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2014  Application of Innovative Tools in Optimizing Risk and Cost of Subgrade QA/QC

2014  Applying Geostatistics to Continuous Compaction Control of Construction and Demolition Materials for Road Embankments

2014  Approach to Fleet Contracting for Snow Plowing Operations

2014  Automatic Controls for the Carbon Fiber Tape-Based Deicing Technology

2014  California Road Project Could Ease Congestion at U.S.-Mexico Border

2014  Comparative Analysis of Idaho and Micro-Deval Aggregate Degradation Test Methods

2014  Comparative Analysis of Road Financing Approaches in Europe and the United States

2014  Conceptual Cost-Prediction Model for Public Road Planning via Rough Set Theory and Case-Based Reasoning

2014  Connections between Land Use and Driving Distance: Causal Investigation Using Directed Acyclic Graphs

2014  Cost Overrun in Public-Private Partnerships: Toward Sustainable Highway Maintenance and Rehabilitation

2014  Cost-Benefit Analysis of Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanning Applications for Highway Infrastructure

2014  Desalinization of Field Soil Using Radial Electromigration and Electroosmosis

2014  Design and Performance of 6.3-m-High, Block-Faced Geogrid Wall Designed Using K-Stiffness Method

2014  Developing Cost Estimation Models for Road Rehabilitation and Reconstruction: Case Study of Projects in Europe and Central Asia

2014  Drainage and Mechanical Behavior of Highway Base Materials

2014  Effects of Freeway Mileage-Based Toll Scheme on the Short-Range Driver’s Route Choice Behavior

2014  Empirical Model with Environmental Considerations in Highway Alignment Optimization

2014  Empirical Study on the Key Drivers Affecting Durations for Right-of-Way Acquisition on Highway Projects

2014  Euclidean Distance Mapping and the Proposed Greenway Method in Malta

2014  Evaluation of Dynamic Message Signs on Rural Freeways: Case Study of a Full Freeway Closure

2014  Evaluation of Geosynthetics in Unpaved Roads Built over Natural Soft Subgrade Using Full-Scale Accelerated Pavement Testing

2014  Exterior Roadside Noise Associated with Centerline Rumble Strips as a Function of Depth and Pavement Surface Type

2014  Federal Toll Road Concession Program in Brazil: Is It Moving in the Right Direction?

2014  Financial Evaluation for Toll Road Projects Considering Traffic Volume and Serviceability Interactions

2014  Fundamental Project Quality Assurance Organizations in Highway Design and Construction

2014  Geocharacterization for State Highway 161, President George Bush Western Extension, Dallas, Texas

2014  GIS-Based System for Sight Distance Analysis of Highways

2014  How Much, How Much Longer?

2014  Identifying Precrash Factors for Cars and Trucks on Interstate Highways: Mixed Logit Model Approach

2014  Impact of Risk on Design-Build Selection for Highway Design and Construction Projects

2014  Impact of Road Conditions and Disruption Uncertainties on Network Vulnerability

2014  Impacts of Energy Regulations and Vehicular Technologies on Fuel Tax Revenues

2014  Importance of Sustainability-Related Cost Components in Highway Infrastructure: Perspective of Stakeholders in Australia

2014  Improved Operational Performance Assessment for Two-Lane Highway Facilities

2014  Laboratory Investigation of Desiccation Cracking

2014  Methods for Defining Spatiotemporal Influence Areas and Secondary Incident Detection in Freeways

2014  Mining the Characteristics of Secondary Crashes on Highways

2014  Modeling the Methods of Flexible Pavements Maintenance

2014  New Solutions for General Transition Curves

2014  Numerical Modeling of a Highway Embankment Using Geofoam Material as Partial Fill Replacement

2014  Passenger Car Units at Different Levels of Service for Capacity Analysis of Multilane Interurban Highways in India

2014  Passive Road over Perennial Ice at Casey Station, Antarctica

2014  Performance of Granitic, Shale, and Limestone Forest Road Aggregates Subjected to Repeated Loading

2014  PPPs and Project Overruns: Evidence from Road Projects in India

2014  Programmatic Examination of Missouri Incentive/Disincentive Contracts for Mitigating Work Zone Traffic Impacts

2014  Relationship between Predicted Speed Reduction on Horizontal Curves and Safety on Two-Lane Rural Roads in Spain

2014  Risk-Based Two-Step Optimization Model for Highway Transportation Investment Decision-Making

2014  Segmentation and Recognition of Highway Assets Using Image-Based 3D Point Clouds and Semantic Texton Forests

2014  Site Characterization and Geotechnical Roadway Design over Karst: Interstate 69, Greene and Monroe Counties, Indiana

