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2015  Context-Aware Framework for Highway Bridge Inspections

2015  Determination of Optimal MR&R Policies for Retaining Life-Cycle Connectivity of Bridge Networks

2015  Evaluation of Corrosion Rates of Reinforcing Bars for Probabilistic Assessment of Existing Road Bridge Girders

2015  If you thought you saw the roadway on the Golden Gate Bridge unspooling in January you weren’t hallucinating...

2015  Implementing Gigapixel Technology in Highway Bridge Inspections

2015  Inspection Survey of Support Bearings in Road Bridges

2015  Large-Scale Hybrid Bayesian Network for Traffic Load Modeling from Weigh-in-Motion System Data

2015  Lifting of GFRP Precast Concrete Bridge Deck Panels

2015  Memetic Algorithm Approach to Designing Precast-Prestressed Concrete Road Bridges with Steel Fiber Reinforcement

2015  Probability of Overturning for Vehicles Moving on a Bridge Deck in a Wind Environment Considering Stochastic Process Characteristics of Excitations

2015  Risk-Based Maintenance Optimization of Deteriorating Bridges

2015  Shake Table Studies of Seismic Structural Systems of a Taizhou Changjiang Highway Bridge Model

2015  Spread Footings Revisited: Geotechnical Advances Lead to Expanded Use for Bridge Abutments

2014  Blast Load Effects on Highway Bridges. I: Modeling and Blast Load Effects

2014  Blast Load Effects on Highway Bridges. II: Failure Modes and Multihazard Correlations

2014  Condition Assessment of Existing RC Highway Bridges in China Based on SIE2011

2014  Construction and Testing of GFRP Steel Hybrid-Reinforced Concrete Bridge-Deck Slabs of Sainte-Catherine Overpass Bridges

2014  Contribution of Trapped Air, Deck Superelevation, and Nearby Structures to Bridge Deck Failure during a Tsunami

2014  Damping Properties of Highway Bridges in China

2014  Effects of Hurricane Katrina on the Performance of U.S. Highway Bridges

2014  Evaluation of Successful Seismic Bridge Design Practice in Turkey

2014  Experimental Behavior of Steel Fixed Bearings and Implications for Seismic Bridge Response

2014  Finding Maximum Moment: Determining HL-93 Truck Position on Simple Spans

2014  Hybrid Simulation of Bridge Response to Three-Dimensional Earthquake Excitation Followed by Truck Load

2014  Influence of Traffic Loading on the Seismic Reliability Assessment of Highway Bridge Structures

2014  Inspection Planning Based on Risk Analysis

2014  Inverse Estimations of Dynamic Stiffness of Highway Bridge Embankment from Earthquake Records

2014  Lateral Live-Load Distribution Characteristics of Simply Supported Steel Girder Bridges Loaded with Implements of Husbandry

2014  Life-Time Risk Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Highway Bridges Under Deterioration Processes

2014  Long-Term Loading Behavior of a Full-Scale Glubam Bridge Model

2014  National Review on Use and Performance of Uncoated Weathering Steel Highway Bridges

2014  Performance of a Highway Bridge under Extreme Natural Hazards: Case Study on Bridge Performance during the 2009 Typhoon Morakot

2014  Performance of Micropiles Used to Underpin Highway Bridges

2014  Recommendations for the Design of Spread Footings on Soils to Support Highway Bridges

2014  Seismic Behavior of Bridges with Deep Foundations under Effects of Scouring

2014  Statistical Analysis of Concrete Compressive Strengths for California Highway Bridges

2014  Untangled

2013  Assessment of Extent of Capacity Loss in Deteriorated Highway Bridges

2013  Assessment of Risk Using Bridge Element Condition Ratings

2013  Bayesian Updating of Fragility Functions Using Hybrid Simulation

2013  Bridge Approach Embankment Slope Distress: Analysis, Monitoring, Design & Remediation - A Case Study

2013  Bridge Load Rating of a Super Load using AASHTO LRFR

2013  Bridge Performance Monitoring Based on Traffic Data

2013  Cause and Countermeasure of Structure Disease of Bridge

2013  Context Is Everything

2013  Damage Detection to Urban Girder Bridge Using Distributed Strain Response

2013  Design and Construction of Freestanding Expanded Polystyrene Roadway Embankment in Downtown St. Louis, Missouri

2013  Design and Development of In Situ Fatigue Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring of Highway Bridges

2013  Effects of Pounding and Skewness on Seismic Responses of Typical Multispan Highway Bridges Using the Fragility Function Method

2013  Fundamentals of Highway Bridge Demolition

2013  Lifetime Extension of a Realistic Model of an In-Service Bridge through a Response Modification Approach

2013  Lifetime Highway Bridge Traffic Load Effect from a Combination of Traffic States Allowing for Dynamic Amplification

