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2015  All in the Family, Civil Engineering Legacy Stories

2015  Around the Bend: Horseshoe Curve

2015  As I See It: Are We Getting Better? Sometimes, but Not Always

2015  Bill Shannon and Stan Wilson: Geotechnical Pioneers with a 60-Year Legacy

2015  Drinking the Mississippi: The Chain of Rocks Water Purification Plant

2015  A Federal Endeavor: The Old Cape Henry Lighthouse

2015  How to Fly a Horse: The Secret History of Creation, Invention, and Discovery, By Kevin Ashton. New York City: Doubleday, 2015

2015  Lincoln’s Greatest Case: The River, The Bridge, and the Making of America, By Brian McGinty. New York City: Liveright Publishing Corporation, 2015

2015  News2Note: Quick glimpses of the new and noteworthy

2015  Power on the Hudson: Storm King Mountain and the Emergence of Modern American Environmentalism, By Robert D. Lifset. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2014

2015  Seismic Fragility Evaluation of Lightly Reinforced Concrete-Block Shear Walls for Probabilistic Risk Assessment

2015  The Lagoon: How Aristotle Invented Science, By Armand Marie Leroi. New York City: Viking Penguin, 2014

2015  Theodore Burr’s Trenton Bridge

2015  Tragedy and Triumph, Part 1: The Tay Bridge

2015  Tragedy and Triumph, Part II: The Firth of Forth Railway Bridge

2014  The 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco and Panama Canal Model, Conference and Proceedings

2014  A Country of Cities: A Manifesto for Urban America By Vishaan Chakrabarti. New York City: Metropolis Books, 2013

2014  A Short History of the Twentieth Century By John Lukacs. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Belknap Press, 2013

2014  Akira Aoyama’s Achievements on the Panama Canal Project

2014  The American Engineers that Built the Panama Canal

2014  American Railroads: Decline and Renaissance in the Twentieth Century By Robert E. Gallamore and John R. Meyer. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2014

2014  Are the Frail Designed to Fail? Assessing the Collapse Risk of Existing Structures

2014  At Sea Level: The Cape Cod Canal

2014  Between Two Oceans: The Panama Canal

2014  Building the Panama Canal (Men, Machines, and Methods)

2014  Chicago Style: The Cortland Street Drawbridge

2014  Condition of Chromated Copper Arsenate Treated Hem-Fir Guardrail Posts after 20 Years in Service in Western Washington State

2014  Covered Coliseum: Dorton Arena

2014  Effects of Friction at Movable Supports on Elasto-Plastic Seismic Responses of Continuous Girder Bridges

2014  Electric Sail for a Near-Earth Asteroid Sample Return Mission: Case 1998 KY26

2014  Engineering the Panama Canal, A Centennial Restrospective

2014  Extreme Rainfall Nonstationarity Investigation and Intensity-Frequency-Duration Relationship

2014  Fatality Prediction for the 2011 Tornado Season Based on Historical Extreme Weather Data

2014  The French Attempt to Construct a Canal at Panama

2014  Front Matter

2014  Gatun Dam History and Developments

2014  George S. Morison and Philippe Bunau-Varilla: The Indispensible Men of Panama

2014  Hans Albert Einstein, His Life as a Pioneering Engineer

2014  Harmonizing Multiple Methods for Reconstructing Historical Potential and Reference Evapotranspiration

2014  History Uncovered

2014  Into Darkness: The Red Hill Underground Fuel Storage Facility

2014  Iron Lady: The Eiffel Tower

2014  Preparing for Takeoff: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

2014  Productivity Impact of Infrastructure in Turkey, 1987-2006

2014  Pros and Cons of Rotating Ground Motion Records to Fault-Normal/Parallel Directions for Response History Analysis of Buildings

2014  Reconciliation of Trends in Global and Regional Economic Losses from Weather Events: 1980-2008

2014  Remembering Joseph Pennell and the Panama Canal

2014  Repair of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns Containing Buckled and Fractured Reinforcement by Plastic Hinge Relocation

2014  Rock Solid: Stone Railroad Bridges of the 1840s

2014  Shores of Knowledge: New World Discoveries and the Scientific Imagination By Joyce Appleby. New York City: W.W. Norton & Company, 2013