2014  Spiral Length Design

2014  Stability and Sustainability Analyses of the Retaining Walls Built by the Incas

2014  Synthesis of Performance Measures for Highway Cost Estimating

2014  Turbidity in Highway Construction Site Runoff: Preparing for Numerical Effluent Limits

2013  Analysis and Discussion on Limits of Dimensions, Axle Load and Masses for Road Vehicles

2013  Analysis of Compressive Characteristics of Asphalt Mixture under Freeze-Thaw Cycles in Cold Plateau Regions

2013  Analysis of Flexible Pavement Serviceability Using ANN for Urban Roads

2013  Analysis of Freeway Visibility Characteristics and Influencing Factors Based on Statistical Analysis Method

2013  Analysis of Highway Toll Station Etc Lane Capacity

2013  Analysis of Individual Ventilation Effects of Down Steps in Highway Gas Tunnel Construction with the Up-and-Down-Steps Method

2013  Analysis of Land Use Extraction through Morphological Analysis Using Geographic and Remotely Sensed Data

2013  Analysis of Transportation Development Needs Requirement and Policy Suggestions for Road Highway Transportation in Urban Agglomeration Areas in China

2013  Analysis of United Kingdom Off-Highway Construction Machinery Market and Its Consumers Using New-Sales Data

2013  Anchor Structural Duration of Highway Slope in High Altitude Area

2013  Application Effect Assessment of Highway Tunnel Luminescence Guiding Facilities

2013  Applied Ice Engineering for Exploring Arctic Natural Resources

2013  Applying Sustainable Practices to the Roadway Improvements of East Rosedale Street in Fort Worth, Texas

2013  Assessment Model for Highway Landscape Maintenance Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

2013  A Bi-level Programming Model for Multi-vehicle-type Freeway Continuous Equilibrium Network Design Problem

2013  Building Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure: Green Highway Rating System

2013  Building on Shaky Ground

2013  Calibration of Platoon Dispersion Parameter Considering the Impact of the Number of Lanes

2013  Carbon Sequestration by Roadside Filter Strips and Swales: A Field Study

2013  A Case History Study on the Failure Mechanism of A Reactivated Landlside in Northern California

2013  Characteristics of Pedestrian Speeds at Urban Road Crosswalks

2013  Classifying Road Users in Urban Scenes Using Movement Patterns

2013  Climate Change and the Highway System: A Project Level Adaptation Approach

2013  Collecting Horizontal Curve Data: Mobile Asset Vehicles and Other Techniques

2013  Comparative Analyses of Methods for Posting Spring Load Restrictions

2013  Comparison of Erosion Susceptibility and Slope Stability of Repaired Highway Embankment

2013  Comprehensive Effect of Land Transportation Environmental Conditions on Traffic Safety

2013  Conceive of Integrative Transportation of Xia-Zhang-Quan Metropolitan Area

2013  Connected Reliability Analysis of Highway Lifelines during Major Natural Disasters

2013  Construction and Application of Highway Safety Evaluation System Based on Traffic Ergonomics

2013  Contractor Selection Model for Highway Projects Using Integrated Simulation and Analytic Network Process

2013  Coordinated Development of Regional Road Passenger Transport Integration Model of Multi-Objective Decisions

2013  Coordination Control Algorithm of Ramp Metering and Speed Guidance Based on Meso-Simulation Model of Urban Expressway

2013  Correlation among Road Unevenness Indicators and Vehicle Vibration Response

2013  Curve Widening of Two-Lane, Two-Way Road: A Case Study of Mounainous Two-Lane Road in Southwestern China

2013  Damage Detection in Roads and Bridges Based on Modal Strain Energy Method

2013  Data Model-Centered Four-Dimensional Information Management System for Road Maintenance

2013  Decision Model for Justifying the Benefits of Detour Operation under Non-Recurrent Congestion

2013  Decision Support System for Strategic Road Safety Planning

2013  Design and Application of Network-Level Decision Support System for Urban Road

2013  Design and Construction Of Alaskan Recreation Area Overcome Difficult Site

2013  Design and Construction of Freestanding Expanded Polystyrene Roadway Embankment in Downtown St. Louis, Missouri

2013  Design of Emergency Accident Handling System for Expressways

2013  Design of Intelligent Vehicle Speed Adaption Based on Variable Road Geometry

2013  Design of Rear-End Collision Warning System on Sharp Curved Highway Section under Adverse Weather Conditions

2013  Determination of Compaction Temperature and Research on Pavement Performance of WMA Based on Bulk Density

2013  Development of a Model of Flood Damage to Roads