2013  Microsimulation Evaluation of Eurocode Load Model for American Long-Span Bridges

2013  Multiple Presence Factor for Truck Load on Highway Bridges

2013  Optimal Semiactive Control of Elevated Highway Bridges: An Upper Bound on Performance via a Dynamic Programming Approach

2013  Overview of Structural Health Monitoring for Steel Bridges

2013  Performance Assessment of a Highway Bridge Structure employing Adaptive Negative Stiffness for Seismic Protection

2013  Performance Testing of a Road Bridge Deck Containing Flat Rail Wagons

2013  Prediction of Bridge Behavior Through Failure: A Case Study Of The Minnesota I-35W Bridge Collapse

2013  Research on New Method of Collision Warning of Bridge

2013  Research on Strengthening T-Beam Transverse Connection in the Highway Bridge Reinforcement Design

2013  Retracted: Woodworth, Michael, Nahid, Mohamed, Wright, William, Lattimer, Brian, and Sotelino, Elisa, "Parameter Study of Highway Bridge Fires via Combined Fire Dynamics and Finite Element Modeling", Structures Congress 2013: Bridging Your Passion with Your Profession, pp. 768-780, doi: 10.1061/9780784412848.068

2013  Retracted: Woodworth, Michael, Wright, William, Lattimer, Brian, and Sotelino, Elisa (2013) "Fire Risks for Highway Bridges: A Statistical Investigation", Structures Congress 2013: pp. 744-757. DOI: 10.1061/9780784412848.066

2013  Seismic Fragility of a Highway Bridge in Quebec

2013  Seismic Performance of Highway Bridges with Seat-Type Abutments Subjected to Near-Fault Ground Motions

2013  Shear and Friction Response of Nonseismic Laminated Elastomeric Bridge Bearings Subject to Seismic Demands

2013  Shear Buckling Behavior of Steel Plate Girders at Elevated Temperatures

2013  Simultaneous Vehicle Crossing Effects on Fatigue Damage Equivalence Factors for North American Roadway Bridges

2013  The Terra-Cotta Solution

2012  Analysis of the Temperature Effect of Piers with Concrete-filled Steel Tubes under Cold Currents

2012  Apparatus to Restrain the Freezing of a Bridge Road Surface and Evaluation of Its Performance

2012  Application of Concrete-Cored DCM Pile in Soft Ground Treatment of Highway Bridgehead

2012  A Bridge By the People, For the People

2012  Bridge Clearance Evaluation Based on Terrestrial LIDAR Scan

2012  Calculating the Vertical Bearing Capacity of Piles with Nonlinear Load Transfer Model

2012  Computation Method for Fatigue Strain in a Long-span Steel Bridge Asphalt Pavement by Using the Three-hierarchy Structure

2012  Cross-Entropy as an Optimization Method for Bridge Condition Transition Probability Determination

2012  Crossing the Canyon: The Navajo Bridge

2012  Dynamic Analysis of a Continuous Box Girder with Corrugated Steel Webs

2012  Dynamic Effect of a Moving Truck on a Culvert

2012  Evaluation of Commercially Available Remote Sensors for Highway Bridge Condition Assessment

2012  Experimental and Theoretical Study on the Bearing Capacity of Head-on Cross Section of Tubular Core Slab Considering the Function of Tubes

2012  Fatigue Assessment of Slender Long-Span Bridges: Reliability Approach

2012  Fatigue Testing and Analysis of Aluminum Welds under In-Service Highway Bridge Loading Conditions

2012  Fatigue Testing and Finite Element Analysis of Bridge Welds Retrofitted by Ultrasonic Impact Treatment

2012  Foundations for the Bridge at Pitkins Curve

2012  Full Scale Instrumented Pile Load Test for the Port Mann Bridge, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

2012  Lessons Learned from the Damaged Huilan Interchange in the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake

2012  Methods of Calculating Wind Loads on Long-Span Girder Bridges with Tall Piers and Comparison of Values

2012  A Modern Marvel Crosses the Mighty Mississippi

2012  New Approach for Developing an Asphalt Concrete Overlay Transition Standard

2012  Novel Application of Wet Deep Soil Mixing for Foundation of Modern Wind Turbines

2012  Optimal Resilience- and Cost-Based Postdisaster Intervention Prioritization for Bridges along a Highway Segment

2012  Pavement Rehabilitation Strategy Selection for Steel Suspension Bridges Based on Probabilistic Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

2012  Performance of Highway Bridge Girder Anchorages under Simulated Hurricane Wave Induced Loads

2012  Random Vibration Analysis of Dynamic Vehicle-Bridge Interaction Due to Road Unevenness

2012  Replacement of World’s Longest Floating Bridge Will Be Even Longer

2012  Ride Matching Using K-means Method: Case Study of Gazela Bridge in Belgrade, Serbia

2012  Second Life

2012  Seismic Performance of a Highway Bridge with Different Modeling Techniques for Laminated Rubber Bearings at a Low Temperature