanute and George Ferris

2000  Deep Excavation in Shale for a Hydroelectric Facility

1998  Presidential Panel Names Heritage Rivers

1998  West, Not East, Point

1998  West Point Hotel Expansion Favors Original Design

1996  Bayesian Model for Fate and Transport of Polychlorinated Biphenyl in Upper Hudson River

1995  Dissolved Oxygen in Lower Hudson Estuary: 1978–93

1995  Fish Entrainment Studies—A Logistic Nightmare and How to Wake Up

1995  Watch for Flying Golf Balls at Pier Rehabilitation

1994  Flow and Chloride Transport in the Tidal Hudson River, NY

1991  Model of Fate and Accumulation of PCB Homologues in Hudson Estuary

1991  Simplified Tidal-Flushing Model for Small Marinas

1989  Crest Gates Design for Upper Mechanicville

1989  Physical Model Study of New York State Dam

1989  Protecting New York’s Scenic Coast

1986  Fast, Economical, Cone Testing of River Sediments

1985  Biological Evaluation of Angled Screen Test Facility

1985  Fishery Mitigation in an Estuarine Environment

1985  Importance of Underpier Areas in Lower Hudson River for Striped Bass

1985  Investigations of Day-Night Distributional Changes of Striped Bass in Hudson River Interpier Areas

1985  Three-Dimensional Simulation of Flow, Salinity, Sediment, and Radionuclide Movements in the Hudson River Estuary

1984  Upper Hudson River Valley Dam Break Model

1981  Preservation of Engineering Works in the Hudson-Mohawk Gateway of New York State

1980  Modeling of PCB Fate in the Hudson River System

1980  Regional Planning for the Urban Waterfront

1978  Sediment and PCB Transport Model of the Hudson River

1977  Disposal of PCB Contaminated Sediments in the Hudson River

1973  Geotechnical Properties of Hudson River Silts

1972  A Preliminary Study of Storm Surges in Hudson Bay

1968  Surface Water Resources Planning in Hudson Basin

1962  Shoaling of the Lower Hudson River

1961  Design and Stability Considerations for Unique Pier

1961  Shoaling of the Lower Hudson River

1933  Improvement of the Hudson River by Narrowing the Navigable Fairway

1925  Sherman Island Dam and Power-House

1921  Bridge Versus Tunnel for the Proposed Hudson River Crossing At New York City

1907  The Reinforced Concrete Bridge Across the Hudson River at Sandy Hill, New York.

1885  The Radical Enlargement of the Artificial Water-Way Between the Lakes and the Hudson River

1882  The Hudson River Tunnel

1880  The Hudson River Tunnel