2014  Southwestern Skyscraper: The Gulf Building

2014  The Lost Art of Finding Our Way By John Edward Huth. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Belknap Press, 2014

2014  UK Britain and the Trans-isthmian Dream

2014  Wisdom of Ancient Engineering Practice in China

2013  50 Years of Powering APMs: A Historical Perspective of Variables and Constants in Power Rail Design

2013  A History of Ancient Egypt: From The First Farmers to The Great Pyramid By John Romer. New York City: Thomas Dunne Books, 2013

2013  Airport APMs—History and Future

2013  AIS History and Future Improvements in Waterway Management

2013  APM History in Canada

2013  APMs and Airport Mobility—Historic Trends and Future Possibilities

2013  Arthur Morgan Ushers in the Era of Engineered Flood Control in the Wake of the 1913 Dayton Flood

2013  Benefits and Applications of Utilizing Agency Asphalt Mixture Design Historical Records

2013  Bivariate Flood Frequency Analysis with Historical Information Based on Copula

2013  The Bridges of Central Park

2013  Brief History of Upheaval Buckling Studies for Subsea Buried Pipeline

2013  Building the Canal to Save Chicago

2013  Center for Character and Leadership Development at the United States Air Force Academy

2013  A Century of Environmental Research in Cincinnati

2013  Chemical Propulsion: Greater than 60 Years of Leadership and Innovation at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  The Construction of Halley VI Station in Antarctica

2013  Development of the Chinese Construction Industry after the Cultural Revolution: Administration Framework, Economic Growth, and Market Structure

2013  Empire of Water: An Environmental and Political History of the New York City Water Supply By David Soll. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press, 2013

2013  Evolution of the Public Housing Spatial Structure in Nanjing City Based on Historical Data

2013  Flying Carpet

2013  The Heart of New York: Grand Central Terminal

2013  History and Status of Female Faculty in Civil Engineering

2013  History of Electric Propulsion at NASA Glenn Research Center: 1956 to Present

2013  History of Electrochemical and Energy Storage Technology Development at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  The History of Environmental Research in Cincinnati, Ohio: (From the U.S. Public Health Service to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

2013  Hydrologic Trends and Correlations in South Texas River Basins: 1950-2009

2013  Inca Foundations, Site Preparation, and Drainage at Machu Picchu

2013  Innovative Technologies Used to Investigate Segments of the Inca Road

2013  The Johnson Administration’s Water Quality Policies: A Fifty-Year Perspective

2013  Lessons in Sustainability from the Inca Empire

2013  The Making of Central Park

2013  Management of Unstable Slopes along Washington State Highways - Past, Present, and Future

2013  Mew Perspectives on Military Engagements—The Battle for Iwo Jima: How Soil Mechanics Can Influence History

2013  Mew Perspectives on Military Engagements—The Civil War Battle of the Crater: An Engineering Inspiration

2013  Mew Perspectives on Military Engagements—World War I Trench Warfare: Geotechnical Considerations

2013  Modeling of Nonlinear Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction in Response History Analysis - An Existing-Building Evaluation Case Study

2013  Non-Linear Time History Analysis of A Highly Horizontally Curved Bridge on Yerba Buena Island (YBI) WB On-Ramps, Bay Bridge, San Francisco, CA

2013  Portable and Rapidly Deployable Bridges: Historical Perspective and Recent Technology Developments

2013  Power and Propulsion at NASA Glenn Research Center: Historic Perspective of Major Accomplishments

2013  Predictive Seismic Load History Comparison of AEM Model Prediction vs. Empirical Results

2013  Producing Broadband Synthetic Time Histories for Central and Eastern North America

2013  Record 2011 Spring Flood of the Mississippi River: How Much Nitrate Was Exported from Its Largest Distributary, the Atchafalaya River, into the Gulf of Mexico?

2013  Remedial Design of An Earth Dam - 20 Years later

2013  Rise and Fall of the Ohio and Erie Canal

2013  Robert E. Lee: Larger-than-Life Icon

2013  Rocky Road: The Story of Asphalt Pavement