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Found 63 Records with the keyword term of "Homogeneity"

2014  Complete Stresses and Displacements in a Cross-Anisotropic Half-Space Caused by a Surface Vertical Point Load

2014  Nonhomogenized Displacement Discontinuity Method for Calculation of Stress Intensity Factors for Cracks in Anisotropic FGMs

2014  Trend, Independence, Stationarity, and Homogeneity Tests on Maximum Rainfall Series of Standard Durations Recorded in Turkey

2013  Pore-Water Pressure Development Caused by Wave-Induced Cyclic Loading in Deep Porous Formation

2012  Application of Clustering Techniques Using Prioritized Variables in Regional Flood Frequency Analysis—Case Study of Mahanadi Basin

2012  Investigation of Soil Compaction Homogeneity in a Finished Building Using Ground Penetrating Radar

2010  Closed-Form Solutions of the Homogeneous Isotropic Elastic Half Space Subjected to a Circular Plane Heat Source

2009  Integrating the NRCS Runoff Curve Number in Delineation of Hydrologic Homogeneous Regions

2009  Providing a Physical Basis for Statistical Homogeneity in Regional Frequency Analyses

2008  Streamflow Regionalization: Case Study of Turkey

2008  Water Flow from Trenches through Different Soils

2007  Nonhomogeneous Spectral Element for Wave Motion in Multilayer Systems

2007  Predicted Model of Asphalt Pavement Non-Segregated Zone

2006  Development of Depth-Duration-Frequency Relationships Using Homogeneous Region Concept

2005  Artificial Ground Freezing of Fully Saturated Soil: Thermal Problem

2005  Automated Road Segmentation using a Bayesian Algorithm

2005  Composite Material Behavior Using a Homogenization Double Scale Method

2005  Effect of Radial Inhomogeneity on Shear Properties of Asphalt Mixtures

2005  Evaluation of Two Homogenization Techniques for Modeling the Elastic Behavior of Granular Materials

2003  Identification of Statistically Homogenous Soil Layers Using Modified Bartlett Statistics

2003  A Second Look at Taylor’s Stability Chart

2002  Failure Properties of Fractured Rock Masses as Anisotropic Homogenized Media

2002  Homogenization for Particle Assemblies

2002  Homogenized Behavior Equations for Porous Bingham Viscoplastic Material

2002  Upscaling Heterogeneous Media by Asymptotic Expansions

2001  Assessment of Asphalt Specimen Homogeneity

2001  Higher–Order Homogenization of Initial/Boundary–Value Problem

2001  Homogenization Approach of Advection and Diffusion in Cracked Porous Material

2001  Measurements of Turbulence Generated by Oscillating Grid

2001  On the Displacements of an Elastic Half-Space Containing a Rigid Inhomogeneity

2001  Random Field Modeling of Elastic Properties Using Homogenization

2000  Classification of River Basins Using Artificial Neural Network

2000  Dispersion in Sediment-Laden Stream Flow

2000  Modeling of Water Migration Phenomenon in Concrete as Homogeneous Material

1999  Homogeneity Aspects in Statistical Analysis of Coastal Engineering Data

1999  Simulation of Homogeneous and Partially Isotropic Random Fields

1997  Economic Optimization of Furrow Irrigation

1997  Regional Frequency Analysis of Wabash River Flood Data by L-Moments

1997  Regionalization of Catchments for Regional Flood Frequency Analysis

1997  Sediment Yield Modeling by Grouped Response Units

1996  Effects of Soil Nonhomogeneity on SASW Testing

1996  Regional Flood Frequency with Hierarchical Region of Influence

1996  Simplified Analysis of Thin-Walled Composite Members

1996  Upscaled Soil-Water Retention Using van Genuchten’s Function

1994  Homogeneity Tests Based Upon Gumbel Distribution

1990  Age-Adjusted Effective Modulus Method for Time-Dependent Loads

1990  Rigid Inclusion in Nonhomogeneous Incompressible Elastic Half-Space

1988  Defining Phreatic Surface for Heterogeneous Aquifers

1988  Nonlinear Behavior of Elastomeric Bearings. I: Theory

1988  Nonlinear Behavior of Elastomeric Bearings. II: FE Analysis and Verification

1978  Stiffnesses of Circular-Arc I-Section Girders

1977  Foundation Stability on Nonhomogeneous Clays

1977  One-Dimensional Elastic Waves in Inhomogeneous Media

1977  Tunnel Sealing Method with Waterproofed PVC Sheets

1976  Elastic-Plastic Torsion of Nonhomogeneous Bars

1976  Seepage from Trapezoidal Canal in Anisotropic Soil

1974  Three-Dimensional Model of a Homogeneous Estuary

1972  Elimination of Secularity in Regular Perturbation

1972  Seepage from Trenches through Nonhomogeneous Soils

1971  Flow around Inclined Sheet Pile

1971  Homogeneity Analysis and Planning Studies

1970  Bearing Capacity of Footings on Anisotropic Soils

1957  Buckling of Plates Under Non-Homogeneous Stress